Fun facts and easy recipes for a more appetizing National Donut Day

Did you know that 2013 marks the 75th year of celebrating National Donut Day? This little holiday began in 1938 when a fundraiser was held to honor the women from the Salvation Army who mothered deployed soldiers and served them this tasty treat in social centers called “huts” during World War I (1917).

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Who doesn’t like donuts? They are one of the easiest pastries to make and are available in a variety of flavors, shapes, and sizes. From the basic donut to one with filling, glaze, and sprinkles, donuts are an absolute treat for lovers of sweets!

Commercial donuts, however, are full of sugar and may lead to unwanted sugar rush and the inevitable sugar crash. Instead of just purchasing your usual sugar-filled donut, try out a few easy donut recipes in your own kitchen.

How Do You Like Your Donuts?

To make your own batch of donuts, you have to decide how you want your finished products to be like. If you prefer a softer variety, choose recipes that bake donuts. If you just want donuts regardless if they’re very soft or a bit oily, you can try fried donuts. The good news is that their ingredients are not hard to find and both baked and fried donuts are quite easy to make.

The Basics

To start making your donuts, prepare all the ingredients and tools you need. Take out those baking trays and sheets, and pre-heat your oven, or prepare the right amount of cooking oil (which also needs to be pre-heated). Regardless of the type of donut you will make, you will need the following:

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  • Flour
  • Butter (melted)
  • Baking powder
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Salt

The items above are the most basic ingredients to make donuts, whether they will be baked, fried, filled with jelly, frosted, glazed, or sprinkled.

Choose Your Donut

Decide whether you want crème or jelly-filled donuts, donuts with holes or donut holes. While they all have the same basic ingredients, what you choose will determine the amount of ingredients needed for the recipe.


For jelly donuts, Kristen Eppich shared her delicious donut recipe with the readers of You will have to mix together active dry yeast, sugar, milk, and flour. Then, add in two eggs, two egg yolks, and butter. Don’t forget to prepare a piping bag with a #4 tip for squeezing in your favorite jelly in the donuts! She also shared two other variations of her donut recipes: one with a simple cinnamon sugar coating and another one that is dipped in chocolate and topped with sprinkles.


Would you rather bite into a donut without worrying about the loose sugar you have to sweep or scoop up afterwards? Make glazed donuts! These are still sweet and you don’t have to worry much about ants or cleaning up after eating. Karly from Buns in my shares how to make glazed donuts with her readers. Don’t forget to prepare powdered sugar, whole milk, and vanilla flavor for the glaze!

Quick, easy, and bite-sized

Would you prefer a bite-sized donut you can just pop in your mouth and savor? Then follow the recipe shared by Jaclyn on her website, Cooking Classy. Jaclyn proudly shared her very easy 15-Minute Donuts, from Scratch which you can make whenever you’re craving for donuts (it is both a blessing and a curse).

Still aching for more donut variations? Kristyn from Lil’ Luna shares with her readers a list of her favorite 25 homemade donut recipes from the web. There’s also The Vegan’s Glazed Donut recipe to try out.

What variation of donut is your favorite? Care to share your recipes with other readers?

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