As someone with over 100 Christmas trees, I’ve learned a thing or two over the years about storing Christmas decorations the right way. There are more than a few nemeses of holiday decor. And, number one on the list of this holiday-obsessed Texan is “heat.”

Here are tips to help you store them in the winter, considering the high temperatures come summer. Thinking ahead is essential to making sure your holiday decorations are in tip-top shape come the holidays.

Keep Your Whites White

White trees and a hot attic don’t mix. The same goes for white wreaths, garlands, and holiday linens. There aren’t many storage bags out there that can stop the heat from turning your Christmas whites yellow. If your attic is temperature controlled, then hooray for you. If you’re like me who doesn’t, then store your whites somewhere inside your house like a closet.

Make Sure Your Embellishments Stay Put

If you’re one to embellish your wreaths using a hot glue like me, keep those babies out of the attic or garage. When the temperatures rise, the glue on your wreath will melt. You’ll end up losing ornaments and décor this way. Storing your Christmas decorations by hanging them up instead of a wreath box can lead to breakage of fragile bits and pieces.

Tip: Store your wreaths in a box inside your home instead of hanging them up, as this can lead to breakage of fragile bits and pieces. 

Keep Your Holiday Candles Straight

Cabinets make great storage for holiday decorations made of wax

If you have special holiday candles, store them in your attic or garage. Pillars will end up looking more like piles. Or, at the very least, misshapen. Also, don’t add them to a storage bin with other Christmas decorations. The candles can liquify and ruin other items.

Tip: Wrap them individually in bubble wrap, put them in a metal container, and store them in a cool, dark place.

Maintain Vibrant Ornaments

An ornaments case for storing Christmas decorations

Storing Christmas decorations, can be a challenge when they’re of the vintage variety. Even without direct sunlight, heat can cause major damage. Modern day plastics take a licking from the heat a bit better, but if you’re like me and collect vintage ornaments, remember that intense attic or garage heat can wreak havoc. There’s nothing worse than unwrapping ornaments in December to see chipped paint, warped shapes, or worse yet, cracks and breakage. Your best bet is a storage box made especially for ornaments.

Tip: Just in case you’re interested in starting a vintage Christmas ornaments collection of your own, read my post here.

Keep Your Lights in Good Working Condition

Christmas lights should be stored properly

Even if some Christmas lighting can withstand the heat from an attic or garage, assume that yours won’t. Intense heat from an attic with little to no ventilation can melt the wiring on holiday lighting. A fire hazard you definitely want to avoid. Every holiday season you need to check your lights for damage. A durable storage bag is the way to go for a pre-lit tree.

Tip: If you bought your lights separately, wind them around sturdy pieces of cardboard and stow them in a cooler area of your house.

Storing Christmas decorations and trees in an attic

If your attic is your only option for storing Christmas decorations, here are preventive measures you can take.

  • Make sure your attic fan is up to snuff to keep it ventilated during summer.
  • If your attic has windows, don’t store your decorations near direct sunlight.
  • Check on your Christmas decorations periodically.
  • Wrap your decorations and store them in bins or bags.

It’s best to err on the side of caution if something is fragile, made of wax, or white. If you’re celebrating Christmas in July or like to use a tree for occasions throughout the year, it’s worth taking extra care of your holiday decorations.

By Jennifer Perkins