DIY felt monster ornaments for a purple Halloween tree by Jennifer Perkins
DIY Felt Ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

Finding the perfect Halloween ornaments can be tricky business. Especially if you do Halloween like I do Halloween. Sure, orange and black are swell, but let us not forget the awesomeness of hot pink werewolves and lime green mummies! Especially when you pair them with a purple Halloween tree.

stenciled DIY halloween ornament by Jen Perkins
Stenciled Felt DIY Bride of Frankenstein Halloween Ornament by Jennifer Perkins

This week, I will be sharing a different DIY Halloween Tree Ornament every day. Today, I gotta tell ya, might be my favorite! How can you not love plush felt Bride of Frankensteins lined with aqua ball fringe? The best part is these guys are EASY to make and NO-SEW. Yup, you heard me! Let’s craft, shall we?

Stencil1 werewolf stencil for DIY Halloween tree ornaments
DIY Halloween Tree Ornaments


Use a dry brush technique when stenciling your Halloween ornaments.
DIY Halloween Stencil

Place your stencil onto your craft felt. Using a dry brush technique, apply paint. Dry brush means less is more, when it comes to paint. Too much paint on your brush will often times mess up your stencil.

Colorful felt monster stencils for Halloween ornaments by Jennifer Perkins
Colorful Felt Monster Stencils

Stencil as many ornaments as you would like. Allow the paint to dry. Cut out images, leaving a bit of an edge. Feel free to use more traditional colors, if that is your kinda Halloween. These would look amazing in white on black felt!

Stenciled felt Frankenstein for Halloween tree ornament.
Stenciled felt Frankenstein ornament

Place the stenciled felt on top of another piece of felt. Cut out the same size. This second piece of felt will be the back of your Halloween tree ornament.

ball fringe for felt monster ornament.
Add ball fringe to the back of your monster ornament

Using a hot glue gun or craft glue, add ball fringe to the inside edges of one of your pieces of felt.

Make a pouch with the two pieces of stenciled felt so you can stuff your Halloween ornament.
Make a pouch using stenciled felt

Again, using hot glue, attach the two pieces of felt together—leaving a small opening at the top.

Fill felt ornament with batting so that it is stuffed.
Felt ornament stuffing

Using batting, stuff the ornament. Be sure not to overstuff, use just enough to give it dimension.

Stenciled DIY monster ornaments on a purple Halloween tree by Jennifer Perkins
Stenciled DIY Monster Ornaments

Cut a small loop of yarn and insert into the hole. Using hot glue, close up your ornament with the yarn inside. All that is left to do is decorate your Halloween tree!

Halloween Tree featuring DIY Felt Ornaments
Monster-themed Halloween Tree by Jennifer Perkins

I collect vintage Halloween masks, so for me these DIY felt ornaments were the perfect accent for my Lively Lavender monster mask covered tree! As I always say, if you can’t find the perfect ornament for your themed Christmas (Halloween) tree, just make your own!

Easy DIY colorful felt monster ornament
Easy DIY colorful felt monster ornaments for a Halloween tree by Jennifer Perkins

Be sure to stop back here all week! I’ll be sharing a different DIY Halloween ornament every day. Snakes, doll parts, black cats and Play Doh—you won’t want to miss these ideas. Oh, and please check out all my DIY Halloween ideas on and see more Halloween trees and wreaths on my Pinterest page.

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