Lots of people consider Christmas in July as the perfect excuse to throw parties and have fun. If that’s the case, where do we sign up? People who celebrate this non-holiday do so in traditional Christmas party style—complete with the winter trappings. But if you find heavy sweaters, an open fire, and calorific eggnog way too warm for July, then a summer-friendly Caribbean cruise theme is what you need.

All Aboard

Get your guests on board with the cruise ship theme by sending out paper or email invitations fashioned as “boarding passes.” Choose from dozens of free online templates or create your own with cruise-related images, like anchors, palm trees, or ocean liners.

Casual dining attire on cruise ships can be a simple polo shirt and slacks for men, and a breezy top and skirt for women. For a brighter affair, ask guests to come in colorful tropical shirts, linen pants, and comfortable sundresses. As the host, you get the privilege of wearing a captain’s hat.

A Shipshape Party Room

To create a festive Caribbean cruise feel, hang up nautical flags and string twinkling white Christmas lights around the room. Paste cardboard portholes with ocean scenes on the wall and hang a decorative plastic life preserver ring on the door, mantel, or staircase.

Feel free to go overboard with party décor. You can haul in deck or pool furniture, prop up beach umbrellas, or lay down artificial turf or a shuffleboard mat on the floor. Cover tables with brightly colored tablecloths and decorate with plenty of seashells and fresh flowers.

Treetopia Catalina Breeze Palm Trees with clear lights
Party in the tropics with a faux Palm tree

Of course, don’t forget the all-important Christmas décor. Display holiday wreaths, garlands, and figurines along strategically placed sprigs of mistletoe. An artificial palm tree makes an amazing showpiece for your party. Check out our previous article and see how a palm tree fits perfectly into this theme.

Bounty of the Sea

Dishes Inspired by the Tropics

Cruise ships are renowned for jaw-dropping smorgasbords. Pepper your buffet with popular Caribbean dishes, like Jamaican jerk chicken, Cuban pulled pork, and Puerto Rican beef stew. Fish tacos, spicy barbecued shrimp, and other sumptuous seafood items are sure to reel in your hungry party passengers.

Summery Sweets

For dessert, serve succulent fresh tropical fruits, like mango, papaya, pineapple, and bananas. To get the grand look of a cruise ship tablescape, throw in a 3-layer chocolate fondue, lighted punch fountain, and multi-tiered silver dessert stand to add height to your food presentation. An ice sculpture is a cheesy, must-have accessory, but since a real one melts easily in warm weather, get one made of clear acrylic instead.

Dive into the Drink

Tempt your thirsty travellers with ice cold drinks straight from the islands. Piña colada, daiquiri, and mojito are classic rum-based cocktails that are simple to prepare, so don’t settle for the commercial, ready-made kind.

Be sure to prepare various fruit juices, soda, coconut water, and bottled water for non-alcohol drinkers.

Try out these exciting Caribbean cruise theme ideas and embrace the sun-drenched days of summer with a truly enjoyable and memorable Christmas in July party.

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