Gathering your friends every now and then for a night of fun can help you feel invigorated to take on busy days ahead. This weekend, get your friends all glammed up for a night of lovely concoctions and a fun-filled dance fest.

Here are some tips on how you can graciously host a stress-free cocktail party right in your own living room:

Make Plenty of Room for Your Guests

Arrange your living room furniture so that guests can move throughout the area easily. Push big couches and other bulky pieces against the walls to open up floor space, if necessary.

Gray couches on the side and a bigger floor area

Remove area rugs to make room for a dancing area. The rule of thumb is three square feet of dance floor per dancing guest, so tuck away any thing that might get in the way of dance moves.

Scatter a few podium bar tables where guests can gather around to encourage party movement and conversation. Setting up these mini tables also provides space for people to put down their drinks in case they want to dance or need to go to the powder room.

Make the Living Room Festive and Comforting

Creating a fun, comfortable environment for guests is key to hosting a successful party. Make your guests feel welcome as soon as they knock on your front door by putting up an inviting wreath. Usher your houseguests in by providing entryway basics such as a pair of chairs and a coat rack.

Coat closet and hat rack

Decorate with bright colors to inspire a lively mood. Even if your cocktail party is more formal than casual, it’s good to bring a fun and light vibe by using bold accessories. Colored napkins and stemware, color-changing ice cubes, whimsical wine charms, and party bottle covers are just a few of the clever ways to do this.

Colorful wine charms

Set the party mood by using twinkle lights. Treetopia’s Happy Fun Ball Lights provide colorful accent lighting that adds a fun vibe to any event.

Dark brown steel bar stool

Consider providing a few more seats or bar stools, but not too many as to discourage people to walk around and mingle. A seating capacity for 10 to 15 percent of your guests is a good measure.

Remove fragile items to avoid any accidents. Breakable decorations are a no-no, especially in an event where you expect people to be dancing and moving around and bumping into furniture.

Make Everything Accessible

Set up a food and drinks station or, if space permits, several makeshift drinks or appetizer stations in different areas. Keep in mind that these spots can get crowded, so make sure there is enough room around them and that they will not block any passageway.

Shot glasses on a bar counter

Specify a place where guests can throw away their trash. Designate a drop-off area where used glasses or napkins can be discarded. Clean-up stations, complete with stain removers and trash bags, should be set up in strategic places for immediate access in case a nasty spill occurs.

White and orange serving cart with a glass, pitcher, and plate

Hosting a cocktail party requires preparation, but it’s definitely a great way to build rapport and create extraordinary memories. Ensure that everyone has a fabulous time during your cocktail party by following these tips!

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