Miniature Christmas trees may be small but they provide plenty of style. Even if you already own a full-sized artificial Christmas tree, potted trees and tabletop trees are perfect for adding a touch of holiday cheer. Here are some simple Christmas decorating ideas for brightening up your surroundings with mini Christmas trees.

Accentuate Your Mantel

Tabletop Christmas trees help complete the festive look of your mantelpiece. They transform your fireplace into a major focal point of your home. If you’re planning on having a sleek and sophisticated holiday mantel, use our Snow Capped Mini Flocked Trees to bring a lovely wintry touch to your display.

Set of two Treetopia flocked tabletop trees with clear lights
Treetopia’s Snow Capped Mini Flocked Trees

This set of two trees measures two feet tall, comes pre-lit with clear lights, and features snow-flocked tips. Place a tree on each side of the mantel to provide height, balance, and soft, candle-like illumination to your composition.

Treetopia white wreath and garland set with clear lights
Treetopia’s Winter White Wreath and Garland.

For a more elaborate arrangement, complement these snowy trees with our Winter White Wreath and Garland. Secure the garland with removable hooks across the front of the mantle at the middle and both ends so it droops evenly. Crown your display by hanging the wreath on the wall or mirror above the mantel.

Create a Striking Centerpiece

Centerpieces are essential to an elegant Christmas table setting, but are often overlooked when time is tight. Fashion one quickly and easily with our Struck Gold Tinsel Tabletop Trees.

Set of three Treetopia gold tabletop trees
Treetopia’s Struck Gold Tinsel Tabletop Trees

Each tabletop Christmas tree in this three-piece set is adorable by itself. When showcased as a group, they make a striking statement. Place them side by side on your dining table. If you wish, decorate them with small accents that complement the color of your linen or tableware. Crafted with golden tinsel needles, these trees look especially radiant when they catch the gentle light from your dinner candles.

Decorate the Windows

Stylish and compact in size, potted Christmas trees add cheer to foyers, entryways, countertops, and quiet corners. Coming home at night to a glowing Christmas tree peeking out your window makes you smile.

Treetopia potted tree with red berries, pine cones, and clear lights
Treetopia’s Fresh Berry Potted Pine Tree

Designed with a slender silhouette, our 4.5 foot Fresh Berry Potted Pine Tree can be conveniently displayed on a small table by a window, or placed directly on the window sill. Brilliant clear lights, red holly berries, and small pine cones make this potted green tree a warm and welcome sight for family and friends alike.

With their beauty and versatility, miniature trees are a great addition to your collection of Christmas décor. Find these trees, and many more stunning holiday decorations, at fabulous prices by visiting Treetopia today.

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