Learn how to incorporate the eclectic look into your home

If you’re looking for a fresh way to design your home and you have items from different eras, there’s no need to worry about discarding your beloved treasures. Showcasing an eclectic style is a fabulous way to incorporate a variety of items with different styles into your décor.

To incorporate an eclectic style into your design, you must first understand what eclectic is all about. The inspiration for eclectic style is derived from a variety of styles and a wide range of sources. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can just take pieces of décor from different styles and put them all together. In order for the design to be called eclectic, it must achieve harmony among the several elements in spite of their differences. If you’re worried about how to start, check out these simple ideas on how to add a touch of eclectic to your home:

Living room eclectic home


Color is important to the eclectic style because it adds to the overall appeal of a room. You should first start off with a neutral shade and complement it by adding items with bold colors and different textures.

Color in an eclectic room


If you’re starting off with patterned walls or a patterned ceiling or floor, and you want to add another colorful pattern, make sure that they complement each other before permanently committing to use it.

Patterns in an eclectic room


You can create a beautifully designed eclectic room by using textures to your advantage, since texture also adds to the visual appeal of the walls and furniture. Mix and match items with different textures to stimulate you visually and to create a harmonized design.

Textures in an eclectic room

Geometric Shapes

Geometric patterns can create a lovely design for your rooms. Mix and match your colorful walls with pillowcases or furniture that will complement the prevailing shape to add a little personality to your home.

Geometric shapes in a eclectic room

Mismatched Furniture

As stated above, the eclectic style doesn’t favor a specific era. You are free to display your Victorian couch with the modern, minimalist coffee table and impressionist art. Just make sure that the different styles do not clash, otherwise, it would create a chaotic visual appeal, if any.

Mismatched furniture in an eclectic room

Art and Photos

If you’re a fan of collecting art or if you’re an avid photographer, then you might have some display-worthy items ready to be seen. Use visual pieces as the focal point of your room by framing them and using up an entire wall to display them all. It doesn’t matter if they are photographs or surrealist or impressionist paintings. As long as their designs do not clash, they could form part of your eclectic-styled home.

Art and photos in an eclectic room

Work with what you have and create a visually stimulating atmosphere in your home by utilizing the key ideas in eclectic design.

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