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Ladies and gents, it’s the event you’ve all been waiting for: The Treetopia Cyber Week Sale 2018! We know you’ve been in a holidaze counting down the days to Christmas. With just a little over the month to go, it’s now or never to get your dream Christmas tree and come up with that decorating theme that’s uniquely YOU!

This year, we’re giving you our hottest Christmas décor deals and throwing in a few tree-decorating tricks to get your creative motor up and running.

You’re Dreaming of a White Christmas

Basic white christmas tree for Cyber Week Sale 2018
Go back to beautiful basics with a stunning white tree.

Turn that dream into a reality with one of our top-sellers, the Hanukkah White Tree. It will make you think of igloos, snow angels, snowmen, and everything nice with that soft and cold layer of white on top. Our Essentials – All Snowed In White Tree is also a great option.

Arctic White Christmas Tree cyber week sale 2018
The Hanukkah White tree is a color chameleon!

Surprise, surprise! The Hanukkah White Tree is the perfect backdrop for colorful décor and can make your baby blue dreams come true. It comes with pre-strung color-changing LED lights that let you switch from clear to blue.

Ornaments and Tree Cyber Week Sale 2018
Iridescent or clear ornaments work well with the lighting.

Decorating Trick 1: If you prefer the icy blue look, decorate with clear or iridescent ornaments and some DIY snowflakes and icicles. These reflect the blue light and make your tree glow. The Snow Queen’s world is at your feet, or if you like, Elsa from Frozen!

White tree decor peg for Cyber Week Sale 2018
Photo and colorful white tree decor courtesy of The Latina Next Door.

Decorating Trick 2: If you want to use this tree as a blank canvas, don’t hold back on color. You don’t have to use traditional Christmas décor, either. Go ahead and create DIY decorations that reflect your personality just like Yami of The Latina Next Door

There’s No Space Too Small

A narrow tree for the Cyber Week Sale 2018
The No.2 Pencil Tree is number one for small spaces.

So you don’t have lots of space to spare for a regular-sized tree. Don’t let that turn you into the Grinch. The No. 2 Pencil Christmas Tree may be the one for you. Far from scrawny with its lush foliage, it’s the ideal tree for the modern home.

  • gorgeous Pencil christmas tree decor
    Slim tree by Sarah of All things with a Purpose

Decorating Trick 1: Go for broke with larger than usual ornaments and lots of trimming, but let some of that beautiful green shine through! This makes your narrow tree stand out even more.

Balsam Spruce Wreath & Garland for Cyber Week Sale 2018
Pack your space with decorated foliage!

Decorating Trick 2: You can also play matchy-matchy with the Balsam Spruce Wreath and Garland. These take up little space and add more decorated elements to a room. Keep your theme consistent to make your compact home look larger than life.

Make it a Color Me Christmas

What’s your favorite color? Whatever it is, we have the colorful Christmas tree to match.

  • silver metallic Christmas tree
    The Silver Stardust Tinsel tree

If you’re into pastels, go for our Pretty in Pink Tree or our Silver Stardust Tinsel Tree if you like things glittery. Our Tuxedo Black Christmas Tree should seal the deal if you’re one for the dark and dramatic.

Pretty in Pink Tree Decor for Cyber Week Sale 2018
Pink everywhere! Bottom photo and tree décor by Jennifer Perkins


Decorating Trick 1: Go with your gut and trust your personal style. There’s no wrong way to decorate a pink Christmas tree. Whether a monochrome, neutral, or even a rainbow color scheme, your tree will definitely put the power in pink and get your gal pals talking.

Silver Stardust Tree Decor for Cyber Week Sale 2018
Amp up a silver tree’s shine factor with sparkling ornaments!

Decorating Trick 2: Do silver and gold clash? We think not, especially on a Christmas tree! If you want to use gold and silver ornaments to decorate a silver tree, go for the matte variety with subtle shiny embellishments and let the tinsel do the talking.

White Decor on Tuxedo Black Tree for Cyber Sale 2018
White flowers on a black tree by Jessica of the Sparkle Living blog!

Decorating Trick 3: White decorations on a black tree make for a stunning Christmas centerpiece. The simple elegance of this color combination is sure to impress guests. You can also go for a colorful decorating theme and it will be just as gorgeous.



We’d love to find out how these decorating tips and Cyber Week Sale suggestions work out for you. Let us know by leaving a comment below. Hope you have a blast shopping and decorating!

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