A mishmash of creatures usually make their rounds during Halloween. This year, instead of throwing a party that’s filled with random characters, have one with a central theme. Details matter if you want your themed Halloween party to be a howling success, so from decorating the house to planning costumes, we’ve compiled ideas from around the web to make sure your party goes off without a hitch.

The Raven

Literary enthusiasts and fans of the poet, Edgar Allan Poe, will love the idea of a Halloween party inspired by The Raven. The dark and dreary tone of the American classic translates into an elegant mixture of black and white decorations with a pinch of the Old World. Here’s how to get the look:

diy wreath for your raven halloween party
Photo Courtesy of Jill from Create Craft Love

Set the tone by welcoming your guests with this Nevermore Wreath from Jill of Create Craft Love. Taking inspiration from the first stanza of the poem, she used a white on black motif with patterned fabric, silk flowers, feathers, berries, and topped it off with a raven.

raven inspired porch for your halloween party
Photo Courtesy of Jill from Create Craft Love

To complement her DIY wreath, Jill put together a simple, woodsy porch display comprised of fallen branches, artificial pumpkins, and ravens she found at Garden Ridge. Learn how to create this Raven Inspired Halloween Porch here.

vintage vignette for halloween decorations
Photo Courtesy of Melinda from Refeathered Roost

Melinda of The Refeathered Roost pays homage to Poe’s 1854 masterpiece with this vignette. The vintage typewriter, sewing machine, the vintage “The Raven” banner, and other antique items capture the poem’s scenery. Look for authentic vintage pieces that you can find around your grandparents’ or parents’ home to emulate this display.

halloween decoration ideas using thrift store finds
Photo Courtesy of Danielle from Blessed Serendipity

We can imagine a gloomy end for the nameless narrator, but a trip to the thrift shop might yield better results for your Halloween party. From the vintage frames to the candelabras, this mantelpiece display by Danielle from Blessed Serendipity is primarily composed of things you can find in your local thrift shop.


If you’re infatuated with the thought of a dark-themed Halloween event but find that literary classics aren’t your cup of tea, a gothic themed party is a fantastic alternative. The word “goth” inspires thoughts of mystery and darkness, but medieval culture is also known for its distinct art and architecture. Here’s how to achieve the look:

candlestick hologram ideas for your gothic theme halloween party
Photo Courtesy of Bev from Flamingo Toe

Flamingo Toe’s Crystal Ball Halloween Candlesticks should add an eerie ambience to your home. Bev used transparent film and clear Christmas bulbs to create the creepy holographic images. Place these on your mantel or use larger candlesticks, and spread them around the party area to keep an eye on your guests.

diy paper dahlia for a goth themed halloween party
Photo Courtesy of Cassie from Hi Sugarplum

Replace seasonal wreaths with this Black Paper Dahlia created by Cassie from Hi Sugarplum! These are pretty straightforward to make, so you can craft several and place them on your doorways, walls, and even mirrors.

goth inspired halloween votives
Photo Courtesy of Camilla of Family Chic

Add black lace trim to glass votives and instantly create this Halloween party décor with a gothic flair. Line them up on your pathways or place them on your tabletops for a creepy dining experience. See the tutorial from Camilla of Family Chic here.

purple candied apple recipe for Halloween
Photo Courtesy of Kayley from The Kitchen Mccabe

Speaking of a creepy dining experience, these purple candied apples from The Kitchen Mccabe are easy to make, and nicely complement your gothic décor when served in the dining area. Take the gothic theme even further by serving this Black Licorice Ice Cream.

1920’s Murder Mystery

Aptly named the Golden Twenties or Les Années folles, the 1920s is an excellent choice for people looking to do a period themed party. The era is known for glitz and glamour, but with the prohibition in full effect and the gangster billionaire lifestyle in the mix, the era had a dark side. Make your 1920s themed Halloween party more exciting by adding a bit of murder mystery:

diy decor for a vintage Halloween party
Photo Courtesy of Ann from Make the Best of Things

When you think of the ambience for a 1920’s Halloween party, you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking of a speakeasy, but a good murder mystery starts with the grandeur of an old manor. Create an old manor-style display with wooden candelabras and silver plated vases you can easily find in a thrift shop. Then, follow these steps to create DIY vintage books to complete the look.

vintage decor for a themed Halloween party
Photo Courtesy of Nicole from Foodie Misadventures

Prohibition was in full effect during the 1920s, and this simple setup we found on Foodie Misadventures completely captures the era. The bottles of alcohol are hidden in brown bags with Art Deco typography and are complemented by a vintage tray, some pearls, and feathers.

1920s costume ideas for halloween
Photo Courtesy of Nicole from Foodie Misadventures

For costume ideas, think Great Gatsby or American gangsters. Unlike the previous party themes, you’ll want to be more specific with your guests’ costumes, so send out the invites and scripts in advance so your guests will have time to find costumes and prepare for their characters. You can get a script from My Mystery Party or purchase one from Amazon.

Details matter if you want to host a successful themed party. Make your Halloween party a howling success by using these ideas from around the web. Which party theme are you most excited to do? Tell us in the comments section below!

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