Color is one of the best ways to express yourself. Treetopia colorful Christmas trees come in a spectrum of hues, including traditional green. Find one (or more) to suit your unique style and decorate for the holidays your way.

Decorated colorful Christmas trees by Treetopia in a living room featuring rainbow, white, and pink Christmas trees

Also, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and unique features to make decorating more fun and set-up a breeze. With so many options at your fingertips, it can be challenging to decide what tree is best for you. This blog post lists everything you need to consider.

1. Compare Your Options

Browse similar items in other shops and find out what makes our trees a cut above the rest. Curious how Treetopia compares with other big box stores? Lifestyle and home décor vlogger, Leslie Joanna gives an honest review of a 7.5-foot Treetopia Tuxedo Black Christmas Tree with clear LED lights. 

Leslie compared it to a similar Michaels Christmas tree. Watch her weigh in on the branch quality, fullness, lights, and ease of setup of each in this video. She also reviews how they look straight from the box and when fully fluffed.

When comparing a Treetopia Christmas tree with options from other big box stores, ask yourself which one suits your budget. Equally important is determining which one gives you better value for money overall. Often overlooked factors are good warranty coverage and customer service. Make sure to do your research on these, too.

Aside from the holidays, an artificial Christmas tree can be used for other occasions. So, make sure you choose one that holds up with constant use for years to come. Keep reading to discover what else you need to consider.

2. Start with Hue: Choose a Tree Color That Suits Your Personality

Begin with your unique personality and sense of style. Picture the color that makes you happiest or puts you in a party mood. Also, consider the occasion and theme you want to pull off. These will help you decide.

Here’s a sneak peek at the artificial Christmas tree colors Treetopia offers. Which one speaks to you the most?

Green and colorful Christmas trees infographic featuring Treetopia's lush vibrant trees

View the complete collection to see all the Christmas tree hues and patterns.

Tip: Can’t decide which tree color suits you best? Take the Color Personality Test to find your match!

3. Select According to Christmas Tree Shape and Size

So, you’ve made your color choice. What’s next on the list? Identify the tree silhouette and height that best fits your designated space. Here’s a visual guide of Christmas tree shapes and sizes:

Christmas tree shapes and sizes infographic featuring green and colorful trees by Treetopia

When it comes to Christmas tree shapes, full and tall trees are ideal for big rooms with high ceilings. Slim or pencil trees are great for compact spaces like apartments. For smaller areas like dorm rooms, opt for a flatback tree that gives the illusion of a full one but takes up half the space. There’s also a corner tree that fits into nooks. It’s a quarter of a slim tree. Or, consider the quirky upside-down tree for more floor space.

For Christmas tree heights, consider the average-sized 6 to 7.5 feet trees for standard rooms. Trees that are 8 feet and up work for large or open spaces. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a tabletop Christmas tree, consider one that has a height of 4 feet.

Tip: For more information, read these blog posts on choosing Christmas tree shapes and heights.

4. Pick According to What Tree Features Suit Your Needs

Treetopia trees put the “fun” in functional. To start, they have fully hinged branches for easy assembly. Unlike standard hooked branches, you don’t need to attach them individually. Simply drop each branch carefully to avoid snagging the lights. Once done, you can start fluffing and shaping your tree pretty, as Mark LaFerney of Slumbering Alligator demonstrates in this video:

Beyond the basics, Treetopia Christmas trees also feature innovative technologies.

Color Blast Artificial Christmas Trees

Feast your eyes on a kaleidoscope of colors with our Color Blast technology. Enjoy LED light shows by choosing from 10 pre-sets or create your own with the remote control.

White colorful Christmas tree with Color Blast lights
Color Blast Winter White Tree

Absolutely gorgeous tree. It’s easy to assemble and even easier to set your lighting preference and color (or colors!). It’s a quality tree and I’m more than pleased with the purchase.

Lisa from Stafford, VA

Grow and Stow Christmas Trees

Ever wish for an artificial Christmas tree that assembles itself? Treetopia Grow and Stow green Christmas trees come close.

Just attach the tree sections to the stand, press a button, and watch it “grow” in about a minute. When it’s time to “stow” your tree, you can shrink it via foot pedal or remote control.

View the Grow & Stow tree in action as captured by Lydia McLaughlin:

Portland Pine Grow and Stow Christmas Tree by Treetopia
Portland Pine Christmas Tree

This is our first new Christmas tree in about 25 years! Our other tree just became problematic with pieces of it falling off each year putting it up and taking it down. We were so excited to find the Stow and Grow trees. It works perfectly and no more lights to attach. I can spend more time decorating and less time putting together and cleanup.

Janet from Wichita, KS

5. Select According to Needle & Light Type

Deck your halls with a colorful Christmas centerpiece. A variety of light types add dazzle while numerous branch tips give Treetopia trees a lush profile. Whether decorated or not, they are showstoppers in your true colors.

Not Your Ordinary Christmas Tree

Treetopia trees are known for their vibrant foliage. Realistic green trees feature a mix of PE needles and PVC needles, while classic trees are made from 100% PVC. On the other hand, colorful artificial Christmas trees are crafted with PVC needles or shiny tinsel. Did we mention that they come with stands in complementary colors?

Infographic showing the foliage and other tree features of Treetopia Christmas trees

Tip: Read the guide on How to Set Up a Christmas Tree for tips on assembly. Also, watch the video tutorial on How to Fluff or Shape an Artificial Christmas Tree to its full potential.

Christmas Tree Lights Designed for Your Convenience

Want a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree? Aside from incandescent and LED lights, consider colorful Christmas trees with multicolor bulbs or the Color Blast technology.

Infographic showing the brilliant light features of Treetopia Christmas trees

6. Find Out What Others Think

Treetopia takes pride in being a trusted brand. Read these customer reviews to know what you can expect.

Whisper White Cashmere Tree by Treetopia
Whisper White Cashmere Tree

This tree is so beautiful and just perfect for the space I intended it for. I purchased the 6 foot tree as I didn’t want a huge tree for my kitchen and the size was exactly what I had in mind. It’s difficult to buy a white tree and I have had several through the years. I have to say I think this is my favourite.

Garlandy from Ontario, Canada
Balsam Spruce artificial Christmas tree with clear lights by Treetopia
Balsam Spruce Christmas Tree

After days of searching, Treetopia was the only place we found that had a reasonably priced 12′ tree that had a nice full conical shape. It takes a lot of fluffing, I mean a lot, but it was good therapy :). We set it up for Christmas in July and it floored everyone. Can’t wait till Christmas when we can really go to town decorating it!

Larry from New York

View more customer reviews and product photos featuring Treetopia Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands.

Wondering how else you might have heard of Treetopia? You may have seen the colorful Christmas trees in the news, such as Good Morning America, The Tonight Show, HGTV Celebrity Homes, Martha Stewart Living, and more!

Here’s hoping this post helps you make an informed decision on what Treetopia Christmas tree is right for you. If so, share it with friends and family who need advice, too. 

May Christmas and all your holidays throughout the year be unique, colorful, and meaningful!

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