Who says you need snow to enjoy a winter wonderland for the holidays? All you need is to decorate a white Christmas tree with a unique theme in the spirit of the season.

In this post, we discover interesting trivia about white artificial trees. We also put together tips and gorgeous design themes from talented decorators. Read on to transform your white tree into a Christmas masterpiece.

What does a white Christmas tree mean?

While the green hue of traditional artificial trees typically represents life, calm, or nature, white is usually associated with purity and peace. Because it’s not tainted with any color, white often represents all that is good and right, too. It’s also the color of snow, and a white Christmas tree is like a replica of an evergreen covered in flakes after a blizzard.

Innocence, serenity, or simply the nostalgia of wintertime—there are so many possible meanings of a white Christmas tree. For us at Treetopia, it also represents unlimited creative potential. But ultimately, the significance of this unique holiday decoration is all up to you!

Picture of a white Christmas tree
Winter White Christmas Tree
Colorful lights on a white Christmas Tree
Color Blast Winter White Tree
Warm white lights on a white Christmas tree
Treetopia Essentials – All Snowed in White Tree
Treetopia's Skim Milk White Pencil Christmas Tree
Skim Milk White Christmas Tree
Polaris White Christmas tree
Polaris White Christmas Tree
Hanukkah White Christmas tree
Hanukkah White Christmas Tree
Frosty Flocked Christmas Tree from Treetopia
Frosty Flocked Christmas Tree
Snowy Spruce Quick Set Christmas Tree Setup
Snowy Spruce Flocked Tree
Treetopia's Candy Cane Christmas tree
Candy Cane Christmas Tree

The best thing about a white Christmas tree is it’s pretty much like a blank canvas. Bright and colorful ornaments stand out, and so do metallics and neutrals. It’s a win-win situation no matter the color palette. So, here’s where your creative genius comes in.

Tip: Go with a theme that speaks of who you are and what you love. Express yourself with your Christmas tree. It will make your decorations so much more meaningful.

How do you make a white Christmas tree look fuller?

After assembling an artificial tree comes an essential step in decorating it: shaping the branches. Fresh out of its box, your Christmas tree naturally looks sparse because of being compressed for shipping. Make it look fuller by fanning out the faux needles.

Fluff all branches, from the ones closest to the center pole to the outer tips. Arrange them in such a way that there’s barely be any gap. Start from the bottom section and work your way to the top.

Review your handiwork and adjust as needed. Shaping takes some time, but the fab look of your tree after will make all the effort worth it. Check out this demo by Evelyn of @evebydesigns.

How to Decorate a White Christmas Tree

Once you’re happy with the fullness of your tree, you’re ready to decorate. As promised, here are amazing white Christmas tree decorating ideas to spark your imagination.

Whimsical Themes for Your Winter Wonderland

1. A Tween’s Ice Cream Dream

White Christmas tree inspired by sweets
Photo by Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins decorated this adorable slim white Christmas tree for her daughter. Feast your eyes on the sweet stuff that girly dreams are made of! The crafty mom used ice cream pompom cones, cake boxes, and sundae cups as decorations. Check out that lollipop tree topper!

2. Bright and Baby-Proofed

Toddler-themed white Christmas tree
Image by Tiffany of Parenthood. Baby. Style

Tiffany of Parenthood. Baby. Style wanted a white artificial Christmas tree that her toddler would also love. She accessorized it with shatter-proof ornaments and small stuffed toys.

Tip: If you have a young child at home, choose a smaller tree and make sure it’s anchored to the ground. This prevents the tree from toppling over. Always keep your kid’s safety in mind.

3. Picture-Perfect Pastels

Black and white is a classic combination. Adding a soft hue like baby pink gives your décor a nice pop of color. Take it from this modern dining room by @fromevijawithlove. The blush-toned ornaments effortlessly amp up the chic factor of the snowy Christmas tree. Isn’t it just Instagram-worthy?

4. Can You Say Olé?

Feliz navidad white Christmas tree
Photo by Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins calls this her Feliz Navidad tree, and rightly so. She used piñata and cactus-shaped ornaments, pompoms, tinsel garlands, and colorful lights. A gorgeous tree skirt with a Mexican motif takes the cake. This white tree decorating theme also fits right into your Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Or your kid’s birthday party. Make it more fun for your guests with a real piñata!

5. It Takes a Village

White Christmas tree with putz houses
Image by Kelli and Kristi of Lollyjane

Decorating twins Kelli and Kristi of Lollyjane went for a Christmas village look. They dolled up their white tree with putz houses and tiny bottle brush trees. The personalized mini houses were painted in bright colors: aqua, coral, mint, and mustard. DIY pipe cleaner wreaths were also glued on for extra detail. Check out that sign under the tree. We know. This is too cute for words!

6. Space Age Retro

Vintage space white Christmas tree decor
Photo by Krys of Melodrama

We are over the moon with Krys of Melodrama’s spacey take on classic holiday décor. She hung boomerang shapes, UFOs, starbursts, and a few vintage-looking ornaments on her white tree. Instead of Christmas lights, she used a color wheel to up her lighting game.

Tip: Use white or shiny trim to fill up gaps between branches and add texture. Krys used silver tinsel garlands to give her tree more fullness.

Shine Bright with These Metallic Themes

7. Gold, Silver, and All That Jazz

White Christmas tree in room
Image by Beth of Chinoiserie Chic

Beth of Chinoiserie Chic did a spectacular job decorating with metallics. She played with the texture, color, and shape of her ornaments. She also filled in her artificial white Christmas tree with glittery gold ribbon and berry picks. Her holiday centerpiece is definitely a class act and it complements her room’s color scheme.

8. All That Glitters isn’t Just Gold

Green and gold theme for white Christmas tree
Photo by Michael of Inspired by Charm

When we say decorate with metallics, we don’t mean stick to silver and gold. Michael of Inspired by Charm hung shiny green and gold ornaments on a white flocked Christmas tree. The effect? A “no-fuss” theme that is simply stunning. He drew inspiration from an outfit the singer Adele wore to a live performance on BBC One in 2015. Like we said, let your personal favorites motivate when you decorate.

Tip: Starting from the top of the tree, place large ornaments first with even spaces between the next. Alternate placing them near the trunk and farther out the tips to add depth. Your tree will look fab from all angles.

9. Luxe & Shine

Metallic white Christmas tree decor
Image by Reichel of Copy Cat Chic

This is an example of how dazzling a white Christmas tree looks with the lights on. Reichel of Copy Cat Chic mainly used metallic ornaments. Then, she added finishing touches like a beautiful star tree topper and a fur tree skirt. This holiday centerpiece looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. 

Tip: Choose lights that match your theme. Clear lights are always a safe bet. Multi-colored lights can add another dimension to your white tree. There’s an unwritten rule that you need 100 to 150 lights per foot for your tree to be well-lit. If your tree comes unlit, get a set of lights with white strands so they blend into the foliage.

Classic White Christmas Tree Themes Never Go Out of Style

10. Candy Cane Cool

candy cane white pre-lit Christmas tree
Photo by Abbey of The Cards We Drew

This crunchy, minty striped sweet is almost everybody’s favorite Christmas treat. Classic green and red Christmas elements come into play in this theme by Abbey of The Cards We Drew. Striped ribbons, stained glass ornaments, little bells, and berry picks, to name a few. You gotta love that huge candy cane and funny pair of elf feet sticking out of her white pre-lit Christmas tree.

Tip: Decorating for Christmas should be fun. Have a few good laughs with humorous elements. This brings out what the season is all about—joy!

11. Tradition with a Twist

Classic white Christmas tree
Image by Heather of WhipperBerry

Heather of WhipperBerry used traditional European Christmas elements on her white artificial tree. Stars, berries, and snowflakes in red, white, and gold make up the décor. Plus, ball ornaments patterned in plaid. She took her theme a step further with decorative wooden skis and a tree topper that lights up. She chose sleek ornament shapes to give her classic white tree an updated look.

Tip: A color scheme with a few distinct hues make your decorations stand out even more against a white artificial Christmas tree.

12. Cozy Holiday Vibe

A flocked Christmas tree is a great way to bring in the magical look of winter. But that doesn’t mean your décor has to be cold. This room design by @babybumpsandmombuns_ was made for lounging. Muted shades of red and green complement the wintry hues. Imagine making warm Christmas memories in a cozy room like this!

Final Decorating Tip: Mix & Match!

If your heart can’t choose between two or more themes, why not combine them? This could be tricky, but with creativity, you can always find a way to marry your favorite concepts. Evelyn of Evebydesigns shows how it’s done as she glams up a classic Christmas motif. She dresses up her Luxe – Mont Blanc White Tree with red, gold, and green. Can’t forget the sparkles, too!

White Christmas Tree Reviews

If you still need some convincing when it comes to white artificial trees, we encourage you to read product reviews and look at actual customer photos. These will help you determine if this holiday centerpiece is right for you. Here’s what one of our customers has to say:


Treetopia Product Reviews and Customer Product Photos

Turn your dream of a white Christmas into reality. If this decorating guide helped, share it with friends and family. And we’d love to know how you created your winter fantasy, so sound off on the comments section! Happy holidays!

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