We use a lot of gift wrapper during the holidays. Think about how much Christmas wrapping paper gets discarded in your home, and then multiply that by the millions of households across the country. Shocking, isn’t it?

Christmas wrapping paper upcycle ideas

You may have heard the phrase, “reuse, reduce, and recycle.” Turning used items into practical or beautiful things is taking recycling a step further, and it’s called “upcycling.” Here are some crafty ideas from Pinterest.

1. Cute Storage


Look no further for fun storage solutions for your candy, cookies, condiments, or odds and ends! These canisters are made from old tin cans and used Christmas wrapping paper.

2. A Wreath for All Seasons


Used Christmas wrapper makes for a really eye-catching paper wreath. Just prepare your scissors, glue gun, and ribbon scraps, and then pick up a round wreath base at the nearest crafts store. Depending on what design you choose, it can add a decorative touch, whatever the season.

3. Edgy Jewelry


If you’re into funky fashion, these fun paper gemstones will turn heads. Like most paper crafts, practice makes perfect. Start off nice and easy with a necklace or pair of earrings. Make sure to set out your glue gun, needle and thread, a bone folder, and of course, your used Christmas wrapping paper.

4. Quaint Furniture


If that old stool or table looks like it’s seen better days, don’t throw it out just yet. It’s amazing what you can do with used Christmas wrapper, a cutter, scissors, ruler, black paper, and double-sided tape! Now you can use your made-over furniture as a colorful accent piece for your living room or study.

5. A Funky Wall Clock


You’ll be checking the time more often with this gorgeous DIY wall clock. Save your best bits of wrapping paper for this project. You’ll need a wood circle, paint and paintbrush, sponge brush, clock kit, drill, and Mod Podge. It’s a chic and functional way to inject some pizzazz into your living spaces.

6. Breakfast Tray


Serve or enjoy breakfast in bed with this gorgeous tray dressed up with wrapping paper. This is a fun DIY project that you can show off the next time you play host.

7. A Wraparound Book Cover


Bookworms will love this DIY project. This charming and protective cover makes any book or journal pretty.

Treetopia Tip: It’s not just used wrapping paper that you can repurpose. Here are some really nifty ways you can use Christmas décor all throughout the year.

Don’t forget to take extra care unwrapping your presents so you can work with smooth, wrinkle-free paper. Go ahead and tell your family or friends about these fun, creative ideas to help reduce holiday clutter.

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