Who doesn’t love Grandma and spending Christmas at her place as a kid? But if you’re still recreating a tree from way back when, it’s time to try something new. Forget one in traditional green and give your holidays a colorful and unique twist. Decorate fake Christmas trees in your favorite hues.

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Don’t know where to start? Let your true colors shine with these fake Christmas trees from Treetopia. We’re throwing in decorating ideas to inspire you, too.

Black Fake Christmas Trees

1. Tuxedo Black Christmas Tree

You bet black is beautiful! Impress everyone with a holiday centerpiece in this versatile color. Lush needles with some tinsel thrown in make it sparkle. This fake Christmas tree also comes pre-lit with clear lights for a display that dazzles.

black fake christmas tree

Go glam and decorate it with gold and silver ornaments like Leslie Rohde. Clear lights turn up the shine of metallic decorations. If you want to take this this black tree from Christmas to New Year’s Eve, say buh-bye to ornaments inspired by holiday characters and symbols. Instead, go for geometric patterns or shapes to celebrate the new year ahead.

Pink Fake Christmas Trees

2. Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree

Doll up your home with a Christmas tree that’s pink from its topmost branch down to the color matched tree stand. This blushing beauty has a full silhouette and is available in various heights of up to 9 feet tall. Choose from different lighting options, including one that has pink bulbs and light strings.

pink fake Christmas tree

Decorate this centerpiece with pink, gold, and white ornaments for a girly look like Tiffany Davidson. Add in white tree picks and top it off with a pretty gold ribbon. Seal the deal with a white woven tree collar.   

White Fake Christmas Trees

3. Winter White Christmas Tree

Let your creativity run wild. Make this white Christmas tree your holiday masterpiece. Its full profile and white needles make it a blank canvas for your one of a kind decorating ideas. The white foliage has a bit of tinsel for extra oomph. If you have enough headspace, choose one that’s 9 to 12 feet for a real visual treat.

white fake christmas tree with lights

Spring is in, so why not decorate a white Christmas tree for Easter? Raquel Basil used a dreamy combination of egg-shaped ornaments and pretty butterflies in pastel colors. Spot the cute bunny ears and tails, too. Doesn’t this decorating idea make you hop for joy?

Gold Fake Christmas Trees

4. Struck Gold Pencil Christmas Tree

This showstopper features gold and platinum needles and professionally hand-strung clear lights. It has a pencil shape, so it’s slim enough to jazz up tight corners.   

Who says Halloween can’t be classy? Like Sarah Lemp, decorate a gold Christmas tree with bats and cobwebs. It’s a fresh take on décor that’s usually black and orange. Extend the theme to your dining table for a posh yet scary set-up.

5. Gold Rush Christmas Tree

Classic green trees never go out of style, but why not try one in gorgeous gold instead? This fake Christmas tree features fully hinged branches for larger ornaments. Or do the opposite and use little to no decorations. The dazzling foliage will speak for itself. We’re giving you fair warning. You might have competition as the star of the show.

best fake Christmas tree in gold

Just like Katie Mack, Go all out and decorate a gold tree with metallic ornaments, colorful tinsel or pompom garlands, and a star tree topper. This sensational set-up will make it a Christmas to remember.

Patterned Christmas Trees

6. The Original Rainbow Tree™

When one color isn’t enough, then have it all with a rainbow tree that spells F-U-N. This full tree comes unlit and features striped foliage in different hues. With a tree this colorful, who needs ornaments? Aside from Christmas, use it for birthdays, Pride Month, and other special occasions.

best fake Christmas tree with a rainbow pattern

Less is more when it comes to decorating a rainbow Christmas tree. Take a page from Emily Hagood-Jones’ decorating theme, which she based on The Grinch. Hang colorful ball ornaments to match the foliage and use a simple star tree topper. Add lights for extra sparkle. Did we mention your kids will go nuts over it, too?

7. Silver Shadow Ombre Tree

If you’re a trend setter, then a patterned Christmas tree is right up your alley. You’ve seen it in hairstyles, clothing, and even cakes, so why not try an ombre centerpiece this year? This slim tree features black foliage that gradually turns silver. Who’s the Drama Queen now?   

This is like nothing you’ve ever seen at Grandma’s (we think). Strategically place black and silver ornaments to match the pattern on a Silver Shadow Ombre tree. Place it in a room with modern décor for a holiday display with edge.

8. Zebra Striped Christmas Tree

What do you get when you combine a classic color combination with a unique pattern? This black and white fake Christmas tree with zebra stripes. You get plenty of decorating flexibility with a twist. It has a full profile and comes unlit. Sturdy PVC branches let you use heavier ornaments. Take complete control of your theme and string your own lights. Use it for Halloween, Christmas, and everything in between.

If you’re decorating a unique Christmas tree, why not make special ornaments, too. Jennifer Perkins used DIY moon ornaments, fly swatters and a creepy pair of arms as a tree topper. Cop this look for a mystical Halloween.  

Blue & Purple Fake Christmas Trees

9. Treetopia Essentials – True Blue Tree​

Keep it cool with a fake Christmas tree in blue. It features vibrant needles made from 100% PVC. Clear lights and a slim shape let you brighten any area indoors.

blue fake Christmas tree

This super sweet decorating theme from Matt Crump will make the kid in you giggle. Candy and animal ornaments in rainbow colors stand out against the royal blue foliage. You gotta love that colorful snowflake tree topper.

10. Treetopia Essentials – Purple Groove Tree

Roll out the red carpet! Feel like royalty by setting up this posh purple beauty in your living room. This slim tree is made from sturdy PVC needles and has a color matched tree stand. Compact yet lush, it comes pre-lit with clear lights so you can breeze through the setup.

purple fake Christmas tree

The cards have spoken: this decorating theme by Crafty Lumberjacks is in your future! Host a fortune teller-themed party with a Halloween tree to match. Decorate it with skeletal hands holding tarot cards, crystal balls, miniature spirit boards, and skulls. We predict your purple tree will be a hit.

Color Blast Fake Christmas Trees

11. Color Carnival Flocked Tree

This isn’t your ordinary green tree! If you’re wondering if it’s better to have a real or fake Christmas tree, here’s one answer: flocking doesn’t melt. This realistic fake Christmas tree features the Color Blast Technology, which lets you adjust the speed and brightness of colorful globe lights. Show off with a customized light show or choose from 10 pre-set options.

best fake Christmas tree with flocking

Keep the decorations simple and let the Christmas lights do the talking. Use a few pastel ornaments like Nikki Van Son. Whatever color palette you choose, a customized light show instantly levels up your holiday décor.

Silver Fake Christmas Trees

12. Tinkerbell Silver Christmas Tree

Why settle for pixie dust sprinkles when you can have an entire Christmas tree that sparkles? This slim silver centerpiece has fire-retardant tinsel needles and clear lights. No time to decorate? The unlit version looks amazing without the extra bling.

silver fake Christmas tree  with lights

A silver Christmas tree is a chic addition to your holiday display. Don’t hold back on your color choices. Olivia Johnson did a rainbow take on her tree, using multicolored ornaments and a ribbon garland.

Red Fake Christmas Trees

13. Lipstick Red Christmas Tree

If you’re making the switch from yo’ Grandma’s tree, why not go with a red centerpiece? You won’t regret it. This fake Christmas tree has a full silhouette, featuring foliage as red as your favorite shade of lipstick. A color matched tree stand and lights add extra spice to this hot number.

If you’re a horror fan, you’ll love Tina Ostergaard’s red tree inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The details are chillingly accurate, from the bat topper to the black rosettes and fly swatters. Don’t you think the cape is genius?

Yellow & Orange Fake Christmas Trees

14. Treetopia Essentials – Little Miss Sunshine Yellow Tree​

If the weather’s getting chilly, let a tree in sunny yellow warm things up. This one has a slim profile and professionally hand-strung clear lights. Use one or more to light up corners of your home that need it most. The vibrant foliage makes it perfect for fall and summer decorating, too. Pick one that’s 4 feet tall if you’d rather have a small fake Christmas tree.

yellow fake Christmas tree

Fall-ing in love with this fake Christmas tree decorated by Jennifer Perkins? Welcome autumn with a yellow centerpiece styled with pinecones, leaves, and fake fall blooms. Add contrast with DIY fabric ornaments. Who knew blue and pink work well with yellow? Now you do.

15. Treetopia Essentials – Sunset Orange Tree

Who says summer is over? The coldest day has nothing on an orange Christmas tree. Got the winter blues? One look at its vibrant foliage and clear lights will lighten your mood. Pick this tree to celebrate Christmas in July to get the best of both seasons.

orange fake Christmas tree

Can’t go on vacation this summer? Let it come to you by decorating a fake Christmas tree inspired by your dream destination. Jennifer Priest used palm trees, wind turbine miniatures, and other summery décor to remind her of Palm Springs.

Care & Setup Tips for Fake Christmas Trees

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: fake Christmas trees can last for years with the proper maintenance. This includes the right assembly method to avoid wear and tear. Here’s some advice from our tree experts.

When’s the best time to buy a fake Christmas tree?

We’ll let you in on a secret. The answer is: all the time. Of course, there are specific times during the year that you can get them for cheaper. Learn when by reading this quick guide.

Learn how to clean a fake Christmas tree

Believe it or not, getting rid of grime and mold isn’t about dumping water all over your tree. In fact, this could worsen your mold situation, damage lights on a prelit one, and cause metal parts to rust. Read our comprehensive guide on how to clean your fake tree the right way.

Know how to make a fake Christmas tree look fuller

If you’re wondering why your assembled tree looks nothing like the photos you saw online, don’t panic. There’s a right way of shaping one to achieve that lush look. It’s important to read the manual beforehand to avoid accidental damage, too. Better yet, check out our post on how to fluff and shape yours like and expert.

Here’s how to store a fake Christmas tree

There are a lot of DIY fake Christmas tree storage solutions out there. These include putting it back in the original packaging to garbage bags to tarps. They might be creative, but they’re all quick fixes and are prone to wear and tear. A surefire way to store one is to use a bag made especially for this purpose. It might cost you extra but it’s an easy and effective way to store a fake tree right.

Can you recycle a fake Christmas tree?

Definitely. Even the best fake Christmas tree needs to be replaced after years of use and an expired warranty. But before you throw it away, know that there are creative ways to maximize its usage. Read our guide on how to recycle a fake Christmas tree.

If there’s anything many of us learned from our grandmas, it’s to be ourselves. Think of a fake Christmas tree as an extension of your personality. Use it to express yourself year after year in unique ways. Yeah, these are so not yo’ grandma’s fake Christmas trees, but who knows? She’ll probably love them, too.

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