Whether you want to set up your tree the day before Halloween or prefer to decorate on Christmas Eve, you want it to look as festive as possible. Each person has a unique preference for how they want their Christmas tree to look. Some want a minimalist theme while others like an exuberant holiday display. Then, there those who want to hang a hodgepodge of ornaments with sentimental value. They’re all great ways to approach the project! But, if you’re looking to try something YOU-NIQUE, that’s where we come in.

Since Christmas trees are Treetopia’s specialty, we want to help you figure out the amount of decoration you’ll need, according to your decorating style. We’ve calculated the number of decorations for your preferred tree profile and size. Enter your Christmas tree’s height, shape, and the amount of decoration you prefer and you’ll get the information you need to start decorating your special way!

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