We’re well into the beginning of a new year and many of us are finishing up the bittersweet task of taking down the Christmas trimmings. Clearing away all your Christmas décor can leave your home looking empty and bare. This presents a great opportunity to makeover your interiors with after Christmas decorating ideas that highlight the things you love about winter.

Embrace Winter with White, Silver, and Gold

Decorate your home with items that echo the enchanting sparkle and immaculate white beauty of fresh fallen snow. No matter what color your walls and furniture are, white and metallic accents give rooms a cool, crisp, and polished look.

living room decorating after christmas
Contemporary Living Room by Huntington Interior Designers & Decorators AMI Designs

A group of silver candlesticks or gold vases on the mantel creates a beautiful winter vignette. For a glittering piece of after Christmas décor, fill a decorative clear glass bowl with shiny silver and gold ball ornaments left over from the holidays.

Shop around your home for alluring white items. Set out white trays and plates, or display your favorite photos in minimalist white frames. Lay out white hardcover coffee table books or rotate in some white objet d’art from storage.

Make it Cozy with Warm Colors

To contrast the stark white look of winter, use accessories with deep, rich colors for a comforting touch of warmth. Try accenting a neutral sofa or an easy chair with colorful textured pillows and soft throws to help draw in guests from the cold.

living room decorating after christmas by Borden Interiors and Associates
Contemporary Living Room by Santa Barbara Interior Designers & Decorators Borden Interiors & Associates

Vibrant accent rugs instill a playful pop of color that instantly breaks the monotony of still and silent spaces. If you have lively paintings or posters, put them up and coordinate your decorations by pulling colors from the images.

Colorful glass bottles, ceramic vases, lanterns, and lamps are just a few things you can use to rid a space of winter gloom.

Get a Fresh Look with Furniture and Foliage

Rearranging furniture helps keep rooms looking fresh and interesting. Try filling in bare spots by bringing in a beautiful chair from another room. Position small tables, seats, and stools in groups to encourage cozy conversation among family and guests.

living room decorating kafter Christmas by Janet Pai
Contemporary Living Room by Menlo Park Media & Bloggers Janet Paik

Live flowers and plants are a quick and easy way to light up a room during the cold months. Lemon drop poinsettias bring a bright splash of sunshine to a room without looking too Christmassy. You’ll also love how a few paperwhite narcissus plants can breathe new life into a room with their prettiness and sweet scent.

Try out some of these chic and easy after Christmas decorating ideas to help liven up the look of your home for the rest of the winter season.

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