You don’t need to look any further than your rooftop if you want to simply hang out in (or out) of your home. But do you know that your rooftop is also a great way for you to extend your floor space? Make the most out of your rooftop with these great ideas from Treetopia.

Set up a Green Roof

If you want an indoor garden but don’t have enough space for it, set up a green roof instead. Green roofs are a new trend that grows even more popular every day. Not only does a roof made up of plants aesthetically breaks up the monotony of conventional roofs, but it also offers numerous benefits to the environment. Green roofs promote eco-friendliness by providing a habitat for birds and other small animals. They also improve air quality and help reduce the urban heat island effect.

home with a green roof

Compared to traditional roofs, green roofs may have higher start-up costs, but they are proven to be more economical in the long run because they typically last twice as long. They also reduce energy costs by providing natural insulation, and they lessen the need for expensive complex drainage systems by mitigating storm water run-off.

Add a Grill Station

Remember how you always enjoy rooftop grills in restaurants? Why not have a grill station literally above your house? There is nothing more fun and entertaining than hosting a grill night on your rooftop while appreciating a wonderful city view!

grilling station on the rooftop

Keep in mind though that barbecuing on the rooftop could mean being a long way up from the kitchen, so along with a grill, you might want to consider setting up a mini kitchen, which can accommodate a clean-up counter and a mini fridge. Do check your state’s barbecue regulations and building fire code first to avoid any violations.

Extend the Dining Room

The rooftop is a great place if you want to extend your dining room. By just adding a dining table and a set of chairs, you get to experience a romantic dinner, with the sun setting or the starry sky adding to the lovely atmosphere. In the morning, your rooftop offers the perfect spot to get some fresh air while enjoying breakfast.

dining table, dining chairs, and couches on a rooftop

If you love hosting parties, you might want to set up your own rooftop bar too. The great thing about roof decks is that they are ideal for outdoor entertaining almost all year round.

Make it a Relaxing Retreat Under the Sun (Literally)

jacuzzi, couches, and a fire pit on a rooftop

With just a large umbrella, a few rugs, and washable canvas cushions, you can transform a steamy rooftop into an outdoor refuge. Add lounge chairs and a mini pool if you like to soak up under the sun. Consider a hot tub and some accent lighting for a spa feel at nighttime. To further boost the ambiance, add a fire pit for some warmth and comfort. A fire pit also works great in setting the mood as you relax.

Rooftops are often neglected spaces. Make yours useful with these inspiring design ideas!

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