You might think that Valentine’s Day trees should be pink and redโ€”and you would be right. However, they can also be orange and yellow (or any other color for that matter).

How to decorate an orange tree for Valentine's Day.

Not only do orange trees work for Valentine’s Day, so do Christmas ornaments like the Treetopia Chromatic Icefall set.

carousel collective topper

The color theme for my Treetopia yellow tree was based on some adorable toppers I received from Carrousel Collective. I think they work perfectly atop Valentine’s Day trees.


For my orange tree, I made some of my own Valentine ornaments. Full DIY on my blog My parents had orange and hot pink shag carpeting when I was a child, and I’ve always been smitten on the color combo.


Speaking of my orange tree, can we talk about how cute my collection of vintage Valentine candy boxes are as a makeshift tree skirt? Pretty cute, right?


My point is hot pink trees and baby pink wreaths are great for Valentine’s Day, but think beyond the traditional colors. What about a black tree for the heartbroken? A lavender or light blue tree full of conversations hearts? I love the idea of a chocolate brown tree covered in strawberries. Now, how can I think beyond the Easter colors box?