At Treetopia, we believe that color transforms any space and has a powerful effect on your mood. Depending on the hue, it can evoke joy, comfort, or peace. We’re all about colorful self-expression. That’s why we offer holiday décor in a spectrum of shades to suit your personality and decorating style. Your design and color preferences are an extension of your personality. Be true to yourself and let your creativity shine. Wondering which hue is really you? Then, take our color personality test below!

Ready to decorate according to your hue? Let your color personality shine in your celebrations around the year. You don’t need to take down your tree after the holidays, and you don’t need to wait until December to put it up, either. Learn how to decorate an artificial Christmas tree for year-round occasions. Match your ornaments with the rest of your party decorations.

Of course, you have plenty of color choices beyond the result you got in this quiz. Visit our website and take a look at our colorful selections. Once you know the color you want, look for the right tree shape and height for your space. Select from easy set-up features, different lighting options, and other perks that come with our artificial Christmas trees.

Did the color personality test show the real you? Share your results in the comments section below! Let your friends and family take the quiz to get to know more about them, too.


  1. Mya Murphy Reply

    I am Yellow and Orange.. 2 of my favorite colors!! Well done!!

    • Marilyn Rose Reply

      Me,too. Did that surprise you? It kinda did me. I don’t think of myself ad a red tree kinda person

    • Melvin Douglas Reply

      Amazing it says yellow and orange and orange is one of my favorite colors

  2. Melvin Douglas Reply

    It says yellow and orange and orange is one of my favorite colors

  3. Dixie Neitzel Reply

    Yellow and Orange!! What a combo!! Would love to win a AWESOME tree!!

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