Summer provides the perfect chance to head to the beach for some well-deserved R & R. But if your beach plans fall through, fret not. Summer vacation is a state of mind. With the right décor, you can recreate the beach atmosphere at home. Below are  decorating ideas so simple, pulling them off is a (summer) breeze.

Summer Trees and Décor Ideas

Color plays a major role in setting the summer vibe. Achieve that perfect summer feeling by mixing and matching pieces with bright colors. Here’s a list of trees that would look great during the season:

  • It’s Azure Thing Blue Christmas Tree by Treetopia
    Baby Blue

    Mimicking the color of a bright blue summer sky and recalling cool ocean waters, this tree’s ideal location is beside a window where the sun can shine through.
  • Treetopia Essentials – True Blue Tree
    True Blue

    If you‘re drawn to the mystery of the ocean, you’ll love the Treetopia Essentials – True Blue Tree. It features a deep blue façade that closely resembles the color of deep waters. Placed beside an aquarium or an indoor fountain, the True Blue Tree will complete your summer theme.
  • The Original Rainbow Tree™
    Color Burst Rainbow

    Bright, vivid colors are an eye-catching symbol of summer. This multicolor Christmas tree comes in a burst of rainbow colors perfect for any home. For a multicolored décor theme, the The Original Rainbow Tree™ is hard to beat.
  • Candy Corn Christmas Tree
    Candy Corn

    A Halloween favorite, this tree comes in vibrant colors, and is a great choice for the summer. The trio of yellow, orange, and white echoes sun-kissed sands and fluffy white clouds.
  • Skim Milk White Pencil Tree
    Skim Milk

    Resembling the white sands of a pristine beach, this tree is perfect for those who already have a décor theme in mind. Work on it like blank canvas and make it your next masterpiece. The slim profile of the Skim Milk White Pencil Tree makes it ideal for cramped corners and for using multiple trees within a single theme.

Beach-themed Accents

Whether you’re preparing for a summer vacation or a “staycation,” dressing up your home for the beach will get you in the perfect mood. Chill out at home with these beach-themed summer decor ideas and get your summer outing started.

  • Sea glass ornaments

    Translucent sea glass ornaments are ideal for people who simply can’t get enough of the beach. One look at them and you’ll understand why they’re referred to as “sea glass” ornaments. Aside from resembling the colors of the ocean, the glass used in these ornaments literally comes from the sea. The ornaments are made from upcycled glass found in the water.

  • Seaside accents

    For a beach-themed tree, you can’t go wrong with actual objects found on the seaside. Small dried starfishe, colored pebbles, and patterned seashells—these are just a few of the hidden treasures you can find on the beach.

  • Aquamarine ornaments
    An element with gemstone-like qualities, aquamarine can add that touch of sophistication to your overall summer décor theme. Its color mimics the color of deep blue waters and its natural shine gives it a sun-kissed appearance. Its color is popular to beach and nature lovers alike.

Perfecting the beach atmosphere at home requires a personal touch since objects and décor can remind different people of different things. Pick the décor pieces that mean most to you and you’ll be well on your way to transforming your home into an “indoor beach.”

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