Make this year’s Valentine’s Day memorable. Transform your colorful Christmas centerpiece into a lovely Valentine’s Day tree. Here are sweet decorating ideas to inspire your creativity.

1. Pink Valentine Tree


An all-pink theme is perfect for those who adore this fun, flirty color. The Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree is a great choice. Your ornaments will definitely stand out against its pale pink foliage.

Here’s the secret to getting that coveted monochromatic look. Choose pink decorations in different shapes, sizes, and textures. These will add dimension to your tree. Rummage through your collection for beaded, frosted, pastel, or metallic ornaments. Once you find the right ones, set them free to work their pink magic.

Treetopia pink tree with monochromatic ornaments
For a monochromatic look, go easy on the ornaments.

Pick out trimmings that play up the femininity your pink tree. Embellish it with dainty satin roses or nosegays made out of real roses for that authentic Valentine’s Day vibe.

Hang knitted fabric hearts and delicate bubblegum-colored bows for a traditional sugar-and-spice (and everything nice) feel. Want something modern? Use plastic or acrylic ornaments in salmon, coral, or magenta hues. If you’re feeling sassy, wind a hot pink feather or faux fur boa around your tree. It also helps fill in any gaps in the foliage.

Vibrant and Vivid

Treetopia pink Christmas tree with clear lights
Some Like It Hot Pink Christmas Tree

Start off with a tree in a vibrant, playful shade of hot pink. Get creative and decorate a hot pink tree with DIY decorations and chromatic ornaments just like Jennifer Perkins did with her “Be Mine” garland.

Hot pink Christmas tree with Valentine's Day ornaments
Hot pink tree décor and image by Jennifer Perkins

Transparent balls are also a good choice. No matter their size, they won’t hide or obscure your tree’s electric pink foliage. If you’re lucky enough to find heart-shaped ornaments, grab them quick!

Cool, Clear, and Chic

White flower ornament on a pink Christmas tree
Pink tree décor and image by Lindy of Love the Day

Translucent glass, acrylic, or white fabric ornaments add an elegant touch. Their crisp look complements the intensity of a pink tree.

For a luxurious touch, display crystal figurines or starburst-shaped crystal décor on the prominent parts of the tree at eye-level.

Polished silver, chrome, and mercury glass ornaments are another good option. These pieces have mirror-like surfaces that allow them to blend in by reflecting the color of the surrounding tree needles.


For more pink-spiration, check out more decorating ideas here.

2. White Valentine Tree

Red All Over

A white centerpiece dolled up with red Valentine tree ornaments will sweep you off your feet. You can’t go wrong with this classic Valentine’s Day theme.

Valentine tree décor and image by Jennifer Perkins

A popular choice during the holidays, white Christmas trees are well-loved for their beauty and versatility. The Moonlight White Christmas tree has a coat of pristine white foliage composed of soft PVC and pine needles. It has a slim yet lush profile, making it the perfect backdrop for vivid red ornaments.

When selecting red ornaments, make sure to avoid pale or pastel-toned ones. You want your reds to be deep, bright, and intense to contrast against the starkness of the white foliage.

Beaded heart decorations on a white Valentine tree
Valentine’s Day DIY décor and image by Jaderbomb

For variety, use a mix of plain, fancy, beaded, and glittery pieces like Jade of Jaderbomb. Try ornaments with matte and shiny finishes, or those made from a mix of different materials.

Classic Valentine’s Day designs work well for this theme. Aside from ball ornaments, focus on classic Valentine symbols. Think hearts, lovebirds, roses, kiss marks, and Cupids.

Don’t have a lot of red ornaments on hand? Consider winding a bright red garland around your white tree. Another option is to attach wide strips of red satin ribbon to the topmost branch to hang down the length of tree.

Simple and Subtle

Embellish a white tree with simple red and pink décor for a subtle look. This combination adds a hint of elegance and a lot of romance to your Valentine’s Day set-up. With its smooth, even silhouette and full shape, the Winter White Christmas Tree lends itself well to this dreamy theme.

Treetopia white tree with minimal red decor
A simple yet elegant Valentine tree.

Try little pops of red and pink for a minimalist touch. Matte or frosted ball ornaments look fabulous. If you have pastel-hued pieces, now is a great time to bring them out again. Be extra nice to grandma and borrow her gorgeous set of vintage red and pink ornaments to seal the deal on your tender loving tree.

Remember to keep the size of your ornaments uniform, as over-sized items tend to spoil the symmetry of your design. As an added bonus, this technique gives your labor of love the impression of being well thought out, even if it was just thrown together at the last minute.


Want more white Christmas tree decorating tips? Read our ultimate guide here.

3. Red Valentine Tree

Overflowing with Fun

Red artificial trees have a commanding presence. If you have a bold and passionate personality then this is the tree color for you.

White faux flowers on a red Valentine's Day tree
Red tree décor and image by Jaderbomb

For Valentine’s Day, bring out your red tree’s more playful side with loads of fun and whimsical decorations.

Red valentine tree with colorful decorations
Red tree décor and image by Jaderbomb

White ornaments provide a nice contrast to fiery red foliage. Pink ones are an attractive complement. Place your selection of traditional white and pink décor throughout the tree in an evenly spaced manner. Remember to position larger items on the bottom to enhance the tree’s triangular shape.

Once your primary layer is complete, the fun can begin. Sprinkle your tree with small adorable stuffed toys and trinkets. A Valentine-inspired white teddy bear with a red satin heart is totally precious. Even his brown cousin would be irresistible with a white neck ribbon and a rose in paw. Throw in a Snoopy figurine dressed up as Cupid. He fits right in! With this theme, you can throw out the rule book and decorate to your heart’s content.


4. Experiment with Valentine Tree Colors

Who says you have stick to V-day’s typical colors: red, white, and pink? Choose a Christmas tree in your favorite hue and get personal with your decorations.

Orange Valentine tree décor and image by Jennifer Perkins

Check out the DIY heart ornaments that Jennifer Perkins put on her orange Christmas tree. We love their cheeky facial expressions. She used a combination of matte and shiny red and pink balls. Icicle and snowflake-shaped ornaments added sparkle.

Multicolored ornaments on a silver Valentine's Day tree
Image and silver Valentine’s Day tree decorations by Jennifer Perkins

Throwing a Valentine’s Day party? Then this glam tree decorating theme is right up your alley. Jen recycled her adorable heart ornaments and added tree picks for effect. Her tree topper? A pink heart, of course! By the way, here’s how to host a terrific V-day get-together.

There are so many Valentine’s Day tree ornaments to choose from. Go for pretty plastic teacups, kitschy lovebirds, frilly pink princesses, and cookie hearts. Don’t forget to choose bright trimmings to tie everything together.

Teapot Valentine's Day decorations on a yellow tree
Yellow tree décor and image by Jennifer Perkins

A sweet idea is to decorate your tree with photos. Print them out on photo and frame them with decorated cardboard. Jazz up loose photos with scrapbook accessories. Or be a little extra and scribble love notes on heart-shaped tags and use them as ornaments. Old Valentine’s Day cards would be amazing as well.


Decorating a colorful Christmas tree is a fun and fresh way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We’d love to see pictures of your Valentine tree. So go ahead and take some snaps then share them in our comments section.


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    • Dennis Magiera Reply

      I love the colors I picked red I still love red but seeing how these are decorated I think pink or white look great too.

      • I love the red white and pink but I also love the suggestion of using photos too! I’m going to try that one for sure!

    • i love to decorate trees and am really good at it..i would have all sorts of ideas for all year long

  2. Darla Peduzzi Reply

    All these trees are so pretty and creative. I really like the white tree with the red decorations.

  3. debra dubois Reply

    I would love a skirt with all my families kisses under my pick heart Valentine tree

    • Such beatiful tress and the colors just jump.right out at you, so vibrant…I love them

  4. Thomas Gibson Reply

    I rather have a natural looking green tree and decorate it with Valentine ornaments.

  5. So many great ideas for Valentines day. Wouldn’t have thought of christmas trees for Valentines, but these all really work.

    • I love all the trees. Never thought about doing a valentine’s day tree until now. What a great idea! Some great ideas on decorating a tree.

  6. Susan PiaggioOKeefe Reply

    when I was little, my grandmother gave me a baby-sized white christmas tree. it’s one of my treasured possessions and I’d like a grownup-sized one to put up in my house to share with my husband Jamie.

  7. Sheryl Edwards Reply

    Love the Winter White Christmas tree! It could be used for Christmas decorations, then re-decorated for New Year’s & winter decorations, then add pink and red hearts and other Valentine ornaments and decorations for Valentine’s Day!

  8. Christal Brancato Reply

    I love these colorful trees! Such pretty colors and fun ideas.

  9. Linda Davidson Reply

    I love the white tree with red decorations. It is great for Valentine’s but I would love it for Christmas too! Great ideas!

  10. Dana Rodriguez Reply

    These are great ideas. I really like the pink tree décor and image by Lindy of Love the Day

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    I absolutely love the red trees! They are perfect for my personality and home.❤️❤️

  12. Dorothy hagberg Reply

    Your trees are so colorfull and so beautifull I would love a red tree

  13. Love the idea of a pink tree! My birthday month and Valentine’s Day would be the perfect reason to decorate and display it. I would have fun with it and put sweet treat ornaments all over.😍💕

  14. Jessica Allbright Reply

    Im absolutely LOVING the “Cool, clear &.chic” tree design!

  15. The colors are just very pretty. Not too flashy nor to boring. Best of all, it’s a tree that can be used your round for different occasions.

  16. Susan Youtsey Reply

    Love the pink tree!!! I would decorate with differnt shades of pink and white and red hearts!

  17. The pastel shades are so gorgeous! I’ve never been a classic “red and green” holiday person so Treetopia is perfect for me and those who love classic Christmas trees aswell! I’ve had my eye on the blue tree for some time now and seeing all the options and color combinations on this Blog has opened my eyes to how fun decoration a tree can be!

  18. Laurie Fontana Reply

    I really love the pink tree to display for Valentine’s Day. Red and white decorations would look cute against the pink. I’d make homemade Valentines to put on the tree with help from my grandkids. We could put pictures of them on the Valentine’s and the year. It would be so cute!

  19. Never seen these colors of Christmas trees before! They are beautiful.

  20. Allyson Odell Hunter Reply

    I love that you can use trees all year round! The monochrome pink look is my favorite one for Valentine’s Day!

  21. Rebecca Bartlett Reply

    These ideas are amazing there are so many options and they are endless. They are beautiful and very vibrant.

  22. Ashley Wright Reply

    I have not purchased a Treetopia tree but I hope to one day 🙂

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    I’ve never tried a colored tree but after seeing these ideas I might have to try it.

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    I love “love” and your beautiful trees show love from how there decorated to the people who decorate them . Every idea is beautiful.

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    These trees are so beautiful and unique!! I love decorating my tree all year long in diffrent holidays! U just dont need a tree on Christmas! U can use it all year long!!

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    I would set it up with white, red, and pink roses, with some gold ornaments. I would make it look so romantic with some pretty white lights.

  27. Ruthie Lelli Reply

    I love the Tango Red Christmas Tree for Valentine’s Day! It’s perfect to sit over in the corner and decorate for the holiday. I love it!!

  28. My absolute favorite is the pink monochrome tree. I love all the decor ideals.

  29. Lissette Archilla Reply

    Amazing ideas! Definitely going to keep them in mind! Thanks!

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    These are all just elegant and so beautiful! I definitely couldn’t pick just one favorite. Thanks for sharing.

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  33. Kristin Voto Reply

    Thanks for all these ideas! My kids would love to decorate for another holiday!!

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  35. Laura Berryl l Reply

    I think the white tree would look good. With tiny red lights ,red sparkling heart ornaments.

  36. Jodi Baldwin Reply

    I love these trees, I’ve never had a Valentine’s tree, but I think that’s gonna have to change!

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  44. Linda Tranchant Reply

    I love all of the ideas seeing your pictures give me for decorating

  45. My favorite “Valentine” tree is the white tree, that has “pops” of red, and if you didn’t have tradional ornaments I feel handmade red hearts with those one word “love” messages would be absolutely adorable.

  46. Sherri Chastain Reply

    The color trees ive had are white and green i would love a pink tree to decorate gor valentines day its also my daughters birthday

  47. Barbara Pacific Reply

    I love the White tree with red bulbs and white lights. Classy elegant and it pops!

  48. So beautiful your stuff is I love the pink tree never had one but would love to get one

  49. Such pretty tree ideas for Valentine’s Day. My favorite is the Simple and Subtle.

  50. These are all pretty in their own way, but I personally LOVE the white trees anytime! They can be decorated so many ways!!

  51. Getting a orange tree and decorating it with different heart Valentine’s. I really like the color orange so for me that would be great for Valentine’s.

  52. Colleen Schilinski Reply

    There are so many great ideas, I wish my house was bigger ….. so I could display more Treetopia’s !!

  53. Jennifer Celia Reply

    Love the decorations & unique styles ! Save the planet by not killing live trees.

  54. Linda Alsdorf Reply

    Treetopia trees are awesome! Thanks for the chance to win this amazing prize! Thank you for your generosity! Happy Valentine’s Day and Good Luck to all!!!

  55. I love the pink tree! I can imagine all the pretty things I could decorate with❤️

  56. Lisa Parsons Reply

    I think that red glitter hearts would look beautiful hanging in the Valentine trees.

  57. I absolutely love Treetopia all the trees are Beautiful. I tell everyone I know about this company.

    Happy Valentines Day

    The pink and Red 😍💕😍

  58. Stephanie Mitchell Reply

    The red tree can be strung with candy kisses and colorful candy canes. Silver garland and paper hearts with sweet notes or poetry.

  59. I like the pink Treetopia Christmas tree because it is pretty and I would add a little silver and green decor.

  60. I love the creative way these trees are decorated. They inspire me to do something different.

  61. athena graeme Reply

    I LOVE that Cool, Clear and Chic! We always decorate for Valentine’s Day, but I’ve never gone so far as to do a tree … I should think about it!

  62. DIY heart ornaments and garland are the way I’d go to decorating my tree.

  63. susan hartman Reply

    So much fun! I would start with the Hot Pink Tree! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  64. All these vibrant colors sure would brighten up the dreary Winter days we have currently

  65. These are all so beautiful I’d love to do something like thid in my own home

  66. Catherine L Lewis Reply

    I have always wanted a pink tree, but the husband wouldn’t have it. If I can win one, he won’t have a thing to say!

  67. I think these are all beautiful. I’d love to do a tree with giant Valentine’s conversation hearts

  68. Tricia Barbero Reply

    These are so fun! I love the light pink for Valentine’s Day inspired tree since I LOVE. While looking at the blog I also fell in love with the yellow tree.

  69. Judith Whitfield Reply

    I love all the tree colors and would love to win one! Thanks!

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    So many gorgeous and creative designs! I would love to have a white tree and decorate it in red, and pinks for a tree for Valentine’s Day.

  71. Wendy Williams Reply

    It’s all white for me that way I can add whatever the holiday theme stuff I want
    Win Win

  72. Nice colors. I never thought about decorating for Valentine’s Day but these are some great ideas.

  73. The colors are great – fun and exciting – but I just love the green.

  74. Patrick Archer Reply

    These trees are so beautiful and there’s so much you can do to decorate them!

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    These trees are gorgeous! Thank you for the opportunity to win something I’ve wanted for our little family for so long!

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    This changes to whole game now with these awesome colored trees, this can really get you in the mood to decorate one of these spectacular looking trees!

  77. The white Valentine tree red all over is my favorite tree decorating idea

  78. Debbie Johnson Reply

    I absolutely love the light pink one! It’s not your ordinary tree but it’s gorgeous!! ❤️

  79. donna porter Reply

    I like the pink tree and would put red lights and big red heart ornaments on it. A tree would be wonderful for Valentine’s Day!

  80. I love how white trees really make the “traditional” Valentine reds and pinks really pop!


  82. wow, these trees are beautiful and inspirational! I’m getting my pink tree back out!

  83. I love these trees so much. Perfect for my makeup room. I am not sure I can stop at one

  84. I love the pencil trees to decorate for different holidays. I would love a punk one to decorate with white flowers and red hearts for Valentine’s Day!

  85. I love classics so the white trees are my pick. Love the Red All Over tree!

  86. Guess I’m old school. I prefer a green tree and decorating it with seasonal ornaments.

  87. I love the white tree with the “Red All Over” theme! The festive colors really stand out!

  88. I don’t have a tree yet but I would love something to cheer up the holidays especially when the weather is still dreary out! I want a light pink tree <3

  89. Melissa Rosenbrock Reply

    We’ve been discussing doing a multi holiday tree in our home but my brain is having a hard time accepting this idea. Does anyone leave their tree up year round and decorate for different seasons or holidays?

  90. Nicole Manguso Reply

    Omg I’m so excited for your trees and the ideas! We leave ours up all year long and Valentine’s is our favorite time to decorate it!! You guys rock and we will be getting a pink treee!! Yaya

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    A White Tree would be great, not only for Valentine’s but for Christmas as well.

  92. Frankie Pinnix Reply

    My favorite Valentines Day tree is the pink cool, chic, and clear tree.

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    So many beautiful trees and ideas! I get so much joy out of seeing trees being decorated for every holiday. My favorite here is the white one. Love the white with red decorations. It really makes it stand out!

  95. Elizabeth ruiz Reply

    It’s great to think out the box and do something different. I love the colorful trees

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    i love the traditional greens for christmas however the other holiday themed trees are awesome..tree decorating doesnt have to be just christmas as evident with your beautiful selections….

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    The colors are awesome! I really think the white tree steals the show. Fantastic idea

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    I love the teapot and the little cut out hearts.. My gran daughter would love to help decorate. The pink is perfection!

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    These are all so beautiful, but I especially love the winter white !! It is so elegant

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    So beautiful and such a great idea to hide valentine candies in the tree for the kids to find. really brilliant!!

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    Love the White ! We leave our green one up year round to decorate for each holiday! It’s a blast

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