There is something creepy about clowns. Even if they don’t normally scare you, when it comes to Halloween, those painted faces can be frightening! That’s why I decided to juxtapose my creepy clowns with the Color Burst Rainbow tree. Nothing bad can happen when rainbows are involved, right? Well, let’s see.

spooky ornaments on a rainbow tree

Carnival-themed Ornaments for a Rainbow Tree

popcorn bag diy christmas decorations

For a Halloween party idea, carnivals are a popular theme. Think beyond the clown this year when planning yours. When I think of carnivals, the smell of popcorn comes to mind. I used this as the inspiration for my DIY Creepy Carnival ornaments, which I used to decorate my Rainbow tree.

Decorate a rainbow tree for any occasion like Pride Month, Crafts Month, and even a classroom to welcome the kids back to school!

DIY Popcorn Bag with a Freaky Finger


  • Popcorn
  • Clear Hot Glue
  • Green Hot Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Plastic Fingers
  • Striped Popcorn Bags

1. The first thing I did was fill half of the bag with crumpled up paper. The rest is popcorn. Add popcorn then clear hot glue one layer at a time. There’s no need for tons of glue, but enough so that things stick together. While the glue is still hot, add another layer of popcorn. Repeat until you are at the top of the bag

2. Once you have filled the bag to the top with popcorn add a plastic finger. Use more popcorn and clear glue to top off the bag, but make sure it doesn’t hide the creepy finger.

3. Did you know hot glue comes in colors? Amazing, I know! Use slime green hot glue to top off the bag of popcorn. This makes the DIY ornament look extra creepy!

My kids thought these DIY Halloween ornaments on a rainbow tree were hilarious.

Send in the Clowns!

That is one creepy carnival rainbow tree! I also added my collection of vintage clown masks, raffle tickets acted as garlands and a few store-bought Halloween clowns. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to play a few carnival games.

Play Carnival Games and Dress Like One, Too!

No carnival is complete without games right? Luckily we had a wearable one on hand!

More Halloween Carnival Game Ideas

Balloons—every carnival has balloons! Make sure you guests have a ghostly good time with the help of white balloons and permanent markers.

Halloween Party Ideas for Frightfully Yummy Food

If you are hosting a Halloween carnival party you should consider some “real” food. Just be sure to keep it in theme with clown ice cream or clown popcorn balls.

Check out my post on 20 Creative Tables and Treats for more Halloween party ideas!

What is your MUST-have creepy carnival item? Is it no fun without funnel cake? Can’t call it Halloween until you bob for apples? Fill me in so I know what to add next year!

By Jennifer Perkins

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