Whether you’re with the light or dark side, May the 4th is a day to celebrate your love (Is it obsession?) for everything Star Wars. Aside from binge-watching every episode in what you think is the correct order, it’s time to get creative!

Star Wars Day celebration ideas

We explored cyberspace for interesting and fun ways people celebrate Star Wars day. This list wouldn’t be complete without DIY and decorating from Treetopia brand ambassador Jennifer Perkins. Read on to discover what it takes to make your mark in the galaxy far, far away.

#1 Get Inked Star Wars-style

Whether it’s for Vader, R2, or Rey, you don’t have to live on Tatooine to get your tribute piece done.


Is a legit tattoo extreme? Another option is a semi-permanent or high-quality sticker-type one. Or, channel your inner Yoda and use the face painting force to turn everyone at home into their favorite character.

#2 Cosplay Your Way

Almost every fan you know is planning to dress up for Star Wars day. Be a little extra and get your toddler and pet in gear, too.


You can make your own costumes or buy them ready-made online or at the mall.


Who says adults and humans should have all the fun? Don’t forget to make sure your kiddo and fur baby aren’t too hot inside their costumes.

#3 DIY & Decorate for a Star Wars Day Bash

It could be for a movie marathon or an excuse for the rebel resistance to party, but decorating is a must. Remember that Star Wars Day is practically Christmas for the fandom.

decorate a star wars christmas tree and artificial Christmas wreaths
Tree and wreath decor by Jennifer Perkins

Here’s an idea from Jennifer Perkins. Pull out your white Christmas tree and black wreath from storage and transform them into the ultimate Star Wars party decor.

Star Wars decorations
Palpatine and Obi Wan would approve.

Storm trooper ornaments and Vader’s mask make this artificial Christmas wreath a tribute to the Death Star! Jen’s Star Wars Christmas tree screams the light side with adorable DIY ornaments. All you need are pool noodles, socks, and pompoms. Hover over each image for instructions

These Star Wars decorations will look perfect in your TV or living room. Your guests will feel right at home no matter what side of the force they’re on.

#4 Cook up Star Wars Chow

Any viewing party needs tasty treats worthy of Dexter Jettster’s diner on Coruscant. The official Star Wars website features some amazing dishes that look delicious, including this recipe by Jenn Fujikawa. Ham Solo Pot Pie, anyone?

Cookies by Jenn Fujikawa
Image source: justJENN recipes

Take a bite out of these adorable Tauntaun Cookies also by Jenn Fujikawa of justJENN Recipes.

Rice balls for Star Wars Day by Arlyn Osborne
Image source: Genius Kitchen

Up for Japanese eats? Then these Porg Rice Balls by Arlyn Osborne on Genius Kitchen will hit the spot.

Cocktails by Datz for Star Wars Day
Image source: Liquor.com

You don’t need to head to the Thirsty Bantha for cocktails. A Drink, Yoda Is by Datz on the Liquor website should spice things up.

Drink for Star Wars Day by Valerie Mitchell
Image source: Mamma Likes to Cook

Partying with minors? Non-alcoholic Jabba Juice by Valerie Mitchell of Mama Likes to Cook should lime things up and get them hyped for a toy saber duel.

#5 Start the Countdown to the Opening of Galaxy’s Edge

Say what again? Galaxy’s Edge, a Disney theme park devoted to Star Wars is supposedly opening its doors end of May. Sorry, but we can’t speed things up by entering hyperspace. While waiting, check out Disney’s amazing behind-the-scenes video.

Yup, we know. This is possibly the best thing to happen to the Galaxy in the last few light years!

Finally, here’s a bonus idea if you play an instrument. Get some of your friends together and do your own version of “The Imperial March.” Here’s one by the band Galactic Empire for some major inspiration.

Or, test your Star Wars knowledge with this quiz. It’s challenging, but we know you got it down!

Got more ideas to celebrate Star Wars Day? Leave a comment below. Don’t forget to share this post with other fanboys and girls, too.

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