What’s Christmas, Halloween, or anything in-between without themed decorations of YOUR fandom? We’re talking about dressing up trees and wreaths with DIY Christmas decorations as tribute to your favorite TV shows.

Mark’s crazy, cool creations on a Treetopia Baby Blue Christmas Tree

It’s easy to find amazing ones online or in your favorite stores. But, if you’re up for something extra fun, get crafty and create ornaments that rock any occasion like the true fan you are! We asked craftmeister Mark LaFerney of Slumbering Alligator to come up with Christmas ornament inspired by some of our favorite science fiction television shows: Rick and Morty, Stranger Things, and the iconic Star Trek.

Rick and Morty: Pickle Rick DIY Christmas Ornament 

Face it. Almost everyone wanted to be a mad scientist as a kid. That’s why many of us can’t get enough of the animated sci-fi series Rick and Morty. But, did you secretly ever want to be a mad scientist who turns himself into a pickle? Now’s your chance to live out that fantasy (kind of) with this genius DIY ornament project of Pickle Rick!

Hang this pickle instead of flipping it, Morty!

Here’s what you need:

  • Felt Sheets in Apple Green, Kelly Green, Pirate Green, Baby Blue, White, Red and Black
  • Black Foam Board 
  • Fabric Scissors 
  • Tacky Glue 
  • White Acrylic Paint 
  • Black Permanent Marker 

1. Print a Pickle Rick image from the Internet to use as a template. 

cut felt pieces following your template

2. Cut Pickle Rick parts out of felt. 

glue your felt pieces together

3. Use tacky glue to assemble the felt pieces. Add pupils, nose, and under eye details with permanent marker. Paint on teeth with white acrylic paint. 

glue your assembled pickle rick diy christmas ornament to foam backing

4. Glue the felt ornament to the foam core back for stability. Add string for hanging.

Stranger Things: Demogorgon DIY Christmas Ornament

In our opinion, if there’s one show that helped spawn the whole “Netflix and chill” movement, it’s Stranger Things! This show has everyone, especially 80s kids, hooked with its plot full of twists, gnarly soundtrack, plus a cooler-than-ever Winona Ryder.

Mark kills it with this DIY Christmas decoration inspired by the series’ bad guys: Demogorgons. From the petals studded with sharp teeth down to the sticky-icky center, this ornament will be the certified hit of your decorating theme.

This Demogorgon DIY ornament is straight out of the Upside Down!

Here’s what you need:

  • FolkArt Multi Surface Satin Acrylic Paints in Pure Black, Medium Gray, Dark Brown, and Engine Red
  • Box Cutter
  •  Black Trifold Display Board
  • Red Tissue Paper
  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • Paint Brushes
  • Sponge
  • Great Stuff Spray Foam
  • White Foam Sheet
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue or Glue Gun

1. Create a paper template for the Demogorgon. Use a bowl for the center.

2. Trace around the template on a black trifold display board.

3. Use a box cutter to cut out the shape of the Demogorgon.

4. Trace the Demogorgon shape with Great Stuff Spray foam. Use spray foam to add additional detail. Paint the Demogorgon. Use Engine Red for the center parts, Medium Gray, and Dark Brown for the outer edges.

5. Glue red tissue paper over raised center elements using Mod Podge Gloss.

6. Sponge Pure Black paint on the center of the mouth. Paint the back black.

7. Cut the teeth out of foam and glue onto the Demogoron. Drip hot glue all over mouth to act as saliva.

Star Trek: DIY Starfleet Emblem Christmas Ornament

Star Trek has been around since the 1960s with a fan base that just keeps on growing. As of this writing, according to Wikipedia, the franchise has 760 episodes,13 films, and new projects in the works. It seems like Starfleet’s mission isn’t going to be aborted anytime soon (As Spock says, “Live long, and prosper!).

Mark created a DIY Christmas decoration inspired by the Starfleet emblem. Whether you’re Klingon, Guinan, or human, this is something you’re going to want on your colorful or classic Christmas tree.

We’re pretty sure Captain Kirk will approve of this one!

Here’s what you need:

  • Adhesive Glitter Foam Sheets in Black, Gold and Silver
  • Scissors
  • Black Permanent Marker

1. Print out an image of the emblem to use as a template. Trace the logo components onto glitter foam sheets.

2. Cut out the pieces and assemble using adhesive backing.

3. Outline the emblem using black permanent marker.

Photos and step-by-step instructions of Rick and Morty, Stranger Things, and Star Trek-inspired DIY Christmas decorations courtesy of Mark LaFerney of Slumbering Alligator

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Here’s hoping these DIY Christmas decorations make it to your party. Which one is your favorite?

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