When it comes to displaying trendy and colorful Christmas trees, why should contemporary and urban homes have all the fun? Even if you live in a 19th century brownstone or a quaint American Craftsman bungalow, there’s an exciting Treetopia colored tree that will perfectly complement the style of your home.

American Colonial

One of the most popular architectural styles in the United States, American Colonial originated in the 17th century and includes many regional variations. Colonial architecture is known for its symmetrical exteriors and elegant yet uncomplicated finishes.

Many of the more formal Colonial-style homes feature porticos supported by slender, white columns. With its slim silhouette and pure white foliage, the Treetopia Skim Milk White Pencil Tree echoes the beauty and grandeur of these Greek-inspired pillars.

Treetopia white pencil tree with clear lights
Treetopia’s Skim Milk White Pencil Tree

Decorate this pencil Christmas tree with crystal and white ornaments to preserve its pristine appeal, or embellish it with faux fruits, wooden toys, and salt-dough shapes in keeping with colonial Christmas tradition.

Art Deco

A prominent visual style from the 1920’s through the mid 1940’s, Art Deco was considered the epitome of luxury and glamour. Art Deco structures of the time were characterized by bold geometric shapes and lavish exterior decorations.

New or restored Art Deco apartment houses are in high demand and are noted for their tropical pastel façades. The sleek figure and gentle pink foliage of our Pink Shimmer Christmas Tree is the perfect way to embrace the fun and exuberance of this architectural style.

Treetopia slender pink tree with clear lights
Treetopia’s Pink Shimmer Christmas Tree

Dress this pink Christmas tree up with pastel-colored ornaments, shiny gold accents, and Christmas balls with ornate swirls and geometric designs.

Pueblo Revival

Pueblo Revival architecture developed in the early 20th century and draws inspiration from Spanish missions and the ancient dwellings of New Mexico’s Pueblo people. This architectural style seeks to replicate the appearance of traditional adobe structures with modern materials, like brick or concrete.

Popular in the South Western United States, this type of home commonly features thick walls painted in characteristic orange-brown earth tones. The 100% Orange Christmas Tree captures the essence of Pueblo Revival homes with its full-bodied shape and rich orange hue.

Treetopia orange tree with clear lights
Treetopia’s The 100% Orange Christmas Tree

Play up the rustic look and relaxing feel of pueblo living by decorating this orange Christmas tree with Southwest-inspired décor, like chilli peppers, terra cotta animals, hand-punched tin ornaments, and dream catchers.

Mid-century Modern

The prevalent housing style of the 50’s and 60’s, this type of architecture emphasized clean lines, functionality, and open living spaces.

During much of the same period, the newly-invented aluminum Christmas tree made its way into millions of homes. This futuristic tree has since become an icon of mid-century American culture.

Treetopia silver tinsel tree with clear lights
Treetopia’s Tinkerbell Silver Christmas Tree

Crafted with shiny silver tinsel needles, our Tinkerbell Silver Christmas Tree enhances the retro appeal of your Mid-Century Modern home. Adorn it sparingly with vintage ornaments or fill it with kitschy collectibles and your most colorful glass ornaments.

Choosing a Christmas tree based on architectural design not only helps create a balanced and harmonious living space, it’s also a lot of fun! Come visit Treetopia and find the artificial Christmas tree that’s perfect for you and your home.

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