Author Sam Sundquist says, “Some days, you just have to create your own sunshine.” One way to do this is by celebrating with things that put a smile on your face. For some, it’s good food, music, or other forms of entertainment. Others enjoy sprucing up their home with bright and cheerful accessories. Enter a yellow or orange Christmas tree.

Creative idea on how to decorate a spooky Halloween room with a yellow Christmas tree from Treetopia
Room and yellow tree décor by Lilly Jimenez of The Creative Heart Studio.

In this post, we talk about the different shades of these sunny hues. Also, we give you fresh ideas on how to decorate your home with an orange or yellow Christmas tree. Get inspired by creative ideas for the holidays. Check out the cool decorations for Halloween, autumn, and other special occasions, too.

The Zesty Shades of Yellow and Orange

Yellow is a true showstopper. It’s the most noticeable color to the human eye, and orange isn’t far behind. These warm tones give off a positive vibe and exude cheerfulness and energy. Also, it’s said that they invigorate the mind and inspire creativity. Both colors have unique and fruity shades alike.

The Color Code, a book by Taylor Hartman, Ph.D., states that yellow is a core personality color. According to Hartman, those with a “yellow personality” are fun lovers. They enjoy life and always find silver linings. Meanwhile, there’s an “orange color personality” in the Real Colors test—a four-color personality assessment that aims to explain why people are the way they are. The Michigan State University describes those with a dominant orange personality as “witty, spontaneous, optimistic, and eager.” Both yellow and orange personality types are known for their optimism and excitement. They like seeking opportunities and initiating projects.

Fun Color Combinations to Try

Yellow and orange work well with neutrals like black, white, and silver. Similarly, they look great with bright shades like purple and blue. Another favorite combination is with autumn hues like red and brown. And, for Halloween, orange is usually paired with black.

The two warm hues usually serve as accent colors for Christmas. But, they make great primary and secondary options for the season, too. Just look at the yellow and orange artificial trees below!

Sun-rise to the Occasion

Make a vivid statement with a colorful tree from Treetopia! Add warmth and energy to your spaces with these sunny hues. Our trees come with lush needles, hinged branches for easy assembly, and a tree stand that matches the color of the foliage. Did we mention we offer pre-lit artificial Christmas tree varieties with matching light strands and bulbs, too?

A yellow or orange artificial Christmas tree makes a great centerpiece for various celebrations around the year. Set it up on Halloween, then switch the décor for Christmas, and maybe even beyond then. Have a blast crafting or collecting ornaments that will take your tree to the next level.

How to Decorate a Stunning Yellow or Orange Christmas Tree

A radiant centerpiece calls for fun, festive ornaments. Use decorations that pop against the vivid foliage of a yellow or orange Christmas tree. Here are a few ideas from crafts blogger Jennifer Perkins:

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Use your bright artificial Christmas tree to showcase your collection of angel figurines and ornaments. This endearing theme calls to mind favorite Christmas carols and sets a feel-good holiday scene. Complete the setup by placing figurines at the foot of your tree.

Chock Full of Pizzazz

Add some bling to your holiday display with golden tree garlands and other shiny accents. Make your holiday centerpiece sparkle even more with a pre-lit orange or yellow artificial Christmas tree. Then, a shimmering tree topper completes the look.

Christmas Candy

Christmas isn’t complete without sweet peppermint treats. Aside from using your candy stash, why not create their crafty counterparts to hang on your artificial Christmas tree? It’s amazing what your imagination and some paint can do. Lastly, add mini toys and colorful ornaments to the mix for a decoration that kids and kids at heart will love.

Crafty and Customized

Celebrate your love for crafting by using tools of the trade as decorations. True to her passion, Jennifer Perkins used paintbrushes along with DIY pom poms and ornaments. Then, she used a knitted tree skirt to complete her handmade orange Christmas tree decorations. Let this inspire you to explore other ideas that suit your personality.

How to Decorate a Spooky Yellow or Orange Halloween Tree

Yellow and orange Christmas trees make Halloween displays playful. They’re easy to decorate, too, since they belong to the color palette associated with the holiday. Check out these spectacular ideas:

Face Time with Ghouls

A white, orange, and yellow Christmas tree decorated with scary masks and other Halloween ornament
Photo and Decor by Cassie Stephens

Collect or craft frightening masks and make them the star of your orange or yellow Halloween tree. Alternate big and small ornaments and wrap a ribbon around the tree that suits the theme. Can you spot those cute yet creepy eyeball ornaments by Cassie Stephens? Wickedly creative!

Tip: If you own several Treetopia trees, try combining their sections for different color combinations. For example, use a section each of a white, orange, and yellow tree to create a DIY candy corn centerpiece for Halloween.

Orange, white, and yellow artificial Christmas trees decorated for Halloween
Photo and Orange, Yellow, and White Tree Decor by Jennifer Perkins

Here’s another version of ornaments featuring fun faces by Jennifer Perkins. Instead of masks, she crafted adorable mini cat heads and skulls. Also, she set up three Halloween trees instead of just one—the more, the merrier, right?

Just Wing It

A yellow Christmas tree with lots of bat-titude decorated with pink and orange bat cutours by The Creative Heart Studio
Photo and décor by The Creative Heart Studio

Give your tree lots of bat-titude, just like this one by Lilly Jimenez from The Creative Heart Studio. To create a gradient effect, she cut out bat shapes in various sizes from hot pink, pastel pink, and orange paper. Besides that, she decorated under the tree with balloons in the same color palette.

Another alternative is sticking to the classic black and orange color scheme. Trick out your artificial Christmas tree with bats, spiderwebs, haunted house silhouettes, and other scary elements like this one by Laura Lee of The Halloween Collector.

Good Tidings We Bring for You and Pump-kin

A pumpkin-filled corner for Halloween featuring an orange Christmas tree and tabletop pumpkin figures
Photo and Halloween Decor by Jennifer Perkins

Make a pumpkin wonderland with your orange Christmas tree. Add finishing touches like the cat and owl ornaments and tabletop figures in this set-up by Jennifer Perkins.

Or, how about turning your orange tree into a giant pumpkin? Take it from Sam Ushiro of Aww Sam. You won’t need a lot of ornaments—just “carve” out the pumpkin face from black and green card stock or poster boards. Finally, decorate with actual pumpkins under and around the tree. It’s a quick and easy way to create a “gourd-geous” Halloween display.

Who needs decorations when bright colors can do the talking? Put up your orange or yellow artificial Christmas tree and decorate the rest of the room with a pumpkin patch theme. Check out this beautiful fall interior decorated by @turtlecreeklane

Choose Cute Over Creepy

Don’t have scary or pumpkin-themed ornaments? No problem. How about balloons instead? And, you don’t have to stick to black and orange. Kara from A Kailo Chic Life used pink and teal pumpkins as well as multicolor balloons and bat cutouts for her adorable Halloween display.

Black and Boo-tiful

Make a bold statement with a simple combination of two to three colors. These matte and metallic ball ornaments give this orange artificial Christmas tree by @dholmespharmd an edgy look. A few well-placed eyeball decorations transform this into a Halloween centerpiece. Want to transition to holiday décor? Replace the eerie pupils with Christmas-themed ornaments. That is, unless you want your tree décor to scream, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good fright.” A totally cool concept, too, in our books because there’s no wrong way to decorate for YOUR holiday.

Don’t you love this orange Halloween tree? Mark LaFerney of Slumbering Alligator cut out ghost shapes and drew outlines with chalk. This is a creative way to repurpose old cardboard or illustration boards, too. Finally, accent the look with black-and-white ornaments. For example, create a bow tree topper or wrap the tree in a patterned ribbon.

Decorating for Year-round Rays of Sunshine

Let the sunshine in all your special days! Here are our tips on how to decorate an orange or yellow Christmas tree for other occasions:

Pair It Up with Pink for Valentines

Take your yellow or orange artificial Christmas tree to the most romantic month of the year with pink ornaments and hearts. Get inspired by these decorations by Jennifer Perkins. Also, why not give your Valentine a sweet surprise under the tree?

Get Pumped for the Game

Support your team with a colorful tree. If orange is one of the team’s colors, use decorations in the other hue. The usual Christmas décor like tinsel, beaded tree garlands, and shiny ornaments work. Complete the sports-themed tree with ball trinkets. Jennifer Perkins used mini footballs for her Super Bowl trees. 

For the NBA Finals, Jen decorated this yellow Christmas tree with mini basketballs. Another idea: use your team’s banners or cheers as ornaments.

Command Attention at Any Celebration

Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, or Christmas in July, let a yellow or orange tree be the life of the party. These Mardi Gras ornaments by Jennifer Perkins are in the signature colors of the holiday: green, purple, and gold. Another idea is to use rainbow-colored decorations on a yellow or orange tree for Pride Month.

Spice Up Your Fall Decor

Decorate your artificial tree with ornaments inspired by the outdoors. Some ideas from Jennifer Perkins: silk flowers, a garland of maple leaves, and pine cones. She also decorated with eye-catching giant acorns. In addition, you can accent your fall tree with gold ornaments, which can easily transition to Christmas.

Tip: Want more spice-tacular ideas for autumn? Check out our blog featuring fall Christmas trees.

Make an Easter-rific Tree

Transform an orange or yellow Christmas tree into a “hop-pening” decoration for that special Sunday in April. Decorate it with bright ornaments painted to look like Easter eggs like our friends at Zolli® Candy did.

Give It Some Character

Dress up your tree for children’s parties, including birthdays and random events they want to celebrate. For instance, Jennifer Perkins decorated a yellow Pikachu tree for her kids. They love Pokémon. Read our blog to find out how she made the Pokémon-themed party ornaments.

Celebrate the Season of Sunshine

Get inspired by your favorite summer destination and craft ornaments based on its attractions. Jennifer Priest of Smart Fun DIY was inspired by the orange orchards and tourist spots of Palm Springs when she decorated for Christmas in July. Or, turn your tree into a giant tropical fruit! Take this DIY pineapple tree by Jennifer Perkins, for instance.

Say, “Yellow!” to a year-round vibrant and cheerful tree for your home. “Orange” you glad there are tons of ways to decorate it to match the occasion? If you are, spread the warmth by sharing this post with friends and family. Feel free to leave a comment with your own bright ideas.

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