Many offices choose to dress their premises with Christmas decorations to spread the joy of the holiday season. Here are several artificial Christmas tree options to brighten up your workplace.

Full-sized Trees

If you’re tasked to procure a full-sized tree for your reception area or break room, here are some useful tips to remember:

1. Generally, a traditional, full-silhouette green tree, such as Treetopia’s Oh Christmas Tree, is a safe and suitable choice for most offices. For offices with more casual, contemporary, or distinct interior décor, you may opt for more stylized Christmas trees, such as Treetopia’s Purple Groove Tinsel Christmas Tree. When considering your options, keep in mind that the artificial Christmas tree you purchase will most likely be used again in the next few years.

Treetopia’s Oh Christmas Tree

Office time is valuable, so choose a tree that’s easy to assemble and take down. Look for features such as hinged branches and pre-installed lights to make setting up faster and more convenient.

2. When decorating the office tree, stick to elegant and classic Christmas ornaments that complement your workplace decor. Rather than covering the tree with tons of inexpensive décor, consider investing in fewer but more beautiful pieces of higher quality and durability.

Treetopia’s Berry Red Knitted Christmas Ornaments

Be considerate and sensible when decorating the tree by choosing secular decor, such as ball ornaments, snowflakes, and candy canes. Treetopia’s Berry Red Knitted Christmas Ornaments have an eye-catching red color that everyone will surely appreciate.

Tabletop Trees

Even if your office already has a full-sized Christmas tree, try bringing in a tabletop tree to make your personal work area livelier and more colorful.

1. Placing family photos or other treasures on your desk can help create a positive work environment.  When choosing a tabletop tree, choose one that reflects your personality and makes you happy.

Treetopia’s Little Divas Mini Christmas Trees

Add a sassy spark to you cubicle with Treetopia’s Little Divas Mini Christmas Trees, or keep things pretty and perky with Treetopia’s Struck Gold Tinsel Tabletop Trees.

2. Avoid making your table look crowded or cluttered by choosing the right-sized tree. If a set of 3 mini trees takes up too much desk space, consider sharing the set with co-workers.

Treetopia’s Winter White Tabletop Trees

Don’t forget that the office is still a place of business. If your tiny tree has Christmas lights, like Treetopia’s Winter White Tabletop Trees, try to keep your electricity use to a minimum by switching it on only during your last hour at work, or on coffee breaks.

3. Tabletop trees may be small but they can still pack a lot of Christmas cheer. Try decorating your miniature tree with small trinkets or with vintage jewelry, as featured here in one of our Treetopia Design Council 2013 articles.

Fill your office spaces with holiday cheer using this artificial Christmas tree guide from Treetopia!

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