Did you know you could decorate your colorful Christmas tree for any occasion? Finding store bought decorations to match your theme can be a bit tricky. With some creative inspiration you can make DIY ornaments to go with your celebration.

Craft 3 fun DIY ornaments

We dug around for super fun DIY projects to up your crafting game. Ready your scissors, glue gun, fabric scraps, and decorative odds and ends!

Hoppy Bunny Ornaments for a Pink Tree

white bunny diy ornaments
Bunny DIY ornaments and photo by Jennifer Perkins

These bunny ornaments by Jennifer Perkins are great for Easter or an animal-themed birthday bash. All you need are:

  • Ball ornaments (white or iridescent ones would be awesome)
  • Mini pompoms
  • Sticker beads
  • Felt
  • Pipe cleaners

Cut floppy bunny ears out of felt. Glue on pipe cleaners for whiskers and use sticker beads for the eyes. What are the pompoms for? Those cute furry noses, that’s what. Use your imagination and add your own creative touches.

hot pink christmas tree
Light-colored ornaments stand out on our Basics-Hot Pink Tree.

Why not choose a pink Christmas tree for extra contrast? It’s also a color blast. Watch guests hop with glee when they check out your bunny tree!

Goal-getter DIY Ornaments for a White Tree

inspirational words DIY ornaments
Photo and DIY ornaments that inspire by A Kailo Chic Life

What are your goals for the year? Is it travel? Love? Work? Whatever they are, decorating as a reminder of these will help you succeed. Take a page out of Kara of A Kailo Chic Life’s gorgeous white tree that she decorated with colorful and meaningful word ornaments. For these you’ll need:

  • Card stock in different colors
  • A vinyl cutter
  • A list of words that represent your goals

Using a vinyl cutter lets you cut clean shapes in fancy fonts. If you have mad cutting skills and want to use a pair of precision scissors, then go for broke!

hang do it yourself ornaments on a white Christmas tree
The Basics-White tree is a fresh addition to your year-round decor.

Keep your white Christmas tree up the whole year through. Let it cheer you on daily. Here’s an idea. To celebrate, replace each word ornament after you fulfill your goal.

Funky DIY Calaveras for an Orange Tree

Calaveras DIY ornaments
DIY skulls on parade and photo by Cathie and Steve of Seriously Crafty

We are crazy for skulls! In Mexico they’re called calaveras. Dress up an orange Christmas tree for Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, or even as a playful expression of your goth side with this colorful DIY project from Cathie and Steve of Seriously Crafty. All you need to make these Faux Sugar Skulls are:

  • Foam skulls
  • Acrylic paints
  • Mod Podge
  • Collage clay
  • Glitter melts
  • Plastic gems
Orange artificial Christmas tree
Punk it up with the 100% Orange Tree!

Start by painting your foam skulls white and the facial features in black. Then add collage clay and plastic gems for embellishments. Cathie and Steve went all out and created glittery hats out of Mod Podge then added fabric flowers to accessorize their calaveras. Go ahead and add personalized touches so these gorgeous skulls have your name written all over them.

Bag a colorful Christmas tree then share these DIY ornaments with your fellow crafters and decorators. Get creating to start partying!

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