There are three types of holiday people in the world. Those who live for the summer. Those who have the Christmas spirit all year long and sing carols in 90-degree weather. Then, there are the ones who love Halloween. They start planning for trick-or-treat once the weather becomes chilly.

Halloween Christmas tree ideas

Halloween revelers love everything about it. The crisp autumn breezes, early nights, and fall festivals. Of course, we can’t forget classic scary movies. When it comes to decorating themes, there are many to choose from, too. Does your version of this holiday fall in the category of creepy, classy, or crazy? We have Halloween Christmas tree ideas for each decorating taste.

Halloween Decorating History

pumpkin halloween decorations

Halloween has its roots in pagan traditions from centuries ago. The origin of the holiday was actually called the Celtic Festival of Samhain. Those in Britain and Ireland believed that souls visited their homes. They held a festival to celebrate the reunion with the living.

Over time, it became a day full of supernatural undertones. The symbols of the festival began to include witches, goblins, and demons. Likewise, Halloween became a season for skeletons and ghostly hauntings.

Today, the reasons and ways for celebrating have changed drastically. The holiday has influences from just about every culture, era, and religion. For instance, jack-o-lanterns were once used to ward off evil spirits. Now, they’re a fun way to practice your carving and decorating skills. Another example is creepy ghosts. They originally blurred the line between life and death. Now, they’re funny and lovable costumes.

Halloween is what you make it: classy, creepy, or crazy. It’s all up to you.

Truly Creepy Halloween Christmas Tree Ideas

You don’t need to wait for the season to showcase your fantastical imagination with creepy décor. Why not transform your holiday centerpiece into a creepy Christmas tree? Decorate it with themed ornaments. For example, bring out your decorations inspired by cackling witches and cauldrons. Also, scary ghosts, goblins, and skeletons make a boo-tiful display.

Day of the Dead Halloween Tree

Day of the Dead Halloween Christmas tree
Day of the Dead Decorating Theme by Lia Griffith

Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) served as inspiration for this tree by Lia Griffith. Festivals for the three-day-long Mexican holiday begin on October 31st. They are full of color and characterized by bright flowers and local art that focuses on skulls. Lia decorated a black pencil tree, but yours can be any color you like. Decorate with colorful elements that represent this special occasion.

Dreamy Decorations Inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas

When you want a scary Christmas tree, black is the new green. Take it from Rebecca Zeiher (@_mommaz_disney_finds_). She decorated her tree as a tribute to the film Nightmare Before Christmas. To complete the look, she showcased her Jack Skellington DIY ornaments. This is the perfect way to turn your family home into a fun house of horrors.

Crazy & Colorful Halloween Christmas Tree Ideas

So scary and spooky isn’t your preferred way to celebrate. Halloween can also be a lighthearted time for laughter. Instead, dress up in funny costumes, binge on candy bars and candy corn, and celebrate with friends. Decorate for fun with these quirky candy corn Halloween Christmas tree ideas.

Wings & Other Wonders

Fun masks as Halloween decorations
Candy Corn Tree Decorating Theme by Jennifer Perkins

A yellow or orange Christmas tree lets you decorate with a DIY Candy Corn theme. This is sure to delight even the bah-humbugs of Halloween. Color is key. So grab your eye-popping orange, white, yellow, and even pink trees for flair. Then, get inspired by these tree confections by Jennifer Perkins.

Creepy Crawlies & Candy Corn Colors

Spider Halloween decorations
Crazy Colorful Decorating Theme by Jennifer Perkins

Customize candy corn trees to suit your tastes and brighten up any room. Why not add a bit of creepy to your crazy? Jennifer Perkins made it both fun and creepy with spider ornaments.

Spider tree topper for a spooky tree
Giant Tree Topper by Jennifer Perkins

The Halloween-loving decorator showcased another jaw-dropping detail: candy corn tree topper. Giant creepy crawlies and other wicked decorations make for a frightfully fun theme.

Orange, Yellow, & Pink Candy Corn Tree

Skull Halloween decorations
Multicolor Halloween Decorating Theme by Jennifer Perkins

A Black Tie Affair with Classy Halloween Christmas Trees

Some people like to go an entirely different decorating route. They prefer classy, sleek designs. When this sophisticated and elegant style is done well, it’s a gorgeous way to celebrate the holiday.

A Tall and Teal Trick-or-Treat Tree

Jennifer Perkins gives an example of classy for a cause. In case you’re wondering, the Teal Pumpkin Project is a Halloween movement for kids with food allergies. Teal pumpkins show trick or treaters that you have safe treats.

This black tree became colorful, using bold splashes of teal, orange, and green. Striped pumpkin decorations add a touch of elegance.

Elegant Black-and-White Halloween Theme

Classy Halloween Christmas tree
Black and White Theme by Heather of Whipperberry

Heather of Whipperberry combined metallic accents with pumpkin ornaments. The “less is more” theme is perfect for a sophisticated Halloween Christmas tree. She used traditional symbols like black cats, spiders, and jack-o-lanterns. But she gave them a classy vintage twist on a white artificial Christmas tree.

A Boo-tiful Halloween & Christmas Mash-up

Landscape shot of whimsical glam black Halloween tree
Whimsical Glam Decorating Theme by AB’s Holiday Decor

Mix and match your favorite holiday and Halloween decorations. It’s a great way to add sophistication to ghost ornaments. Then, add in decorative splashes of color as your finishing touches. Antoinette Boston of @absholidaydecor shows you how in this boo-tiful tree design.

There’s No Wrong Way to Celebrate Halloween

Pumpkin and bat Halloween decorations

There’s something truly wonderful and unique about Halloween. It’s your opportunity to let your creative genius loose! So go ahead and decorate your home for a hauntingly good celebration.

Which classy, creepy, or crazy Halloween Christmas tree ideas are you thrilled to try? Got any Halloween decorating ideas of your own? Let us know by leaving a comment below. And share this post with friends and family who love the spirit of October 31st.

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    My favorite trees are the Halloween trees. I decorate for all the holidays but Halloween is my second favorite to Christmas. Love the candy corn colored tree. Love it! Also love the white trees with the black Halloween trim. Beautiful!
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