How to decorate a Halloween mantel with a black garland.

The mantel in most homes is a focal point. In my house, you can see the fireplace from the front door. I like to make sure my mantel is done up right for the holidays, including Halloween, and this is where my Tuxedo Black Wreath and Garland come in.

Decorating a Halloween Mantle

Earlier this month over on the Eighteen25 Blog,  I talked about how I made my spooky fireplace screen from plastic tablecloths. On my blog I went into detail about the thrift store painting hanging above that is now lit.


I love using my Treetopia trees as ways to display my various collections. Same is true for my Tuxedo Black Garland. I collect LOTS of vintage Halloween goodies, but my tin noisemakers might be one of my favorites. The garland worked as the perfect place to display the collection, along with some other fun Halloween decorations.


I love that the garland is lit and adds a bit of sparkle to this fun collection. I’m trying to think of how I can work this black beauty into my Christmas decor so I don’t have to take it down!

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