‘Tis the season to be tree stylin’! Christmas is right around the corner, and the holiday rush is here. Don’t wait until it’s too late. There’s a colorful artificial tree from our Christmas sale that has your name written all over it.

Get inspired by these beautiful tree décor ideas dreamed up by 5 design divas! Plus, decorating tips and our bestselling tree deals that are ALL FOR YOU!

#1 Have a Grand Budapest Hotel Christmas

grand budapest hotel pink tree for Christmas sale
Pink and green win on this tree decorated by Kara of A Kailo Chic Life.

Did you know that pink and green sit on opposite sides of the color spectrum? This gorgeous tree decorated by our brand ambassador Kara of A Kailo Chic Life proves they might as well be besties.

Styling Tip 1: Decorate with the colors you love. It doesn’t matter if it’s an unusual combination. It’s your Christmas, and it’s your style. Your tree should represent who you are, and we’re sure it’s going to be awesome!

Kara’s inspiration is Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. Doesn’t her tree remind you of that huge pink hotel in the movie?

Styling Tip 2: Let your tree be a tribute to whatever floats your boat. You name it whether it’s art, film, music, or food.

angel flocked pink tree for christmas sale
Kara adds little details that make a big impact.

Accents like Kara’s nutcracker, owl, and striped stockings add to the cinematic feel of her decorating theme. It tells a kooky, dreamy, and delightful story—just like your favorite Wes Anderson film.

#2 Go Vintage for Feel-good Vibes

Snowey Spruce Flocked Tree for christmas sale
Vintage Christmas tree décor by Wendy of Bentley Blonde

There’s nothing quite like childhood Christmas memories to lift your holiday spirits. Decorate using the good old times as inspiration. It’s also your opportunity to pass these on to your kids!

Wendy of Bentley Blonde decorated our Snowy Spruce Flocked tree with glass baubles and vintage bead garlands she discovered online.

Styling Tip 1: Shop at flea markets, thrift stores, or your neighborhood yard sales for vintage collectibles that you can use as ornaments. Check out what vintage goodies you should be looking out for here. You can also rummage through the stuff in your attic.

  • retro accents for white tree for Christmas sale
    Winking Santa mugs and striped straws are a fun touch

Extend the vintage theme all throughout your home. Wendy matches her table setting to the tree décor and adds an oh-so-adorable vintage Santa.

Styling Tip 2: You don’t need to break the bank for expensive collectibles. Try looking for replicas. These do the job and are way more affordable! To save even more, shop earlier than usual to get your Christmas tree on sale.

#3 Decorate a Tree for Your Toddler’s Room

cute pretty in pink toddler tree for christmas sale
A pink tree for a little girl by Tiffany of Parenthood. Baby. STYLE.

Decorating for Christmas can be challenging when you have kids. Little hands might break their fair share of ornaments. More importantly, your kids’ safety is the first priority.

This toddler lovin’ decorating theme from Tiffany of Parenthood. Baby. STYLE. scores a 10 for its colorful shatter-proof ornaments and bright red tire that doubles as a bumper guard and skirt for our Pretty in Pink tree.

Styling Tip 1: Choose a smaller tree for a child’s room. There is less chance of it toppling over and hurting anyone. It doesn’t hurt to anchor it down even more the way she did with her tire tree skirt.

#4 Toddler-proof Your Family Christmas Tree

winter white christmas tree for christmas sale
Playful decor on a white Christmas tree by Tiffany of Parenthood. Baby. Style.

Tiffany also decorates our Winter White Christmas Tree for her whole family, but uses stuffed animals and non-breakable ornaments so her baby girl can join in the fun.

  • pretty in pink tree for christmas sale
    Treetopia's Pretty in Pink Christmas tree

Styling Tip 1: The foot pedal for tree lights should also be unplugged and hidden from sight (and tiny grasping fingers) when not in use.

#5 Give Your Woodsy Tree Décor a Glam Makeover

true blue tree for Christmas sale
A bold and blue forest theme by Jessica of Décor Adventures

When you think traditional Christmas décor, forest elements like pinecones come to mind. But of course, that’s where pine trees come from. But, you might want to send Momma Nature some love by choosing an artificial Christmas tree this year. Plus, more colors to play with!

Jessica of Décor Adventures came up with a really unique theme that combines woodsy with glam. She decorates our Basics – True Blue tree with white classic Christmas décor, thin garlands, large snowflakes and white poinsettias, and DIY pinecones. She turns on the glitz factor with glitter and disco balls!

Styling Tip 1: Put a contemporary spin on the classics! Get with the DIY program, and let your style shine through with custom-made ornaments to create a decorating theme that’s unmistakably you!

  • blue tree for christmas sale
    Check out Jessica's huge disco ball surrounded by glittery forest-themed ornaments!

Styling Tip 2: It’s perfectly fine to combine two decorating themes into one, however different they may seem. Throw caution to the wind and give in to your creative impulses. Create something extraordinary.

#6 When it Comes to Color, Less can be More

reindeer for pretty in pink tree theme for Christmas sale
Ariel of PMQ for Two uses white and silver ornaments on a pink tree. Wow!

It’s true that a multi-color decorating theme can be mind-blowing. But, tree décor in two to three colors is just as stunning. This is especially true when you’re styling a colorful tree.

Styling Tip 1: For your ornaments and accents, choose shades that will contrast with the color of your tree. If you want to go for a monochrome look, it’s best to select the same color, but in varying shades.

Ariel of PMQ for Two pulls this off by doing up our Pretty in Pink tree in white and silver. She uses all-white classic ornaments and silver tinsel. Her pretty tree oozes retro charm, to say the least.

  • reindeer for pretty in pink tree theme for Christmas sale
    Oh deer. These are too cute!

Her tree goes well with her bright apartment and furnishings, not to mention her love for quirky accents (Check out the super cute reindeer pair on the table!).

Styling Tip 2: Plan your Christmas decorating theme with your entire home in mind. Make it play up the finer points of your dwelling’s overall design.

We hope your itching to get decorating now that you’ve seen these unique decorating themes and Treetopia tips. There’s definitely more where that came from.

Be a dear and spread the Christmas cheer by sharing these tree decorating ideas and style tricks with your friends on social media.

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