My kids are prolific crafters. I have no idea where they get it from. That being said, I have a LOT of kid art around my house. Sometimes I incorporate it into my art journals, other times I go old school and hang it on the fridge, and I’ve been known to make it into jewelry. Sadly, most times it ends up in a box under my daughter’s bed. They make more art than we can display and I just don’t have the heart to get rid of it.

Enter my idea for a kid’s craft tree. My Oh Christmas Tree  seemed like the perfect way to display all of the extra art and crafts my kids were creating this summer. I even put the tree in my son’s bedroom so he could play trains and bask in his and his sister’s creative glory.


How you decorate your tree is totally up to you and your kids. Any time of year I am decorating a tree, my kids want to be involved. I can hardly blame them, it is pretty fun stuff. Ornament wise for this tree, I went with several different options. I used painted objects to make ornaments, and rolled paper beads to create garlands – and this was the summer of tie-dye which worked out perfectly garland-wise.

My idea was to use what we had already created and transform it into an ornament of some sort. If I’m making popsicle stick baskets, you better bet my kids are next to me painting popsicle sticks. If I’m rolling paper beads from art journal pages, tater and tot are next to me cutting up their own crayon creations and rolling. The family that crafts together…. you get the drift.


Tie-Dye T-Shirt Garlands

We do a lot of tie-dye around here. When the kids spill juice on my bed – never fear. Just tie-dye the sheets. When the patio chairs are looking dingy – dye them. That being said, we also have a surplus of tie-dyed shirts. T-shirts can easily be converted into T-shirt yarn with the help of some strategic cutting. This colorful yarn made of T-shirts my children helped dye were the perfect addition to the tree.


Popsicle Stick Stars

Earlier in the summer I bought a box of 1,000 popsicle sticks and it has been one of the best investments I have ever made. I have spray painted them, dyed them, and now with my children, painted and sequined them. I set the paint down and told the kids to go nuts. I even got in on the action. I think they had just as much fun later picking the perfect sequins to add to the tips.


Yarn Scrap God’s Eyes

To me, God’s Eyes are the epitome of summer camp crafts. I’m not sure I ever made one, but I always think of them that way for some reason. These wee little ornaments were a great way to use up all my extra yarn scraps. I love the randomness of the colors and textures.


Homemade Bead Chain

My daughter is into jewelry. Find me a 1st grader who isn’t. We like to make a lot of jewelry around here, painting wooden beads, stringing plastic beads, and making our own paper beads from art. My younger son gets into the swing of things with wide mouth plastic beads and cut up straws. All together, I’m kinda in love with this chain and want to wear it once I take it off the tree.


Any number of fun summer crafts could go on your tree. Seashells from your trip to the beach, painted sticks from a hike in the woods, or even glittered rocks from a walk down the street. Let the kids and their summer craftivities be your guide for this tree. In the summer, a fridge and magnets just does not cut it – my kids needed a whole tree. Plus, did I mention the reprieve from 100+ heat outside and screens decorating this tree? Win-win!

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