Dust off the skeletons in the closet and bring out your playful spirit for a fun and spooky Halloween celebration. Take it from The Wall Street Journal, who used one of our orange trees to create a spooky display fit for the season. With brief insights on our products and some useful information on the thousands of homeowners celebrating All Hallow’s Eve with full-sized trees, we help you create a spooktacular centerpiece for one of our favorite holidays!

Step 1: Choose a Tree

Take your Halloween decorating to the next level with Treetopia’s collection of Halloween trees

We showcase our collection of premium Halloween Christmas trees that add a chic eerie vibe to your celebrations. From bright orange to spooky black, and pastel pink to cranberry red, our vibrant selection brings your decorating fantasies to life.

Step 2: Pick Up Some Tricks

Pick up some tricks on how to choose a theme from our friends, the Crafty Lumberjacks, in their video below:

Listen in on how the Crafty Lumberjacks came up with their unique and awesome theme

We share more amazing ideas below:

Colossal Candy Corn
Go batty decorating your yellow and orange trees.

Ghastly Green
Creepin’ it real with your green Christmas tree with a Halloween twist.

Wildly Whimsical
Bubble up some spooky fun with lavender and pink trees.

Bewitching Black and White
Surprise guests with drama, elegance, and witchy woo with these enchanting black and white trees.

Otherworldly Ombré
Double toil and trouble with these cauldron bubbling gold and silver ombré trees.

Step 3: Embellish with Treats

Treat your tree to an assortment of creepy or whimsical ornaments. This is the perfect time to let your creative spirit shine with some DIY décor. Brand Ambassador, Jen Perkins, got us glued to her tree decorations this season with kid-friendly diorama ornaments, slithering snake bouquets, black cats, creepy doll part stew, and felt monsters. Find more quirky and inspirational ideas on our blog.

Our friend, Cassie shares how she created and decorated her candy corn tree in the video below:

Join Cassie Stephens in celebrating the spookiest time of the year with DIY Halloween decorations

Put on your crafty hat to get those creative juices flowing and those bones cracking! From some eerily delightful DIY ornaments that showcase your decorating prowess, to throwing your support behind the Teal Pumpkin Project bringing awareness to children with food allergies during trick-or-treat season, we trust you will have a fabulous time. We hope our bewitching ideas sparked excitement to get you decorating and ready to celebrate a spooktacular Halloween! Which colorful tree is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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