White Christmas trees are the best; they are blank slates just waiting for the perfect holiday. Even better than a plain white tree is a small tabletop tree like The Winter White Potted Tree. Fewer ornaments, less commitment, and perfect for keeping up year round. Check this baby out decorated for Mardi Gras.

Winter White Treetopia tabletop Tree with colorful Mardi Gras decor

You change out the wreath on your door seasonally and perhaps your mantel, so why wouldn’t you do the same thing with a Christmas tree? Easter, Cinco de Mayo and yes, even Christmas!

white tree

Let’s not forget my favorite holiday: National Thrift Store Day. No better time to score your own Winter White Potted Pine Tree than in July when they are on super duper sale.


I’ve not had my Silver Stardust Tree for as long, but I fully plan to give this sparkly baby the year round treatment. It has been up for Christmas, New Year’s Eve and National Donut Day. I’ve already got Halloween plans for this baby and picking the perfect Christmas theme is going to be like Sophie’s Choice. Silver is just as versatile as white, only sparklier!


Christmas in July is the perfect time to stock up on all your tree dreams. Don’t think, “oh something I have to store for 6 months.” Instead, think “hooray something that is 50% off I can decorate 6 times before Christmas!”


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