Lindi Haws is the party thrower, crafter, cake stand hoarder, confetti thrower, and all-around design expert behind Love the Day. Her blog started out as a hobby in 2010, and has quickly become a leading resource for printable designs, diy parties, and entertaining inspiration. Lindi is a proud wife and mother of two girls, and always makes sure her family comes first.

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Learn more about Lindi and her decorating advice in our exclusive interview:

TT: What is Christmas Eve like in your household?

Super magical. I’m the oldest of five siblings who all get together on Christmas. Most of us have spouses and children so it’s a loud and lively night. We reenact the Christmas Story, wear Christmas jammies, eat lots of baked goods, play games and end the evening with the opening of one present.

TT: Best decorating advice you want to share with your readers?

There are a lot of official decorating rules out there. My advice is to break them and do what you think looks and feels best to you. What looks fabulous to one person, is completely hideous to another, so it’s best to just please yourself and make your home a place you enjoy living.

TT: What room or specific area of the home do you find most challenging to decorate for the holidays? Any tips on styling this specific area?

I struggle with decorating my coffee table. Decorating an area that needs to look fabulous from all angles is super difficult for me. I am much better styling my home, dessert table or my mantel when viewed straight on or directly. So when decorating my coffee table, I try to arrange pieces (varying in height and texture) to look great from all angles;

TT: Why did you pick this specific tree to decorate? How does this tree your tree from last year

I have two girls who absolutely LOVE pink. I knew they would find a pink flocked tree super magical so I picked it for the sole purpose of seeing the joy in their faces. My tree varies pretty dramatically from year to year. Last year was a peppermint/whimsical tree and this year I decorated my tree in a rustic lumberjack theme.

TT: Decorating advice for your readers who want to decorate in Technicolor for the holidays?

Just go for it! It may seem against the status quo, but if you’ve been dreaming about owning and decorating a technicolor tree you should totally do it.

TT: Best part of decorating your Treetopia Tree?

I’ve always wanted to decorated a colored tree before, but have never gotten around to it. So this opportunity was like a dream come true!

Lindi Haws for Christmas in Technicolor

Visit Love the Day to see more of Lindi’s tree for Design Council 2015: Christmas in Technicolor!


  1. Denise Craig Reply

    This year I unzipped my bag …there is my white 8ft tree TAN… Dis colored
    I am very sad over the fact I had a true white tree last year! My display of Christopher RADKO ornaments are
    Not looking grand!!! Tan tea stained tree!!!

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