What will be your color palette for Halloween decorations this year? Will you stick to the good old orange, black, and white combination? Or will you explore bold shades like purple, metallic green, or maybe pastel hues? If you’re thinking of going against the grain, our creative friend Kara Whitten of A Kailo Chic Life has a few ideas. Check out her guide below, starting from selecting and setting up a colorful tree down to decorating it.

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Kara’s Colorful & Groovy Halloween Decorations

Hello! I am so excited to be here for my first official post on the Treetopia blog! But first, let’s talk all things Halloween! While I love the traditional orange and black, I have started to incorporate more colors into my Halloween decorations in the last few years. This year, I went all out with the colors but kept the traditional Halloween icons.

Of course, I decided to decorate one of Treetopia’s orange Christmas trees for Halloween. But that didn’t keep me in the traditional color palette at all! Instead, I created a colorful DIY tree with a rainbow of flying bats, balloon Jack o’ Lanterns, and black and white striped ribbon. Bats, pumpkins, and disco balls? Oh my!

Halloween decorations can really brighten up a room

Now you may notice that not one of the things I used to decorate this tree was an actual traditional ornament. And all were actually fairly inexpensive, too. I point this out to say that you don’t need much to create something amazing and perfect for any holiday.

Assembling and Shaping Your Halloween Tree

Before I go into details about how I decked out this orange Christmas tree for Halloween, let’s talk about setting up the tree and getting the perfect fluff!

Halloween decorations look better on a fluffed tree

1. Set Up the Halloween Tree

To begin, set up the base for the tree to sit in, then follow the number tags on your tree and add the largest base piece, then the middle section, then the top. Before fluffing your tree, use this opportunity to connect all the lights if your tree is a pre-lit one. It’s much easier to do that step now while you can still see beyond the branches! It’s especially important to sort this out before adding in your Halloween decorations.

Spreading out the branches into a star shape helps fill in gaps

2. Fluff It Pretty

Once the pieces are in place, it is time to fluff the orange tree. I like to start at the bottom and work my way up to the top. I begin by taking one branch section at a time and folding 3 to 4 individual branch pieces from the top up and towards the back, then I take 3 to 4 from the bottom and fold them down and to each side. Then, I spread out the remaining branches in the middle facing out.

Treetopia's orange Christmas tree after fluffing

3. Mind the Gaps

As you can see above in the middle branch, the shape almost resembles a star shape. After finishing with one branch cluster, I move on to the next and repeat all the way around the tree. Then, I slowly move up the tree, fluffing each branch as I go. The last step is to check for any gaps, then simply bend a few branches to fill those in.

Ready, Set, Decorate!

Once the tree is fluffed, it’s time to decorate! For this tree, I wanted it to be colorful and fun but still give off the air of Halloween. I began by loosely tucking in black and white striped ribbon into sections of the tree letting them stick out as I worked my way around and down the tree.

Pumpkin balloons used as halloween ornaments

Next, I added in the large 6-inch disco balls. For the balloon pumpkins, I used 5-inch balloons and tied them together in clusters of 3. Then, I simply tucked the Halloween decorations into the tree and bent a branch around the balloon knot to keep it secure.

colorful halloween ornaments on an orange tree

Once all the balloons were in place, I drew on the pumpkin faces to a few of the balloons with black permanent marker. The finishing touches were colorful bats that I cut out of cardstock using my vinyl cutter. But you can also hand cut these fairly easily, too. I used glue dots to adhere the bats to the tree branches and balloons.

And that’s it! Simple, colorful, and oh so fun! This DIY colorful Halloween tree is the focal point of my living room now and is one of my favorite ways to decorate for Halloween.

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We hope this groovy tree inspired you to try a unique color palette for your Halloween decorations this year. Share this post with friends looking for fun ideas for their celebrations, too. Happy Halloween, y’all!

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