Setting up a gorgeous Christmas tree can be a challenge, but it’s worth the effort. It’s the ultimate holiday symbol and the star of your décor. Don’t be discouraged if the artificial Christmas tree assembly instructions that come with it confuse you. Sometimes, these aren’t as clear as they need to be.

Girl demonstrating Christmas tree assembly instructions

Buying a tree that’s right for you is just one step of the process. But, knowing what you need to take into consideration makes choosing one so much easier. When that’s done, it’s time to set it up. We asked our experts to come up with the definitive guide on how to set up a Christmas tree.

Here’s a quick rundown of what this post has in store for you:

1. Decide on the Location of Your Christmas Tree

2. Unboxing Your Christmas Tree

3. Step-by-step Christmas Tree Setup Guide

4. Easy Setup Christmas Tree Options

Read on for a detailed explanation and how-to videos.

1. Decide on Your Tree’s Location Beforehand

Where to position your Christmas tree setup

First things first, know where you’re going to position your tree. This is key in choosing what to buy. You need to consider your floor and ceiling area. These determine your choice of Christmas tree height and shape.

Tip: Check out our guides on the different Christmas tree heights and shapes for more information.

When you’re choosing the perfect spot, pick a space that has little to no foot traffic. Otherwise, your tree will end up a hindrance instead of a source of holiday cheer. Examples of high traffic areas are entryways, corridors, and hallways. Setting up your tree in these busy zones also puts it at risk of accidental damage.

Next, avoid putting your tree in areas exposed to direct sunlight. Whether your tree is classic green or colorful, extreme heat causes the foliage to fade.

Tip: For more ways to maintain your Christmas tree’s color, read our post.

Position your tree in such a way that you can see it from any vantage point. Make sure to place it near a wall socket so it’s easy to plug in your Christmas tree lights. Unless of course you have an extension cord. If you’re using the latter, then anchor it to the walls with clips to keep it out of the way.

Tip: Strategic placement in a room with windows lets you view your tree from outside your home.

Finally, wherever you decide to put your tree, set up a seating area where the family can relax and enjoy the view.

2. Unbox Your Christmas Tree

Unboxing comes second for your Christmas tree setup

Assemble your tree exactly where you want it to stand. To set it up you’ll need a few key items:

  • Artificial Christmas Tree Assembly Instructions
  • Scissors
  • Durable Cotton Gloves
  • Step Stool or Ladder
Christmas tree assembly instructions

Here’s a golden rule. Read the artificial Christmas tree assembly instructions from start to finish before setting up. Refer to it as you go along. Be patient and don’t rush or skip any steps.

A pair of scissors for opening the Christmas tree box

You need scissors to unbox your tree and free any sections wrapped in plastic with ease. Proceed with care, especially if your tree is pre-lit. When opening the box, avoid slicing into it. Your goal is to remove any adhesive. Any deeper and you could end up cutting a few wires or damaging the foliage.

Tip: As you remove the parts of the Christmas tree from the box make sure to inspect them for damage. If your tree comes with lights, check the wiring for any exposed filaments. Set aside any extra goodies—Treetopia trees come with spare bulbs and fuses.

Using gloves is a tip you'll find in artificial Christmas tree assembly instructions

A pair of durable cotton gloves is a must for handling your tree and fluffing and shaping the branches. We kid you not that artificial tree needles can give you nicks and scratches. While you’re at it you might want to put on a long-sleeved shirt to protect your arms.

A step ladder for artificial Christmas tree assembly

Unless you’re taller than your tree, you’ll need something to stand on. This helps you assemble the sections and fluff and shape the topmost one. Choose a sturdy step stool or ladder for trees that are six feet and up.

Tip: Print out a photo of the assembled tree for comparison. This also gives you an idea of how you want your tree to look as you fluff to make it look fuller.

3. Follow These Artificial Christmas Tree Assembly Instructions

First, set up the stand.

Most artificial Christmas tree assembly instructions start with the tree base. The most common type is the X stand because that’s how its shaped. Most stands are made from metal or plastic. Metal ones are ideal as they’re more durable. Over time and with repeated use, stands can get less stable so check the warranty. If your brand-new tree stand is wobbly to begin with then contact the supplier.

First assemble your Christmas tree stand
Image by Jennifer Perkins

Treetopia tree stands are no-brainers. It’s as easy as pulling the four legs outward into an X shape then setting the stand on the floor. The next step would be inserting the eye bolt and screwing it in until the legs are firmly in place.

Tip: Make sure that the stand is fully extended and avoid screwing the eye bolt in all the way.

Second, assemble the sections.

After you’ve set up the stand, put in the first tree section. Treetopia trees come with neat numbered labels, so you know which section goes first and so on.

Numbered labels on a Christmas tree
Photo credit: Jennifer Perkins

Then, screw in the eyebolt completely. You know you’ve done it right when the center pole stands straight upwards and doesn’t wobble.

Make sure the center pole stands straight up
Image by Jennifer Perkins

Finally, fluff the first section to get your desired fullness and shape. Repeat with next two sections.

Third, fluff and shape your Christmas tree.

As mentioned previously, it’s wiser to shape by section and start from the bottom up. The first section of your tree is the widest and serves as your guide when fluffing and shaping the rest.

Fluff and shape your Christmas tree sections
Image by Jennifer Perkins

How to fluff and shape tips from Treetopia:

  • First, separate the tips of each branch and angle them in such a way that they’re pointing away from the tree’s center.
  • Second, let a peacock’s fully fanned tail serve as your inspiration and work on the tips at the very back of each branch. Angle them sideways and away from the branch.
  • Third, shape each branch (as much as you can) in an upward vertical fashion. This how to make an artificial tree look fuller.

Tip: Need more help on how to make your artificial tree as lush and full as it can be? Read our guide.

Fourth, light it up.

If you prefer stringing the lights on your own, the first thing you need to determine is how many you need. Also, decide on how bright you want your lighting. A general rule of thumb is 100 to 150 bulbs per foot.

Christmas Tree Lights Calculator
Click to calculate the number of bulbs you need.

Once you have all the lights, make sure to check if they work. Wrap your lights by section preferably from the bottom up. Twine each tree branch with lights in an S-shaped pattern. This is the classic technique.

A green Christmas tree with clear lights

If you’re using LED lights, you can plug them in as you decorate. LED bulbs are cool to the touch unlike traditional Christmas lights which heat up quickly. Do not plug in your lights as you decorate if you’re using the incandescent light type.

Tip: Check out our complete lighting guide for tips, pro hacks, and decorating ideas!

If you’re tree comes pre-lit, then skip this step altogether.

Tip: Cut to the chase and peek at our selection of trees that come with professionally strung Christmas lights.

Finally, assess your handiwork and make adjustments.

Take a step back and check your Christmas tree setup

Take a step back and give your Christmas tree setup a once over to see if it meets your expectations. Then, get your friends and family together, put on your creative caps, and start decorating!

Christmas Tree Ornament Calculator
Click the image to calculate how much ornaments, ribbon, and tree picks you need.

Tip: Need some decorating inspiration? Check out these unique themes from the experts!

4. Easy Artificial Christmas Tree Set-up Options

While Christmas is the most joyful time of the year, it’s also the busiest. It can be tiring to face the holiday crowds to go tree shopping, followed by setting it up and then decorating.

Skip the long lines and crowds and shop online. Make your Christmas tree all about self-expression and not exhaustion with our easy set-up options. Their artificial Christmas tree assembly instructions are minimal so you can focus on your unique decorating theme.

Quick Set Christmas Trees

Say goodbye to the hassle of connecting light strings and messy wiring. Quick Set Christmas Trees have an advanced lighting system that lets you light up your entire tree with a single plug.

Think about it. This does away with having to string and connect your tree lights.

Grow & Stow Christmas Trees

Do you know what’s even better than an easier set-up option? One that requires next to no setting up. It may sound impossible. But, wait until you experience the magic of Grow & Stow Christmas trees.

Grow and Stow trees use automatic Christmas tree Assembly
The Addison Spruce and Portland Pine Grow & Stow Christmas Trees

All you need to do is assemble the sections and use a remote control to magically grow (and stow) your tree in about one minute. The branches are pre-fluffed and shaped so all you need to make are a few adjustments.

When the holidays over you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that it’s as easy to take down your artificial Christmas tree as it was to set it up.

Treetopia christmas tree storage bags
Christmas Tree Storage Bags

Tip: When taking down your tree make sure to store it the right way. A no-no is stuffing it in the box it came in. Consider investing in a Christmas tree storage bag for maximum protection.

We hope these artificial Christmas tree assembly instructions and easy set-up options help. Share this post if it made setting up your holiday centerpiece a breeze.

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