When you think of Christmas, blue and purple Christmas trees don’t immediately come to mind. The holidays are usually associated with red and white ornaments or even gold or silver accents on traditional green trees. Why not experiment with a blue or purple tree? It’s a versatile holiday centerpiece that can be dressed up for various occasions throughout the year. In this post, we’ll explore the different shades, cool themes to try for Christmas, and unique decorating ideas for other celebrations.

Faux floral and fairy ornaments hanging on a lavender unicorn Christmas tree
Photo and décor by Fern and Maple

Showstopping Blue and Purple Trees

Treetopia’s colorful trees come in various shades from pale and powdery to deep and vibrant. Check out these blue and purple Christmas trees—including our exciting new arrivals:

These have been featured in several magazines, blogs, and other platforms. The blue trees, specifically, have made cameos on the Steve TV Show set.

And violinist Lindsey Stirling’s Santa Baby video.

Berry Merry Shades

A primary color, blue lends its cool tones to secondary ones. Mixed with cheerful yellow, it turns into green. Blended with fiery red, it becomes violet. Blue symbolizes calm, stability, and depth. It also represents the sky and the sea.

Various shades of blue and purple, from light colors like electric blue and lilac to dark hues like midnight blue and indigo

Close to blue in the color wheel, purple has always been associated with royalty, according to History.com. In ancient times, only the wealthy could afford purple dyes. Extracting them from sea snails was a difficult and expensive process. Today, purple still gives off that regal vibe. On the other hand, softer shades like lavender and lilac also give an impression of gracefulness.

So what does a blue Christmas tree mean? What do purple trees represent? The message that blue and purple send out depends on the shade. Lighter tones give a relaxing, romantic, or refreshing feeling. Go dark and you get a strong vibe.

Very Peri: Pantone Color of the Year 2022

Every year, the color matching experts dub a “color of the year.” For 2022, they recently hailed Very Peri, a unique shade of blue and purple, as the ultimate hue. Let it inspire your upcoming decorating plans!

According to Pantone, Very Peri is “dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet red undertone.” The color celebrates innovation and creativity. These traits are quite handy, especially with the past couple of years teaching us the importance of adapting to unprecedented change.

What colors go well with blue and purple?

Christmas tree decorating ideas featuring color combinations that work on both blue and purple Christmas trees

When it comes to combinations, blue and purple work together. You might be wondering, “What color goes with a purple Christmas tree?” or “What ornaments look good on a blue Christmas tree? Check out some of the color schemes you can play with.

Decorating Ideas That Go with the Indigo Flow

Pastel blue and purple Christmas trees suit cute and whimsical themes best. Trees in deep shades of berry look spectacular decked out in elegant motifs. Of course, it’s totally up to you! Your lavender tree can be posh and feminine. Your navy tree can be adorable, too. Below are a few lovely ideas to explore for Christmas:

Breaking the Ice

Blue and white dining room with a blue Christmas tree decorated in winter-themed white and silver ornaments
Photo and Decor by Maximalist Studios

Create a stunning contrast like Maximalist Studios. Highlight the cool tones of a blue Christmas tree with frosty white ornaments. Then, break the monotony with pops of blue and keep the rest of the room polished with bright white accessories.

How about a wintery blue tree? Chloe of Celebrate and Decorate took inspiration from the Disney film Frozen. The glittering picks, icicle ornaments, and snow-white pom poms are so chic. It’s as if the ice queen Elsa had a hand in decorating this sparkly tree.

Jessica of Decor Adventures used white accents and forest-themed ornaments to decorate her deep blue tree. Like her, you can warm up an icy palette with golden tree picks and pinecones. Design the rest of the room with glam and woodsy accessories for a luxurious yet cozy vibe.

A Matte and Metallic Mix

Try to look past the adorable pups and check out the ornaments on this dreamy pre-lit lavender tree by @chassis_monroe_tig_scully. Aside from the charming jewel tones, the tree decorations have either a matte or metallic finish. Combining textures adds depth to the overall look of your tree.

Go all out with the shiny tree decorations and finish with a faux fur tree skirt. Here, Michael of Inspired by Charm covered his tree in copper-colored ornaments. He also created a gradient effect with glossy green and blue Christmas balls.

Black and Bold Accents

Use large ornaments and a statement tree topper for a tall showstopper. Stick to dark neutrals like black and silver that go so well with blue. Complete the striking look with art deco pieces and prints, just like Laura of @lalovealways.

Dreaming of Hue

Make your unicorn dreams come true by decorating your tree with a combination of vivid hues. Amina Mucciolo of @studiomucci shows you how with rainbow-patterned and rainbow-shaped ornaments.

Here’s another version of a unique-orn Christmas tree by @studiomucci. For extra splashes of color, she decorated her room with pastel hues and whimsical figures. If you have spare space, you can even style a second colorful Christmas tree to match your blue or purple tree like she did.

Year-Round Blue and Purple Tree Styling Tips

Besides the holidays, a blue or purple tree is an extra special way to decorate for other occasions. We put together a list of tips on decorating these cool trees for your year-round celebrations.

Support Your Sport

Show your team spirit, especially during championship games. Do you follow the Seattle Seahawks or Tennessee Titans in the NFL? Are you a fan of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors or Oklahoma City Thunder? Then, deck out a blue tree in ornaments inspired by your team.

Do you like the Baltimore Ravens or the Minnesota Vikings better? Or, maybe you’re a solid supporter of the Los Angeles Lakers or Sacramento Kings? Then, snag a purple tree and accessorize it with your team’s secondary colors.

Candy for Christmas in July

Ice cream ornaments are favorite tree decorations for Christmas in July. Why not sweeten your celebration with a cotton candy-colored summer tree? Other dessert-inspired ornaments are a nice touch, too. For example, this crocheted caramel popcorn garland by Twinkie Chan.

Vio-Let Your Advocacy Shine

A colorful tree can also be a centerpiece for cause awareness days. For instance, put up a pre-lit purple tree for National Purple Heart Day! Make every August 7 the time to honor our brave American soldiers.

Set a Scary Scene

Natalie of DoodleCraft added a wicked touch to her bright blue Christmas tree with black accessories. She draped the tree in net fabric, topped it with a crow, and finished with a spiderweb tree skirt. Copper-colored pumpkins, faux skulls, and a framed “Trick or Treat” sign served as accents. To complete her Halloween scene, she added in smoking cauldrons (using dry ice), a vintage chalice, and pumpkins.

There are so many ways to dress up a blue or purple Halloween tree. Here’s a fun idea from Jennifer of Smart Fun DIY: recreate your favorite scary movie! She brought the ‘80s movie Beetlejuice to life.

True to the “ghost with the most” spirit, she decorated two pre-lit purple trees and a black wreath. Every ornament is beautiful and bizarre—from the black-and-white pumpkins and striped mini coffins to the statement ornaments and sandworm-inspired garland that connected the trees.

Be Witchcraft-y

Witch hats on! Wave your wand and decorate your tree with haunting but cute DIY ornaments. Take it to the next level with witch movie-inspired decorations. For instance, check out these Hocus Pocus-themed ornaments by Vanessa of Brite & Bubbly.

Get inspired by divination or fortune-telling. Check out this mystical motif by Dennis and Andrew of Crafty Lumberjacks. You don’t have to be psychic to tell that the gorgeous details on this purple Halloween tree will enchant anyone in the near future!

Keep Calm and Geek Out!

Is there a new movie or TV series you’re obsessed with? Or maybe there’s a book that you can’t get over? Celebrate your fandom with DIY ornaments!

Beyond Halloween, this is a great idea for viewing parties and even themed birthday parties. Mark of Slumbering Alligator crafted wildly creative decorations from three shows: Stranger Things, Rick and Morty, and Star Trek. He used a striped bow, pumpkin TV screens, and popcorn buckets to tie everything in together.

Hop on the Easter Tree Train

An Easter egg tree is traditionally decorated with ornaments painted in playful hues. A baby blue or lavender tree makes a cute backdrop for precious candy-colored ornaments. As a final touch that no-bunny can resist, craft an Easter bunny ears tree topper. Check out these creations by ZolliCandy.

Chill Out with Blue and Purple

Music helps you get in the mood for anything—including decorating. It also draws out your creativity and opens your mind to more possibilities.

So while decking out your blue and purple Christmas trees, bust out your favorite playlist! If you’re looking for songs for a mellow decorating session, here’s a Spotify playlist to keep you company. This features songs with either blue or purple in the title. Who knew there’d be a lot more besides Blue Christmas?

Tip: Take your blue or purple Christmas tree to your celebrations! With a few adjustments, it can be your centerpiece for all upcoming holidays.

Let the cool hues of blue and purple Christmas trees cure your holiday blues. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the ornaments that will complement these unique trees. Dive into the sea of decorating choices and let your colorful personality shine!

purple and blue artificial Christmas trees

Which of these ideas got you excited and “blue” your mind? Feel free to leave a note in the comments section. Share this blog with your friends and family who love blue and purple, too.

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