Here she is, the tree that brought me to Treetopia! If I had a tree spirit animal it would be this Candy Corn Tree. It was love at first Halloween tree sight, when I spotted this tree. I’ve used this tree as a Halloween party photo prop, for a round of Musical Chairs, decorated it with bats, and last year, gave it the Teal Pumpkin Project treatment. This year, I went with witches!

Jennifer Perkins poses with her Treetopia Candy Corn tree

Did I mention, I also made a candy corn tree forest out of my Treetopia Orange, yellow and white tree? The only thing better than one candy corn tree is a candy corn tree forest!

A collection of candy corn colored Halloween trees by Jennifer Perkins

Maybe you are not ready for a full on Candy Corn Tree—that’s ok. White trees are great for Christmas, orange trees are amazing for Super Bowl Parties, and yellow Christmas trees make a mean pineapple. See, they are so versatile when they are not being used in a candy corn forest.

Close up of candy corn tree by Jennifer Perkins

Did you catch my the post with my DIY Black Cat Ornaments? Yup, making custom witch-themed ornaments for your Halloween candy corn tree is super easy! Might I also suggest some Witchy Woman Ornaments.

Jennifer Perkins has created a candy corn themed forest in her Halloween decorated house.

The entire room makes me hungry for candy corn. Which is your favorite—full on Candy Corn Tree or a candy corn forest made from 3 different trees? It’s a hard choice, I know.

Want more candy corn inspired fun? Keep reading!

DIY Candy Corn Piñatas

DIY Candy Corn Pinatas by Jennifer Perkins

Single serve piñatas are easier to make than you might think! Grab your party hats and streamers, and I’ll show you how.

Candy Corn Marquee Lights

Marquee light shaped like a candy corn

When you make an entire Halloween gallery wall, you sometimes have to make your own art to fill the space.

Candy Corn Pompom Banner

DIY candy corn pompom banner by Jennifer Perkins

It’s all about the trim with these adorable candy corn yarn pompoms.

Photos by Jennifer M. Ramos

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