Heidi displays her love for home, family, and anything creative on her blog, Home by Heidi. She has a flair for interior decorating, and is enthusiastic about paint, trim, and a little bit of DIY. Together with her husband, she turns the ordinary into something beautiful, and helps others love the space they’re in.  

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Learn more about Heidi and her passion for transforming spaces in our exclusive interview:

TT: What is your decorating mantra?

I feel everyone should LOVE the space they’re in. Making a space beautiful and individualized to that person matters the very most. I always tell people, “It’s all in the Details,” which is especially important to follow while designing.

TT: What room or specific area of the home do you find most challenging to decorate for the holidays? Any tips on styling this specific area?

I find that mantels can be a challenge, especially if it is next to the tree. My advice…simplify one or the other. If you want more focus on the tree, make your mantel more simple and vice versa. I also like to color coordinate the tree and mantel together.

TT: What was the most challenging aspect of decorating in Technicolor?

I am using an AMAZING flocked tree from Treetopia and I wanted to be sure the colors popped against the white of the tree, so I made sure to use bright golds and silvers. For the finishing touch, I used a natural and silver colored ribbon so the silver would pop against all the pretty white branches.

TT: Why did you pick this specific tree to decorate?

I chose the Flocked Alpine because of the shape of the branches and tree itself. I ADORE alpine trees in nature, so when I saw it in flocked, it was a dream come true!!! I was thrilled when it came; the shape was perfect!

TT: How does this tree compare to your tree from last year?

My tree from last year was more of a “farm house” tree with green buffalo check as it’s theme. The element I love most about this year’s tree is the monochromatic metallics that make it so very magical!

TT: What other holiday would your Technicolor tree be perfect for?

I think a Technicolor Tree would be perfect for Halloween. How fun it would be to do bright Purple and Green for a Spooky Festive Tree!

TT: Best part of decorating your Treetopia Tree?

I was so impressed with the quality of the Treetopia Tree. The color, branches and shape are very realistic to a real tree. Set up was a snap. And once the decorating was complete, it is truly is my FAVORITE tree I have ever decorated!

Silver and Gold Christmas Tree for Christmas in Technicolor

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