All pink Christmas trees are not created equal. After receiving my Some Like It Hot Pink Treetopia tree, I am acutely aware of this. I still love my other hot pink trees, just not quite as much as I used to. It’s a Dodge Dart to a Ferrari thing; they are both fine, but one is just clearly going to be a lot more fun to drive and show off to your friends. I did a little comparing between hot pink trees to help illustrate my point.

Jennifer Perkins with a Hot Pink Christmas Tree
Jennifer Perkins with her Some Like It Hot Pink Christmas Tree

Even artificial trees shed a bit. However, the shed factor of my Treetopia tree is a fraction of what it is on my other hot pink trees. I will be vacuuming tinsel until the 4th of July from my other trees.

Treetopia Pink Tree shedding comparison
Side by side comparison of pink trees

Once you have a pre-lit tree, it is hard to ever consider buying anything else. Treetopia trees are lit up and down every branch with care, giving the tree a real depth when the lights are on. There is a button you press with your foot to turn the lights on. No more reaching behind precarious things to plug in your Christmas lights each night.

Pre-lit hot pink tree with an elaborate sparkling tree topper
Pre-lit Some Like it Hot Pink Tree with an elaborate sparkling tree topper

I must admit that before I had a Treetopia tree, I was not aware of all the branch fluffing that went into setting up a beautiful tree. That is probably because my other trees have a fraction of the branches that my Treetopia tree has. Even the pink trees from Treetopia are covered full branch after branch. There is not a bare center pole staring back at you waiting to be hidden.

Hot pink tree comparison
Treetopia’s Some Like it Hot Pink Tree’s lush foliage

I am particular about my pinks. I’m not a pastel pink kind of girl and I want my hot pink just so. When I opened the box to my Some Like It Hot Tree, I squealed. No really, my kids asked me if I was ok. The tree was the most glorious perfectly pink shade ever. Matched the hot pink I already had in my living room perfectly.

Treetopia tree vs other retailers
Fully decorated Some Like it Hot Pink Tree

The Some Like It Hot Tree came in three easy parts, complete with a base that my toddler could have assembled. There was no hunting around in bins for the plastic legs like my other trees. Taking this tree down will be a breeze, too. In years past, I had to unwrap lights and now all I have to do is unplug the 3 pre-lit sections.

Assembling a Some Like It Hot Pink Tree
Assembly is a breeze with the Some Like it Hot Pink Tree

I’m not ready to kick my other hot pink trees to the curb just yet, but they may get put in a bedroom or patio while my Some Like It Hot Tree takes center stage. Once you have had the best, it is hard to go back.

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