Summer evokes relaxing getaways with family and friends. While not everyone can afford out-of-town vacations, it’s easy to enjoy the refreshing ambiance of the season right in the comfort of the home. Here are easy ways to bring summer into your home.

1. Accentuate Your Porch with Summer-themed Decor

A  wreath decorated with flowers gives your home a summery vibe

Summer is all about an inviting entryway for outdoor tea time or al fresco dining. Accessorize your porch with potted artificial palm trees in a corner or beside a porch swing or day bed. Plant some cactus in pots and make a terrarium in an aquarium bowl to decorate the porch table.

Here’s a unique idea: decorate an artificial wreath with summer-themed decorations. Wreaths are versatile and add a welcome hint of freshness to any decorating theme. They can be used to decorate for any occasion all year-round. Check out these year-round wreaths for inspiration.

2. Use Vibrant Colors and Patterns

fun summer prints and colors bring summer into your home

A fresh coat of paint in bright colors instantly creates a fresh atmosphere. Repaint furniture, walls, doors, and fences in summer hues like yellows and oranges, or cool blues and greens. White is also a favorite as it serves as a perfect backdrop to other decorations.

Choose throw pillow covers, curtains, and beddings in light colors. Look for fun stripes or botanic prints that represent the season like flowers, insects, birds, or beach themes like boats, fishes, and the sea. Bring out brightly colored dishes, too!

3. Choose Light Fabric and Wicker Furniture

Two women relaxing in a patio during summer

For fabrics or furniture, opt for those made of light materials. Sheer or gauzy fabric that flows with the slightest breeze is your best choice for curtains. This also works for table cloths and bed covers, but you can also lay a sheer cloth over them.

Instead of heavy wooden furnishing, bring out wicker furniture or a metal table and chair set painted white. These are ideal for porches or patios at this time of the year.

4. Let the Sunshine in

Revel in the invigorating outdoor ambiance by bringing in hints of nature. Embellish windows with potted plants and fill vases with fresh, colorful flowers. Create a table centerpiece of flowers set on floral foam in a basket or arrange oranges, lemons, and apples on a layered crystal dish. If you have a green thumb, put up a small indoor garden of potted herbs like rosemary and basil on a kitchen sill or a window box.

bright flowers by the window bring summer into your home

Bring in natural vibe by using furnishings made of natural materials like bamboo wall dΓ©cor or framing up pictures or paintings of landscapes. And to complete that comforting feel, purchase scented candles for some aromatherapy.

5. Decorate Your Living Room to Evoke a Beach Scene

bring summer into your home with a beach-themed living area

The next best thing to lounging on the beach is recreating it in your living room. One idea is to replace your sofas with lounge chairs. Or, set up a side table with wicker chairs where you can relax indoors on a hot summer day. If you have a large living area create a communal space where everyone can relax and eat as they would by the sea.

You don’t have to travel or overhaul your home to fully appreciate what summer has to offer. Simple tweaks to home design like additional decorations and modest renovations are enough to create a fresh look.

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