Summer is the season of fun, and we’re here to help you celebrate! If you’re looking for a unique way to party, try these Christmas in July decorating ideas to brighten things up. We rounded up some amazing tree decorating themes from our blogger friends who used their DIY know-how to come up with decorations inspired by what they love about the season.

Sweet Decorations

Christmas in July decorating ideas for a pink tree
Image and ice cream tree decorating theme by Jennifer Perkins

July is also National Ice Cream Month. These delicious Christmas in July decorations will remind you of your favorite frozen treat, and then some. We’re sure the kids will want to help with the colorful summer tree decorations, too. Just make sure to serve them a few scoops for a job well-done.


Strawberry Sundae

When you think pink, strawberry, bubble gum, and raspberry ice cream come to mind. More than a symbol of girl power, pink is a versatile color. When it comes to decorating, this vibrant and bubbly color lightens the vibe of any space.

These decorating themes have one thing in common besides ice cream, and that’s using a pink tree as their canvas. Don’t you think dessert-inspired ornaments make adorable Christmas in July decorations?

Tip: Use party favors like cups or plates as materials. Or, even actual sweets, unless of course they’re the kind that melts.

Here’s where you can learn how to recreate these tempting pink tree themes and DIY decorations:

  • Pink Tree with DIY Ice Cream Cones and Cups by Krys of Melodrama
  • Ice Cream Tree by Jennifer Perkins
  • Pencil Pink Tree with iridescent ornaments by Sarah of All Things with Purpose
  • Old-School Vanilla

    Who doesn’t love a classic, especially when it comes to ice cream? Vanilla makes a great base. You can try practically any flavor combination, and it would work with this all-time favorite. Add chocolate or caramel sauce, a dash of rainbow sprinkles, other ice cream flavors, or nuts and fruit, we can bet it will be delish!

    The same goes for decorating with a white Christmas tree. It acts as a canvas for vibrant ornaments. Blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange, you name it—a white background really makes them pop. And, these Christmas in July decoration ideas are proof.

    Also, you don’t need to stick to ice cream as your theme. Like we said, get inspired by what comes to mind when you think about summer. Flamingos are just one crazy-cute idea!

    Learn more about these white Christmas tree themes here:

  • Flamingo-themed Christmas in July Tree by Jennie of Craft-O-Maniac
  • DIY Ice Cream Ornaments on a White Tree by Yami of The Latina Next Door

  • Tip: While metallic decorations are great accents for the holidays, go bold with your choice of ornaments during summertime. You can do a monochrome theme or mix things up but make sure your ornaments come in bright hues, especially for a white tree.

    Berry-good in Blue and Purple

    In love with blueberry? Or, eager to try something trendy like purple yam (also known as ube)? Translate your favorite flavor into Christmas in July decorating idea with a purple or blue tree.

    If you have a blue tree, get creative with white and silver ornaments. Take a breather from the heat with this cool color palette. Not your style? Try hanging rainbow ornaments on a purple tree keep things extra unique.

    Think these Christmas in July decorating ideas are super cute? Check out these posts for more details:

  • Frozen-inspired Blue Christmas Tree by Chloe of Celebrate and Decorate
  • Colorful Crocheted Treats on a Purple Tree by Twinkie Chan

  • Tip: Bright string or fairy lights come in handy for making your Christmas in July decorating idea magical.  

    Get Your Dose of Summer Greens

    One of the things people love about summer is seeing all the pretty blooms against a backdrop of leafy greens. If you’re stuck at home, then why not bring the scene indoors? We rounded up some extraordinary Christmas in July decorating ideas to inspire your green summer tree.


    Go Bo-ho-ho for Christmas in July

    The best part about the season is finding all the great ways to spend it. Whether it’s being inspired by summer’s dripping ice cream cones to create unique DIY ornaments or going on an exciting family trip, we hope you spend it having gallons of fun. Stay tuned to the Treetopia blog for more surprises and have an amazing summer!

    floral theme for a Christmas in July party idea
    Give your Christmas in July party a festival vibe with a floral theme, mandalas galore, and a playlist that rocks.

    Bring on the flower power and decorate a traditional green Christmas tree with artificial or real blooms. Or, use a variety of summer-themed ornaments to add pops of color. Amplify the green factor with wreaths and garlands on your wall, mantel, tables, and banister.

    Tip: Decorations in orange, yellow, and red hues keep things sunny. Then string up artificial blooms to create a flower garland to wrap around your tree.

    Turn it Topsy-turvy

    We don’t mean this literally. For one, turning your tree on its tip is a lot of hard work. Why exert yourself when there’s a tree that’s meant to be the wrong side up. An upside-down tree is a super fun centerpiece for your Christmas in July party.

    Rainbow ornaments and tree skirt on an upside down tree
    Photo and ice cream tree decorating theme by Jennifer Priest of Smart Fun DIY.

    DIY Pom-pom ornaments in pretty colors on this unique tree will definitely have everyone screaming for ice cream!Jennifer of Smart Fun DIY shows you how.

    Tip: If you’re using an upside down tree, make your tree skirt extra pretty. It’s more visible compared to when its under a regular tree.

    Picnic Perfect

    Summer picnics are the best! If you’re stuck indoors, no problem. This Christmas in July decorating idea is your answer.

    Cute fruity tree for an indoor picnic
    Bet you’ve never seen pool noodles on a Christmas tree! Image and décor by Jennifer Perkins.

    Lay out a picnic mat on your patio floor or by the window where there’s lots of natural light. Pack some sandwiches, fried chicken, cold beers for the grown-ups and a frosty pitcher of lemonade for the kids in your wicker basket. Or, prepare a food board with bite-sized pieces of your favorite fruits. Then, set up your summer-themed tree because what’s a picnic without the greens?

    Tip: Looking for a boredom buster? Make decorating a crafts activity for the kids. Check out how Jennifer Perkins created fruity ornaments for her Christmas in July tree.

    Put a Stamp on It

    If Christmas in July travel isn’t part of the plan this year, then why not celebrate by looking back at all your favorite vacations? Spruce up your space and take a trip down memory lane by decorating a green tree with mementos. Every time you see this cheerful centerpiece, you’ll be transported to your favorite summer places with your favorite people.

    DIY snow globe ornaments as Christmas in July decorations
    Go around the world while partying in your living room with tree décor by Jennifer Perkins.

    Tip: Use polaroid snapshots and trinkets you picked up from your travels as tree ornaments. Here’s a fun Christmas in July decorating idea from Jennifer Perkins: create personalized snow globe ornaments from plastic cups, photos, and vintage postcards.

    Now that you have some Christmas in July decorating ideas, it’s time to think about the party details. Check out our post on how to have an epic Christmas in July party at home.

    Share this post with friends and family who want to celebrate. What could be better than having Christmas twice in one year?

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