Amanda is the professional crafter, demo designer, and sequin enthusiast behind Aunt Peaches. Founded in 2010 as a sandbox for practicing her html skills and crafting paper flowers, her blog has blossomed from a hobby into a job, and a vital part of her daily life. From DIY decor to organization tips, Aunt Peaches invites readers to “Elevate the Everyday.”

Photo Courtesy of Aunt Peaches
Learn more about Amanda and her decorating ideas in our exclusive interview:

TT: Best decorating advice you want to share with your readers?

Amanda: Don’t waste time or money on trying to make things look pretty for company—they will only be there a small amount of time and they are there to see you, not your ornaments; you will be living in this space 24/7, so decorate to your taste to accommodate your needs, desires, and lifestyle.

TT: What room or specific area of the home do you find most challenging to decorate for the holidays? Any tips on styling this specific area?

Amanda: The bathroom is usually the most forgotten room, so when you do decorate, it makes a MAJOR impact. I like to hang a large wreath over the mirror, or add a small slim tree if counter space allows. Adding Christmas décor doesn’t mean compromising utility, just adding sparkle!

TT: What accents will you add to complement your Technicolor tree?

Amanda: Patterns. The tree provides texture and shine, the ornaments bring interest and color, but pops of repeating pattern like red and white stripes and blue and white check, bring a visual rhythm that gives the look the structure needed to handle everything else.

TT: Best part of decorating your Treetopia Tree?

Amanda: I love that the tree looks gold with the lights on, and silver with the lights off. Too cool!

TT: How did you decide on the color combination for your tree?

Amanda: I’m a fan of what I call “Christmas rainbow” which is when you mix at least ten colors, including any colors but blues, blacks, or browns. My favorite combo is Christmas Rainbow + a touch of gold. A touch of gold never hurt anybody!

TT: Why did you pick this specific tree to decorate? How does this tree your tree from last year?

Amanda: I have been collecting bird ornaments for years and always wanted to see them displayed on a metallic background—Treetopia’s All That Glitters tree could not be a better backdrop.

Photo Courtesy of Aunt Peaches

Visit Aunt Peaches to see more of Amanda’s tree for Design Council 2015: Christmas in Technicolor!

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