Caitlin, Crystal, and Jeanne around their Treetopia tree
Tree-decorating parties can be glamorous events!

As tree-decorating parties go, Sacramento Street’s may just be one of the most stylish. Blogger and designer Caitlin invited two of her closest girlfriends, Crystal from Rue Mag and Jeanne from Shop Sweet Things, to spend an afternoon of friendly conversation and, of course, tree decorating.

Decorated Treetopia Addison Spruce Christmas Tree
Use white decor on the Addison Spruce Treeto make a statement of understated elegance.

Aside from the three beautiful ladies, the star of the afternoon was our very own 9-foot Addison Spruce Christmas Tree. Caitlin chose our 7-foot Addison Spruce Christmas Tree as her holiday centerpiece last year but felt that she should’ve gone for a larger one, hence the 9-foot tree she has this year. Formerly a “real-tree girl,” Treetopia has converted Caitlin into a “fabulously-and-glamorously-realistic-Treetopia-faux-tree girl.” Read our Q&A with Caitlin below for more information on her blog, her design philosophy, and how she has worked to turn Sacramento Street into what it is today.

TT: How has blogging helped you in your profession? 

Caitlin: When I started Sacramento Street over five years ago, I never thought it would become what it is today. In fact, my husband gave it six weeks. I wanted it to be a place where I shared inspiration, but I was one of those people who hated writing. At first, I think my mom and family were my only readers. As Sacramento Street grew and I took on more guest-posting opportunities, I decided that this was the space I wanted to be in. Fast forward to today and I’ve taken the leap to working for myself, being named as one of Gwyneth Paltrow’s favorite bloggers and, to top it off, I’ve even been stopped on the street by someone asking if I was Sacramento Street (which was quite weird). I’m incredibly grateful for where my blog has taken me, and I look forward to seeing what happens next—there are a lot of fun projects in the works!

TT: What inspires your designs?

Caitlin: Traveling has always been an inspiration for me. I learn so much when I’m surrounded by the new and unknown. When you travel, be sure to pick up items that you know will bring back memories from your trip. Items like those give a home personality, and they make for fabulous conversation pieces. Whether it’s adding different textures, stacking boxes, or creating a beautiful composition on a tray, layering pieces on each other allows you to curate items around the room so they have purpose. This also gives dimension to a room and makes a space feel “lived in”

Dried tree branch decorated with silver ornaments
Give character to your designs by experimenting with the new and the unknown.

TT: What made you choose Treetopia’s Addison Spruce Christmas Tree for your “Christmas in November” holiday photo shoot? What did you find special about it?

Caitlin: Last year was our first year having an artificial tree—the 7-foot Addison Spruce tree. After we put it away last year, we decided that we should’ve gone a bit larger but still loved the style and look of the Addison Spruce. We went from having a 7-foot tree to a 9-foot tree. I never thought we’d have a tree this big, but let me tell you, after putting it up, I can’t imagine anything smaller.

TT: What, in your opinion, are the advantages of using an artificial Christmas tree when it comes to decorating for the holidays?

Caitlin: Here in San Francisco, our Christmas trees don’t last long because of the warm weather. There were a few years when we bought multiple trees because of this problem. There are definitely advantages to having an artificial tree. Say goodbye to needles everywhere, bugs getting in the house, and worrying about watering your tree. We also love the fact that we can leave the lights on while we run out for a quick errand or two.

TT: What can we look forward to from your blog this Christmas? Do you have anything special planned for the holidays?

Caitlin: There is so much in store on Sacramento Street this holiday season. I’ve put together a plethora of gift guides to help readers with their holiday shopping lists. We’re sharing all the recipes from the Treetopia party that was featured on Sacramento Street. All of the recipes are easy and so delicious! Definitely check in regularly for those because they’ll be showstoppers for any holiday party you attend or host.

Caitlin, Crystal, and Jeanne sharing great food and big smiles.
Tree decorating is a great opportunity to party!

Tree decorating isn’t a walk in the park, especially for Caitlin and Crystal who are both expecting! However, it doesn’t have to be a chore; you can spend it with loved ones and make it a time for bonding and celebration. Now, what’s a celebration without some delicious treats? As they decorated the tree, they enjoyed some bite-sized cuisine, together with some hot cocoa. On the menu were crostinis, a dessert trio, and cheese puffs, which all looked delectable. What’s more, they are quite easy to make. If you want the recipes for the tree-decorating party’s treats, watch out for them on Sacramento Street in the coming weeks.

If you’re looking to host your own tree-decorating party, Caitlin and her friends have a few tips:

Tips for hosting a tree-decorating party
Follow this simple guide for a hassle-free tree-decorating party.

Head on over to her tree-decorating party post.

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