This year, pick a Christmas tree that screams “YOU.”

Diversity is the name of the game in the hunt for a one-of-a-kind tree that will show off your style and personal flair. Ironically, one of the best ways to stay true to yourself during the holidays is by going artificial. Artificial Christmas trees provide options that will suit every personality and decorating whim, giving you the power to express yourself through unique tree colors and colored Christmas lights.

Here are five great reasons—and five amazing colored Christmas trees—that will help convince you to take the artificial route this year.

Space Saving: Mia Pencil Tree

Treetopia Mia Pencil Tree
Combine realism and space efficiency with the Mia Pencil Tree.

For decorating smaller spaces in your home, the Mia Pencil tree is tough to beat. Featuring ultra-realistic PE needles in a slim, gorgeous profile, it’s a looker whether placed in the corner of a room or used as a centerpiece for the room’s decor. Pre-strung clear lights highlight a deep green hue reminiscent of real fir. There’s no need to cut corners and worry about space this holiday season; adorn your corners with the Mia Pencil tree, and spread holiday cheer throughout your home. You can even use this tree to decorate the corners of larger spaces, with a larger, full-size tree as a focal point.

Arctic White Christmas Tree

Arctic White Christmas Tree

This snow-white Christmas tree is the perfect canvas for creative décor themes and is a nod to the coolest season of the year. Its bright alabaster hue presents endless possibilities and a neutral tone that will match any color scheme. The Multicultural White Christmas Tree can also be used as a Hanukkah bush, with its color-changing clear and blue LED lights, which give you the option to keep the lights clear, blue, or alternate between the two. When lit, the tree’s soft, iridescent PVC needles create a dazzling bright white Christmas tree showcase or a blue-tinted tree ideal for Hanukkah. Whether decorated or on its own, this tree will definitely make a statement for the holidays—what that statement is, is completely up to you.

Snow-kissed Appeal: Angel Pink Flocked Christmas Tree

Treetopia Angel Pink Flocked Christmas Tree
Create a winter wonderland within your home with the Angel Pink Flocked Christmas Tree.

The perfect partner to the Pretty in Pink Christmas tree, one of Treetopia’s customer favorites, the Angel Pink Flocked Christmas Tree is a beautiful pink tree with PVC and pine needles kissed by pink faux snow. Angelic in appearance, this flocked tree mimics the look and feel of pink fluffy clouds or soft cotton candy, making it a heavenly addition to any décor theme. Each part of this tree is bathed in the soft, warm glow of clear lights, with wires that match the foliage color. Hang some winter-themed ornaments to complete the look, or enjoy it in all its pink snow-kissed glory.

Elegant Sheen: Silvershine Fir Christmas Tree

Treetopia Silvershine Fir Christmas Tree
Make your holiday décor shine with the Silvershine Fir Christmas Tree.

The Silvershine Fir Christmas Tree provides a shiny twist to a holiday classic. With a generous sprinkle of silver tinsel needles all throughout its PVC foliage, this luminous tree possesses an elegant polish and stands out as a shining example of how a Christmas tree can light up a home. Its classic green hue and silver sheen give it a timeless appeal, taking you back to the tinsel trees of the ‘60s while also staying true to its modern industrial design roots. As traditional as it is modern, this silver-green Christmas tree is the perfect transition piece as you make the switch from conventional to colored Christmas trees.

Noir Ambiance: Silver Shadow Ombre Tree

Treetopia Silver Shadow Ombre Tree
Exude mysterious appeal with the Silver Shadow Ombre Tree.

Elegant and mysterious, the Silver Shadow Ombre Tree emphasizes the importance of color by underscoring its absence. By sticking to darker, monochromatic tones, this tree exudes an air of mystery that’s punctuated only by the tinsel needles that form its radiant foliage. Featuring a unique gradient palette, this tree is jet black at the top, gray in the middle, and silver at the bottom. It works well with any color scheme, and it’s the perfect tree for a classic holiday movie night due to its grayscale scheme that evokes memories of the silver screen—when James Dean and Marilyn Monroe reigned as motion picture heroes.

This list shows how Christmas tree colors can make a difference in your holiday décor, and how they can affect the way you celebrate the season. Take the leap of faith this year, and use one of the colored Christmas trees mentioned above to create a décor theme that expresses your personal style and design inclinations.

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