Riddle us this: Who’s green and mean with an intense dislike for holiday cheer? That’s right. It’s none other than the Grinch, a mischief-maker who lives on the outskirts of a town called Whoville. In this post, we share Grinch-inspired Christmas dinner ideas, including a special menu and tablescape by our friend Lori of Pop of Gold.

Christmas dinner idea with a Grinch theme

Before we dive into how to pull these ideas off, here’s some backstory on Whoville’s green anti-hero.

Who is the Grinch?

The Titular Character in the Children’s Book

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! was penned by Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. It’s the story of a “small-hearted” Grinch who lives up in the mountains. Below is the town of Whoville, home to the Whos whose noisy holiday merrymaking drives him crazy.

Spoiler alert! He decides to end the noise by disguising himself as Santa and stealing their possessions. The Grinch believes taking these away will make the Whos sad. He goes to town with his dog Max and steals everything that reminds him of Christmas, including presents.

To his surprise, they continue celebrating, which puzzles the Grinch. Later, it comes to him that Christmas is more than material things. With this realization, his “small heart” grows big. He returns the stolen items and shares a Whoville feast with the townsfolk, where he gets to carve a superb roast beast.

The Green Fiend on the Silver Screen

The book was so popular it inspired an animated television special by Chuck Jones in 1966. The rest of the adaptations followed suit. A live-action film starring Jim Carrey hit theaters in 2000. A 3D animated feature called The Grinch came out in 2018.

When the book was first published in 1957, the illustrations were mostly black and white. So, you might be wondering: “Why is he green?” The TV special was produced at the time television networks were starting to go full color. According to CBR, Jones chose green as it was the color of the rental cars he drove to meetings with Dr. Seuss.

Christmas Dinner Idea: Prepare a Whoville Feast Inspired by The Grinch

Recreate the iconic dinner scene with this video and guide. Lori of Pop of Gold shows you how to give your dining table and menu a Whoville-worthy makeover. No advanced cooking skills needed.

Lori Goldman: Hi, I'm Lori Goldman of Pop of Gold. Today, I am demonstrating a fun and unique Christmas dinner idea. It's inspired by the popular animated Christmas movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and based on the book by Dr. Seuss. For a sweet touch, I'm using Treetopia's Mini Gumdrop Rainbow Trees and Dylan's Candy Bar goodies as ingredients and decorations. I hope this inspires you to create an unforgettable Christmas dinner this year. Let's get started.

Before setting up a Whoville feast, here's what I'm using to decorate my tablescape. Treetopia's 12-inch Mini Gumdrop Rainbow Christmas Trees come in a set of seven. They're all different colors. Just a reminder, all artificial Christmas trees need proper fluffing, so you want to make sure you're spreading out those branches to make it look full.

Here, I have loot from Dylan's Candy Bar to use as edible decorations. What you'll need is Dylan's Paint Cans. It's a variety of sweets, Assorted Chocolate Thins, and the Fruit Basket Tackle Box.
For the chocolate thins, I'm just using a regular Christmas hook, and I am inserting it into the outer wrapper area and just pushing it through and pinching it, so they become little mini ornaments. How cute! We'll start with that.

[Let’s move on to the other items I have.] I already have a plate of candy ready to go. Again, I took a regular Christmas hook, and I'm just going through each gummy candy, pushing [the hook] through, and then [the gummies] become little candy ornaments themselves. So they're ready to hook on. This one is cute. I love the little rainbow gummies. We even have some little cherries. How cute!

As for a topper for the tree, I have some stickers that are Grinch-themed. I figure we can use those as toppers. I'm going to put Grinch himself as the very top. Because they're stickers, they literally will just stick to the tree. So that's my topper. I'm going to add a few more ornaments. These little peach jelly rings are perfect because they literally can just be pushed [onto a tree needle] because they have a hole already.

Here are the fully decorated trees. Aren't they cute? I absolutely love how the candy adds a pop of whimsy and color. Now that we're done with the décor, let's head to the kitchen.

The first dish I'm re-creating is the iconic roast beast from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Fans debate over what kind of beast The Grinch carved in the movie. Today, we're using beef. This one's already cooked but still needs some dressing up for our whimsical movie-themed Christmas. To do that, we'll add some edible decorations because a major part of the roast beast is the garnish.

I had my local grocer prepare this rib roast for me because in my book, everything does not need to be homemade. In the movie, they serve the roast beast with greens on the side. In the live-action film, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, it's more colorful with pineapple rings on top and more fruit around the platter. I'm doing a mix of both versions and adding my own twist to make this dish a feast for the eyes, too.

I'm replacing pineapple rings with peach gummy rings from Dylan's Candy Bar. Also, I have sour pineapples and a Fruit Basket Tackle Box to use as garnish around the roast. I'm sure my kiddo will love snacking on this after dinner.

In the live-action movie, the finishing touches are the paper frills on the legs. I found mine on Amazon, and I'm attaching them to my roast with skewers for that finished festive look. Here you have it, the roast beast from The Grinch. (I got my little helper here.)

I love a good savory meal, but I also happen to have a sweet tooth, so does this [little] one. Today, we’re making a simple green Grinch sugar cookie. I’m also using all these delicious treats from Dylan’s Candy Bar for a Grinch-y dessert board. Now for the cookies, I simply used a bag of sugar cookie mix and a red frosting pen that you can buy at your local grocer.

I started my dessert board by laying down colorful Dylan's Candy Bar lollipops, then added a few of Dylan's Candy Bars in a variety of flavors, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and caramel-filled. Next was a bag of Marshmallow S'mores Galore. Laying down my green Grinch sugar cookies in a row at the top of the platter gives the board a constructed look.

I filled in spots on the side with Dylan's Assorted Chocolate Thins. Finally, you want to fill in the gaps with the smaller, loose candies. I used Dylan's Sour Pineapples and Dylan's Paint Can, which included sour gummy bears, rainbow bricks, and Sixlets. Here's our dessert, a treat board inspired by The Grinch. Now, we're all set for a dinner party.

Here comes the best part. It's time to dig in. I'm going straight for the candy. These are good. Mini Christmas trees on the table for Christmas is just the cutest idea. Also, decorating with the candies, what kid wouldn't love that?

I hope you enjoyed making this delightful spread with me. Keep in mind, you can use How the Grinch Stole Christmas as a theme for many celebrations around the year, too. As the movie line goes, "Christmas Day will always be, just as long, as we have we."

If you want your own Mini Gumdrop Rainbow Trees from Treetopia and treats from Dylan's Candy Bar, tap the link in the description box. Also, don't forget to subscribe to Treetopia for more fun videos like this one. I'm Lori Goldman of Pop of Gold, thanks for watching. Merry Christmas from me, Dylan's Candy, and Treetopia.


Read on for step-by-step instructions and tips on how to set up this movie-themed Christmas dinner.

Pick a Date Then Conceptualize Your Menu and Theme

Draw up your guest list, pick a date, and talk to your invitees. If you want everyone to attend, know that the holidays are a busy time. You may have to work around everyone’s schedules to circle your calendar. Knowing how many people are coming lets you decide on the amount of food and number of seats.

In general, when it comes to decorating themes, do your research and look for inspiration. It can be iconic Christmas movies, your spirit animal (like a unicorn), or the latest style trends. Ideally, your menu is a nod to your motif. It will dictate your other Christmas dinner ideas.

Tablescape for a Christmas dinner party with a Grinch theme

Lori’s Grinch-themed dinner party followed her concept to a tee. Her menu consisted of a roast “beast” (beef) and a dessert board. For her decorations, she used multicolored balloons and mini-Christmas trees. Remember to shop early to avoid the Christmas rush.

Set Aside Your Favorite Candies for Garnish and After-dinner Treats

Kids and kids at heart adore sweets, especially during the holidays. They’re perfect for dessert stations and giveaways. Not to mention garnish. They played an essential role in Lori’s decorating setup and menu.

And not just any candy, too. She used yummy chocolate and gummies from Dylan’s Candy Bar. Check out their creative packaging!

Set the Table with Colorful Mini Christmas Trees

What’s a Grinch-inspired Christmas dinner without a unique tabletop display? Treetopia’s Mini Gumdrop Rainbow Trees are 12 inches high and come in a set of seven, one for each color of the rainbow. These may be tiny, but they have full silhouettes with densely packed branches.

If you prefer pastel hues, Rainbow Unicorn Mini Trees are also available. And if you’re looking for matching taller trees for the rest of the room, we’ve got you covered, too. Check out our tree-mendous variety of colorful Christmas trees.

Create a Grinch-inspired Centerpiece for Your Dining Table

To start, line up the Mini Gumdrop Rainbow Trees on your dining table. Spruce them up with vibrant decorations to match your Christmas dinner ideas. Keep in mind that guests see these up close, so take time to add details that delight.

Colorful mini Christmas trees in rainbow colors

Here are the materials you’ll need:

Candies in a tackle box and paint can packaging

Next, decorate the trees with candies that come in assorted packaging. They function as colorful and edible Christmas ornaments.

Decorating a mini Christmas tree with candy ornaments

To turn a chocolate square into an ornament, take a Christmas hook and pierce it through the outer wrapper. Be sure to clean the hooks first, especially when using them directly on unwrapped treats (like gummies). Close one end of the hook, then hang it on your tree. Repeat the process until you achieve your desired effect. Then, hang mini Christmas balls for sparkle.

Tabletop green Christmas tree decorated with candy ornaments

For the tree toppers, attach Grinch stickers to styrofoam and cut them out. Then, place one on each tree’s topmost branch.

Finally, line up your mini Christmas trees across the length of your table. If you prefer to add a table runner underneath, a neutral color will make the colorful trees pop.

Decorate the rest of your dining area.

Get the decorating out of the way, so you can focus on cooking a delicious meal on the day itself. Prepare the room as early as the evening before your dinner party. This gives you enough time to adjust the décor according to your Christmas dinner ideas.

Colorful Dining Room Décor

Wall decorations for Grinch-themed Christmas party

Put up Whoville Christmas decorations on your wall. Red and green balloons, streamers, and garlands are festive pops of color. Add a playful accent like a Grinch balloon to emphasize the theme.

Bar cart decorated for a Christmas dinner party

Place a bar cart in the corner and fill it with extra food or drinks. If your guests love sweets, make it a dessert station. Add their favorite candies, pastries, and beverages.

Knitted Christmas stockings hanging on a mantel

The mantel is a good spot to hang colorful stockings and pompom garlands. If you don’t have one, bring in your hallway table. Match the rest of the room with more mini trees and a Christmas village.

Place setting for a Grinch-themed dinner party

For your place setting, use items in a similar color scheme like striped placemats. Give classic white dinner plates a makeover with red dessert plates and gold chargers. Look for glass cups with holiday prints to match.

Add a splash of green by layering napkins: one with a Grinch design on top and a plain one underneath. For balance, go minimal with the other dinnerware. White ceramic flatware, for example.

Prepare the Whoville-inspired spread.

With décor out of the way, start prepping the meals. For a Grinch dinner menu, here’s what you’ll need:

Roast Beast: The Ultimate Christmas Dinner Idea

The main course of a Whoville feast is the roast beast, of course. It’s symbolizes the Grinch’s change of heart. Use either chicken, turkey, pork, or beef for this. If you’re strapped for time, order a cooked one from your local store. The important thing is to decorate it with the right garnish. For a unique twist, use your favorite sweets like Lori did.


Assembling leafy greens on a plate

Step 1. Layer large leafy greens on your serving platter. Fan them out to make sure they frame your roast nicely.

Slab of cooked meat on a plate

Step 2. Place the cooked slab of beef on top.

Adding cherry tomatoes to a plate of roast beef

Step 3. Arrange cherry tomatoes on the sides of the plate for a pop of color.

Adding gummy rings to a roast beef

Step 4. Place a row of pineapple or gummy rings on top, as seen in the live action film.

Candy garnish on a roast beef

Step 5. Take inspiration from the 1966 animated special and add fruits around the roast. Use candies here as well to go with the gummy rings. These treats make great snacks to cap off a delicious feast.

Paper frills decoration for a Grinch-inspired roast beast

Step 6. Add paper frills as a finishing touch. Ready-made ones are available in stores. If you want to make your own, take a rectangular piece of paper. Fold it half and then cut slits on the folded edge, making sure not to slice all the way through.

Then, turn the paper inside out. Wind it around a wooden skewer and seal with non-toxic glue. Attach two frills to the bottom edge of the meat. And, Voila! Here’s your roast beast.

Grinch Dessert Treat Board

There are so many Christmas dinner ideas that fit the theme. This one easily sweetens up your menu with delicious treats. Bake the cookies from scratch or buy a boxed cookie mix from your local grocer. Assembling this fun platter takes a just a few minutes.


Sugar cookies in the color of the Grinch

Step 1. Add a small amount of green food coloring to the sugar cookie mix. Bake and cool the cookies, then decorate them with tiny red hearts using dyed frosting. Set aside.

Lollipops on a treat board

Step 2. Arrange the treats on your dessert board. For an adorable accent, start with a mini Grinch plushie. Use it as a guide for picking matching colors. Lay a line of lollipops—start with three and then place two on top.

Candy bars and lollipops on a treat board

Step 3. Cover the lollipop stems with assorted chocolate bars.

Chocolates and candies on a treat board

Step 4. Place chocolate-covered marshmallow s’mores on the sides of the board.

Assembling sugar cookies on a dessert board

Step 5. Line the top of the board with sugar cookies.

A Grinch-themed dessert board

Step 6. Fill in any gaps with candies.

Here’s the dessert board in its full glory:

Treat board with a Grinch theme

Serve it up and enjoy with your near and dear.

Roast beast and treat board for a Grinch dinner party
The Grinch-themed Christmas Dinner Ideas
A dining room set up for a Grinch dinner party
Tablescape with a Grinch theme
Mini Christmas trees with Grinch decorations

The best part of the night is exchanging stories over a well-cooked meal. Play holiday tunes or sing Christmas carols. Whatever it is you have planned, make merry just like the Whos. Don’t forget to assign a Grinch to carve the roast beast!

Tip: If you want more dishes for your Grinch dinner menu, consider recreating Who-hash and Who-pudding. These were in the book and adaptations, too.

What other movie-themed Christmas dinner ideas do you want us to explore? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Have a very Merry Grinch-mas from Treetopia!


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