Looking for unique Easter decorating ideas? You might want to consider putting up an Easter egg tree decorated with fun DIY ornaments. You’ll be surprised to know that people have been celebrating this holiday by decorating their trees for hundreds of years. Read on to find out more.

pink Easter egg tree decorated with alien ornaments
Easter Egg tree by the Crafty Lumberjacks

An Egg-centric Piece of Europe

The tradition, also known as Ostereierbaum, originates in Germany. It’s the custom of decorating tree branches with painted eggs to usher in spring.

a tree decorated with easter eggs
This tree might not have thousands of ornaments, but a few painted eggs and butterfly accents do the trick.

One couple—Volker Kraft and his wife Christa—kept the German tradition from 1965 to 2015. They amassed around 10,000 egg ornaments to use as decorations for over five decades. Decorating their Easter egg tree took them up to four weeks every year.

Why not recreate this indoors with an artificial Christmas tree? Here’s how.  

Choose a Pink Christmas Tree in Your Favorite Shade

A pink artificial Christmas tree is a shoo-in for this set-up. We all know that green and red are Christmas colors. Similarly, pink is an Easter color that’s easy on the eyes and gives any space a party vibe.

From left: Treetopia Pretty in Pink Tree and the Rose All Day Tree

A pink tree is one of the more popular choices nowadays. In fact, Treetopia experienced a 37% boom in pink Christmas tree sales in 2019. Furthermore, pink is a top-seller in the colorful tree category, coming in fourth after green, white, and black.

Crafts maven Jennifer Perkins used her DIY know-how and her vintage collectibles to decorate her pink Easter trees. Get a load of them below.

Make Your Own Easter Egg Tree Decorations

Now that you have your tree, it’s time to make some Easter egg tree ornaments. That’s why we asked our creative friends to come up with extraordinary DIY décor for your tree.

Alien Ornaments by the Crafty Lumberjacks

The beauty of making your own Easter egg tree ornaments is you can incorporate your out-of-this-world ideas. That’s literally what Andrew and Dennis of the Crafty Lumberjacks did with their Alien Easter egg décor. Watch the video to learn how.

Wasn’t that mind-blowing? Also, here’s a list of materials you’ll need for this project and where to find them:

  • Metallic Fillable Jumbo Plastic Egg – about $1.00 from Dollar Tree
  • 1 Medium Bright Iridescent Fillable Plastic Easter Egg (Green) – about $1.00 from Dollar Tree
  • 1 Small Metallic Fillable Plastic Easter Egg – about $1.99 at Way to Celebrate
  • Adhesive Glitter Craft Foam in Purple, Gold, Black, and Silver – about $1.59 from Creatology
  • Iridescent Easter Grass – about $1.89 from Way to Celebrate
  • Treasure Gold Metallic Paint – about $15.99 from Folk Art
  • Marquee Love Glitter – about $4.60 from Heidi Swapp
  • ScotchBlue Multi Surface Painter’s Tape – about $4.62 from Scotch
  • Flat Brush – about $4.99 from Folk Art
  • Floral High Temp Glue Gun – about $14.99 from AdTech
  • Premier Forged Scissors – about $27.99 from Fiskars
  • Copper Wire – about $2.99 from Ashland
  • Duct Tape – about $3.90 from Duck Tape

Dennis: Hello, I'm Dennis.

Andrew: I'm Andrew.

Dennis and Andrew: And we are the Crafty Lumberjacks.

Dennis: If you know us, you know we love to decorate over the top and epic Halloween trees and this year we partner with Treetopia to create our first ever Easter tree.

Andrew: Oh my gosh. Now Treetopia's all about going over the top and thinking outside of the box and that's exactly what we're doing. We're going to be making a tree that's out of this world.

Dennis: Let's get crafty.

Dennis: We're going to start with our alien spaceship. For this, you'll need some basic craft supplies, a jumbo-sized Easter egg, and two smaller eggs, Easter grass, and adhesive craft foam.

Andrew: Start with the top half of your jumbo Easter egg and rip off a piece of tape and lay it across the center of the top and press it down really firmly. Add a light coat of metallic paint. You really don't need a lot of paint for this, a light coat will do just fine. While it's still wet shake on some glitter, you really want it nice and coated. Tap off that extra glitter and while it's still wet, rip off that painter's tape nice and slow and set it aside to dry. Now for the control panel, start by tracing the bottom half of the jumbo-size egg and the alien egg on a piece of craft foam. Cut it out and check that it fits snugly into the egg. Cut out where the alien will sit and check that that fits as well. Then it's time to embellish with some extra craft foam pieces. Place your alien egg into the control panel and secure with a dab of hot glue.

Dennis: Grab a piece of black foam and cut out two almond shapes for the eyes. Make sure they're the same size. Peel off the adhesive backing and place on the egg. Now for the outside, cut out two fins for the spaceship out of the silver craft foam. This will take it over the top and give it that retro vibe. Hot glue one fin on the top of the egg and the other on the bottom.

Andrew: Take apart your small egg and glue it to the back of your ship. Wrap a thin piece of silver craft foam to hide your glue for a cleaner look. Grab some Easter grass, fold it in half and then fold it in half again. Secure the end with a little bit of craft foam. Take a pair of scissors and then cut the loops on the other side and trim, and then hot glue it right into the egg.

Dennis: Complete your spaceship by adding one last embellishment to the fins.

Alien: To hang, tape a piece of wire to the back and smother with a lot of hot glue to keep it nice and secure.

Andrew: Now for our aliens with bunny ears. For this, you'll need a plastic egg, pipe cleaners, craft foam, basic craft materials, and a wire cutter. Start by cutting two almond-shaped eyes and sticking them in place.

Dennis: Bend, manipulate and shape the silver pipe cleaner into a bunny ear headband. Use the wire cutters to trim to size. Cut two pieces of the purple pipe cleaner the size of the ears for a pop of color. Hot glue in place.

Alien: To hang, thread a piece of wire through the top hole of the Easter egg.

Dennis and Andrew: We love how it turned out.

Dennis: We like it so much.

Andrew: It's not your traditional take on Easter.

Dennis: No, but somehow with the pink tree and metallic Easter eggs, it all works and it's totally extra.

Dennis and Andrew: Extraterrestrial! Happy Easter.

Alien: Happy Easter.

Easter Egg Tree Gnome Ornaments

These adorable gnome ornaments by Natalie Mayhew of Fern and Maple make super cute decorations. And not just for Easter—but all of spring, too. She hung them on a pink Christmas tree along with other themed accents. Kids will love this easy DIY project. Just make sure to supervise their use of scissors and hot glue.

Here’s the list of supplies:

  • Large Plastic Fillable Easter Eggs (approximately 3″ x 2″) 
  • Faux Craft Fur
  • Unfinished Wood Craft Beads (approximately 10mm diameter)
  • Spring Plaid or Gingham Paper Napkins
  • Stiffened Craft Felt
  • Felt Fabric Flower Embellishments (approximately ¾” diameter)
  • Baker’s Twine
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
Cut a beard shape for the gnome ornament
Step 1: Cut a gnome beard out of craft fur.
Glue the beard to the bottom half of the egg
Step 2: Glue the beard to the bottom half of the egg.
materials for a gnome ornament for an easter egg tree
Step 3: Thread baker’s twine through the holes in the top half of the egg to create a loop.
cut felt into a cone shape for the hat of a gnome ornament
Step 4: Cut a triangle out of a paper napkin to make a cone hat.
Fabric wrapped around an egg to create a hat for the gnome ornament
Step 5: Glue the cone hat onto the top half of the egg.
Glue a wood bead to make a nose for the gnome ornament
Step 6: For the nose, glue a wood bead on top of the gnome’s beard.
Cut bunny ears out of felt for the gnome ornament
Step 7: Cut a set of bunny ears out of stiffened felt.
decorate the hat of the gnome ornament with flowers and bunny ears
Step 8: Glue the ears and a small felt flower to the gnome’s hat.

View a detailed version of the instructions from Natalie below:

Step 1: Cut a small pentagon-shaped gnome beard out of craft fur.  The size should be a little longer than the bottom half of the egg and half as wide.

Step 2: Next, glue the beard to the bottom half of the egg.

Step 3: Cut a length of baker’s twine and thread through the holes in the top half of the egg and tie to create a hanging loop. Make the loop at least double the length of the egg. This way it will reach out of the top of the gnome’s hat. Next, glue the two egg halves together.

Step 4: Cut a triangle with an arched bottom out of a paper napkin. When rolled, this will make a cone hat shape. Once you achieve the ideal cone shape for your egg, make a template out of stiffened felt. This can then be used to cut out the remaining gnome hats.

Step 5: Next, glue the cone hat onto the top half of the egg. Align the bottom of the hat with the beard. Glue in place at the back. You will need to glue each napkin layer.  Ensure the twine loop comes out the top of the hat.

Step 6: Glue the wood bead to the top of the gnome’s beard.

Step 7: Cut a set of bunny ears out of stiffened felt. Cut the outer ear (approximately 1.5" long) in a light pink and the inner ear (approximately ¾” long) in a darker pink and glue them together.  Once you achieve the ideal ear shape, make a template. This can then be used to cut out the remaining sets of ears.

Step 8: Next, glue the ears to the gnome hat. Then, glue a small felt flower under one of the bunny ears.

Repeat for the desired number of gnomes and enjoy decorating your Treetopia tree with these little cuties!


Easter Egg Balloon Ornaments by Creative Heart Studio

These DIY ornaments by Lilly of Creative Heart Studio take balloon art to the next level. She hung these on a Winter White Christmas tree topped with a bow.

It’s a super cute alternative to a pink Easter tree that doubles as birthday party décor. Or, use it for a gender reveal bash at home. Watch the video to learn how to make balloon ornaments, a bow tree topper, and a balloon tree skirt. 

Adorable, aren’t they? Here’s a list of materials to get you started:

  • 1 Balloon hand pump by Qualatex – about $5 to $8 on The Creative Heart Studio shop
  • A dull-edged stick for double stuffing the balloons – any ¼-inch dowel works 
  • 5-inch Latex balloons in turquoise, pink, coral, and white by Qualatex – about $7.50 per 25-piece pack on The Creative Heart Studio shop
  • Acrylic paint markers by POSCA – about $4 each on Amazon
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • 1 Crepe paper roll in Carnation Pink – about $1.28 on Just Artifacts

Lilly: For the DIY Balloon Easter Egg Tree, you'll need the following materials. One 4-foot white Treetopia Christmas tree, one balloon hand pump, a dull-edged stick to double stuff my balloons, five-inch latex balloons. I'll be using turquoise, pink and coral, but want to make them lighter, so I'll be using white to create lighter shades of my color scheme. Acrylic paint markers that match my color scheme, scissors, a hot glue gun, and crêpe paper roll.

To begin, I’ll double-stuff the balloons which will be my ornaments on my tree. To do this, insert the darker shade balloon onto the stick first. Then slide the white balloon over the darker shade balloon. Repeat this process until you've double stuffed all of your balloons. For my tree, I'll be using about 12 to 15 balloon eggs. Make sure once you've inflated the balloons that they have the shape of the balloon egg. Make sure there's enough air in them to create this effect. Also, make sure you have extra balloons for popping accidents. Once you've done inflating all your balloons, make sure you cut off the tail. This will make sure they look just like Easter eggs.

Once all of the balloons are inflated, it's time to decorate your balloon eggs. Using the acrylic paint markers, draw directly on the balloon, any design you choose. I went with repetitive floral patterns in monochromatic tones. Make sure you leave enough time to dry before putting them on your tree.

To make the bow tree topper, take the crêpe paper roll and cut a strip of about seven inches in width. Take the strip of crêpe paper roll and fold it in half. This will mark the middle of the bow. Using the hot glue gun, glue each side down of the bow to create it. Once you've glued this, singe at the middle to create the bow. Place hot glue in the middle of the singeing to secure the bow. Now, take a strip of crêpe paper and wrap around the middle of the bow and secure it with hot glue gun. Remember to fluff up your bow at the end.

Now, take the remaining of your crêpe paper roll and unroll it to about 20 to 24 inches. Once you've unrolled and cut, take this one piece and cut it into three even strips. Make sure you're using the long side. This will be the legs of the bow. Once you've completed this process, we're ready to decorate our Treetopia tree. Singe the top of the legs to secure it to the tree. Make sure that you're singeing at the top and about three quarters of the way down to create a fluffed bow leg. Using the tree branches, secure the legs to their placement on the tree. Cut the ends off the legs into a V-shape. Using hot glue, adhere the bow to the top of the legs.

Now, look at that. Isn't that so cute? We're ready to decorate our tree with the balloon eggs. I just love these balloon eggs. Gently place and secure the Easter eggs into the tree. Make sure the eggs aren't placed directly to the edge of the tree branch. This may cause them to pop. Place them as you'd like and make sure that your entire tree is full of Easter eggs. Instead of a tree skirt, make larger balloon eggs of different sizes and cluster them along the bottom. This really gives it such a fun effect. Thanks for watching.

Plan Your Next Pink Christmas Tree Masterpiece

It may come as a surprise, but pink is a versatile color for holiday decorating. Also, not just for Christmas or Easter. In fact, they’re great for different occasions throughout the year. Check out these pink trees decorated by these creative geniuses. They’re pure pink-fection!

Tip: For more inspiration, read our blog post on How to Keep a Pink Christmas Tree Stylin’ All Year-round.

We hope this post inspires you to make decorating an Easter egg tree part of your holiday celebration. If you loved the pink Christmas tree decorating ideas, share this post with your friends. Better yet, if you have some of your own, share them by leaving a comment below. Happy Easter!


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    You can also change your decorations to different colors or theme very easily.

  101. Theresa Jenkins Reply

    Love all the ideas … the grand kids did a bush with plastic eggs with glow sticks inside

  102. I havn’t decorated a tree for Easter before, but it’s a great idea!

  103. Dennis Magiera Reply

    What great ideas can keep the tree out until after Easter just change decorations.

  104. Teresa Organ Reply

    The Balloon Easter Egg tree is my favorite DIY Easter décor!

  105. athena graeme Reply

    Those are ridiculously cute! Balloon garland is genius! My daughter loves balloons! I really love the idea of adding bunny ears to otherwise normal charaters!

  106. Karen Propes Reply

    I love these ideas, I love the gnomes and spaceships. I can take these ideas together to make a beautiful Easter tree. I have crafted Easter eggs over the years and they would be a great addition. I have never had an Easter tree, but want to start one every year. It will be a welcome addition to our living room. Thanks for sharing!

  107. Brenda King Reply

    Great ideas! Love the pastel colors and of course, the polaris white!

  108. Gail Hurson Reply

    I really like the pink trees, they have such a pretty hue to them

  109. Rose Reeder Reply

    Whoever decorated these Easter trees has so much talent as they all are great

  110. I love the little gnomes. Such a creative idea for Easter.

  111. Melinda Barlow Reply

    I am making a list of needed items to make the gnome ornaments later today!. I am thinking of having this for the craft at our family egg hunt. All these ideas are great!

  112. Paige Byrd Reply

    All of the trees are beautiful and I would have a hard time deciding which one I would want to do first

  113. I love all the great ideas but especially the Easter Egg Balloon Ornaments

  114. Audrey Stewart Reply

    I miss our Easter Tree. All the kids are grown and gone, and we didn’t have visitors because of Covid.

  115. Tamra D Phelps Reply

    I love the idea of DIY for an Easter tree. I’m thinking Easter candies would make great tree ornaments, lol.

  116. So many awesome trees! I absolutely love the alien ornaments. They’re my favorites!

  117. Colleen Schilinski Reply

    I’d love to decorate any of these trees for Easter !!

  118. Buckeye Clio Reply

    I never thought of making an Easter tree! These are fabulous ideas!

  119. Alexandra Barone Reply

    I seriously love the Easter tree I’ve never found myself liking anything other then the regular color tree until now lol!

  120. Kristin walker Reply

    Wow this is so very interesting! Didn’t know people even dwcirated trees year round!!

  121. Lauren Little Reply

    I am totally doing this! I never thought of an easter tree. It’s beautiful!!

  122. Tina Fleenor Reply

    I have never thought about an Easter tree. You have some really cute ideas

  123. Michelle Dennis Reply

    I like the Easter egg balloon tree…maybe paper mache and paint could make the balloon eggs reusable for future seasons.

  124. timothy J pressel Reply

    I’d used Reese’s Easter egg candies to decorate my pink tree.

  125. Love these idea. Would never have thought about decorating with aliens!

  126. Mare Rozzelle Reply

    I like anything bright and cheery for Easter decorating as long as it’s purple. : )

  127. Jeffery Clark Reply

    I can’t believe how creative and original these trees are. I am looking for craft ideas for my granddaughters and wife, they will love these!

  128. Beautiful trees. I dont think I have ever seen anything like these.

  129. I’d like to have the white Christmas tree to decorate it all year around for the various holidays we celebrate

  130. Mary Freburger Reply

    I love the idea of blowing up balloons to make the eggs for the tree. Such a simple and cute idea.

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