Love is in the air and apparently, in the trees too. Or maybe that is just at my house? However, you didn’t really think I was going to let Valentine’s Day pass without decorating a tree did you? Of course not, they are too much fun and the perfect way to say, I love you to a room!

Red and white Valentine's Day tree by Jennifer Perkins

Decorate with Traditional Valentine’s Day Colors

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like the simplicity of red and white. This bold color combination is timeless and classic. Any red ornaments will do, but might I suggest a few shaped like hearts for good measure.

Some years, I go all out for Valentine’s Day, decorating entire pink forests, getting crazy with orange trees, and even crafting GIANT pink wreaths. This year, I went subtle. Or at least, subtle for me. Just a small white Christmas tree and red accents, including balls and heart ornaments.

Box of chocolates on a Valentine's Day tree by Jennifer Perkins

Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Tree Ornaments

My favorite decoration on this small white tree is the vintage candy box I recently picked up at a resale shop. I love the way it looks popping out to one side. They just don’t make these boxes like they used too. Want to make your own? Check out this tutorial for making a DIY Owl Always Love You Chocolate Box.

White Christmas tree decorated with red ornaments for Valentine's Day.

This year’s Valentine’s Day tree is living in my craft studio, bringing a little love to all my DIY projects.

Decorate with Valentine’s Day-themed Accents

I put the tree in a basket with red accents to add some height and interest to the base. Some simple styling on top like a stack of books, red picture frame, and a Valentine’s Day vase bring the whole vignette together.

Red ornaments on a Valentine's Day tree by Jennifer Perkins.

Will you be putting up a Valentine’s Day tree this year? More of a wreath guy or gal? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to pop over to my blog for TONS of fun Valentine’s Day crafts (including several DIY Valentine ornaments) and more.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to create your own Valentine’s day centerpiece, Treetopia has got you covered. Check out their selection of Christmas trees!

By Jennifer Perkins

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