June is a big month for LOVE in all its many colors! It’s when we get together to stand proud with the LGBTQ community in its fight for equality. There are so many ways to show support. Join a march, get involved with organizations in your area, and even throw your own Pride party.

pride rainbow party ideas

No matter how you choose to raise the Pride flag, don’t forget to use every color of the rainbow. It’s a symbol of your unity with the cause. We scoured the Internet for unique and colorful ways to inspire you. Read on for a spectrum of creative ideas!

#1 Face the Flag

Get gorgeous for the cause, and don’t forget to use the Pride flag as your peg. Go for a strong eye game or play up your pucker with rainbow cosmetics. Put your heart into it and turn your favorite facial feature into a work of art.



#2 Shake That Mane


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I’m not done posting rainbows for pride month! Also, I’ll be unapologetically gay all year long so don’t think I’ll run out of rainbows by July 1st. All done thanks to @pravana

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Just like there are shouldn’t be limits on love, go beyond your face and let your rainbow hair down. There are so many color combinations to choose from. Whether you get your dye job done at the salon or DIY it at home, wear it proud! If you’re up for it, go for some nail art and body paint, too. These will tie in with your pride outfit ideas that you can wear to the march and the party.

#3 Music for the Rainbow Masses

pride rainbow theme party music

Choose the tunes that make you and everybody else feel free to be fab! This goes for when you’re playing DJ at a party or dancing like nobody is watching. Come up with a playlist with Pride anthems by some of the greatest gay music icons of all time. Think “Freedom” by George Michael, “Vogue” by Madonna, “If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher—you get the drift. You can also check out these amazing playlists with songs from then and now:

#4 Raise the Wreath

Pride rainbow party wreath
Photo and decor by the Crafty Lumberjacks

Here’s an idea. Instead of a flag made of cloth why not use a rainbow-themed wreath? Come up with DIY ornaments to dress it up. Then hang your wreath on your front door as a symbol of your support. You can also use it as décor for your Pride Month party at home like Andrew and Dennis of Crafty Lumberjacks. Consider taking to it to your local Pride rally and raising it up as your statement.

pride wreath rainbow party decorations
Photo and decorations by Slumbering Alligator

Speaking of marching to the LGBTQ beat. This year is extra special because NYC Pride is hosting WorldPride for the first time. In fact, if you’re visiting another country get involved with their celebrations. Check out this list by Metrosource.

#5 Decorate a Pride Month Tree

pride rainbow party tree
White tree decor and image by Jennifer Perkins

If you’re hosting a bash at home then you need a “pride-licious” party centerpiece. Our favorite DIY maven, Jennifer Perkins, pulled out her white Christmas tree from storage then got cracking on crafting.

Check out her adorable rainbow ornaments made from polymer clay and Modge Podge. We are tickled that her little girl wanted in on the crafting fun, too.

#6 Cheers to Queer

rainbow party food drink ideas
Image source: NeighborFood

We adore these Rainbow Sherbet Champagne Floats by Courtney of Neighborfood. We propose a toast to the Pride cause with these fun drinks! Combine your favorite bubbly with sherbet and watch everyone “Ooh!” and “Aah!” when you serve it at your Pride month party. The hues all depend on the type of sherbet you use. You can make these with non-alcoholic champagne or sparkling white grape juice as options.

#7 Make Some Rainbow Macarons


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i just love the way rainbow macarons look. 🌈

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Put a pinch of Paris Pride in your menu with these rainbow macarons. Aren’t they just rainbow-swirly stunning? It might be hard to pop these in your mouth because of how pretty they are, but we know you will all the same. We hear Tastemade has an amazing recipe!

#8 Plate It Proud


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What would you pair your vegan cheese with? #weekendmood 🌙 – baked asparagus – baked carrots 🥕 – baked book Choy – baked broccolini 🥦 – grilled green beans – pretzels 🥨 – Tamari maple walnuts – fresh figs – pistachios – caramelized nectarines 🍑 – grapes 🍇 – pickled carrots – honeydew & goji compote – strawberries 🍓 & blueberries – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Happy weekend you guys and happy new moon cycle! I hope this new lunar cycle will bring you more blessings and miracles your way! Just make sure to set new intentions and let go of what is no longer serving so you can open up to new possibilities ♥️ Love, Nathalie 🦋 . . . . . . . #vegancheese #crudités #veganfoodshare #onthetable #fitfood #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #beautifulcuisines #foodgawker #kaylaitsines #cheeseplatter #letscookvegan #foodandwine #f52grams #foodphotography #canonusa #bestofvegan #foods4thought #food #wholefoodsfaves #foodie #rainbowfood #heresmyfood #vegan #veggieplatter #nathaliesader #foodtoshare #veganrecipes

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We’re capping off this list with cheese platters. We spotted vegan chef Nathalie Sader on Instagram, and we are in awe. Her dishes are colorful bites of goodness. Get inspired by her creations. Whip up something delish for your guests that’s high on the health factor. Now that’s showing them love.

We hope this post helps color your Pride Month celebration even more. Here’s to a rainbow of creativity and positivity in the name of love and equality for all!

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