4 Fun Ways To Decorate Your Summer Tree For Christmas In July

Summer’s the season of fun and excitement, and we’re here to help you celebrate! July is National Ice Cream Month and if you’re looking for a sweet treat, why not add another scoop to your Christmas in July? We’ve rounded up some awesome bloggers to share their creativity in showcasing unique DIY decorations inspired by their favorite frozen desserts.

Strawberry Sundae

Pink is a pretty versatile color: it’s used in candy, ice cream, clothes and even as a symbol of femininity. As a decorating scheme, pink is for bubbly, vibrant, and cute ornaments—like these dessert-inspired decorations from our bloggers. You can use party favors like cups or plates to craft decorations with, or even put some actual desserts on the tree.


Pretty in Pink Tree decorated by Jennifer Perkins and Krys of My Melodrama; Pink Lemonade Pencil Tree decorated by Sarah of All Things with Purpose

Old-School Vanilla

On the other hand, you can always go for a classic look that everyone loves: vanilla! It’s precisely what one of our bloggers came up with last year. Just like how the ice cream itself is a good base flavor, white (or cream) is a neutral color that can help more vibrant ornaments really stand out. It makes some really vivid ones like red or yellow look quite good.


Treetopia’s Artic White Christmas Tree decorated by Yamilette of The Latina Next Door

Berry Blue

If you have a tree in a much darker shade like blue or green, you can get creative with having winter-inspired or white ornaments, creating your very own Christmas in July. Here’s also where having a bunch of bright string or fairy lights can come in handy, giving your tree a magical or whimsical look.


Baby Blue Christmas Tree decorated by Chloe of Celebrate and Decorate

Candy Sprinkles

Puzzled about what color to pick? Why not go for all! If your sense of style leans towards the funky and quirky side, rainbows are your best bet. Take your cue from this starburst-decorated, upside-down, rainbow tree: select all the colors and make your décor based on their delicious dessert counterparts.


Knocked Upside Down Tree decorated by Jennifer of Smart Fun DIY

The best part about the season is finding all the great ways to spend it. Whether it’s being inspired by summer’s dripping ice cream cones to create unique DIY ornaments or going on an exciting family trip, we hope you spend it having gallons of fun. Stay tuned to the Treetopia blog for more surprises and have an amazing summer!

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