The Christmas tree is the focal point of your holiday home décor. Deciding how to decorate it can be challenging, but ultimately rewarding. To help you out, we compiled decorating themes by our friends. Then, we categorized them into three design options. Get inspired by these Christmas tree decorations and style your unique centerpiece.

1. Traditional Christmas Tree Decorations

When it comes to Christmas tree decorations, a traditional red-and-green motif never goes out of style. Popular ornaments include glass balls in solid colors and ones in iconic holidays shapes. Popular examples are Santa, candy canes, and snowflakes. Add trim like sprigs of winterberries, clip-on poinsettias, and red-and-gold ribbons. These add texture and enhance the Classic Christmas look of your tree.

Decorating a traditional green tree doesn’t limit your options. Michael of Inspired by Charm used an “Into the Woods” motif to decorate a Treetopia Balsam Spruce Christmas tree. He used forest-themed ornaments with a red and white palette for a timeless appeal.

Like Michael, opt for a lush green Christmas tree with a full silhouette. Take your pick from available pre-lit options to spare yourself the trouble of having to install your own lights.

Silver and gold trims add sparkle to traditional red and green ornaments
Silver and gold ball ornaments with a speckled finish for an antique look

For sparkle, add silver and gold accents like shiny figurines, trinkets, or silver sleigh bells. Vintage or heirloom ornaments look fantastic on a traditional green tree. So, start rummaging in your storage bins for treasured pieces, or start your own collection.

2. Modern Christmas Tree Decorations

Modern Christmas decorations give your holiday home a sleek and stylish look. Let a white Christmas tree be the backdrop of your contemporary color palette and ornament choices.

Metallic décor looks incredible against a white Christmas tree. Beth Conolly’s Chrismas tree decorations are a mix of shining gold and silver ornaments. They give her centerpiece a luxe and updated vibe.

This minimalist tree from Copy Cat Chic is stunning in its simplicity. Don’t you love the gorgeous star topper? A monochromatic theme lets you indulge in your favorite color. Here’s how to do it.

A black Christmas tree is also an ideal choice for modern Christmas decorations. It adds edge and drama to your overall holiday decorating theme. Having said that, it also doesn’t mean you’re limited to plain or angular ornaments. Modern, as a Christmas decorating theme, goes beyond that.

Black and white is a classic combination. It works because each hue is a stark contrast to the other. Take a page from Jessa of Sparkle Living’s Christmas decorations.

Interesting shapes and different textures make the white ornaments stand out against the black foliage. She added silver and gray ornaments for depth and sparkle. It’s a romantic take on a contemporary motif.

3. Thematic Christmas Tree Decorations

A personalized decorating theme allows you to be as playful as you want to be. Traditional themes include a white winter wonderland, pretty angels, and shimmering stars. Simply take your favorite interest, hobby, sport, movie, or toy, and run with it. Jennifer Perkins’ love for vintage toys inspired the theme for her Oh Christmas Tree filling it with vintage Fisher-Price toys and a custom felt tree skirt.

Decorate your tree with items from your favorite hobbies
Peppermint Twist Candy Cane Ornament Set

Foodies may enjoy decorating with candy canes, popcorn garlands, baskets of chocolates, or perhaps, vintage silverware. Other unique themes make use of stuffed animals, fruits, science fiction, or even your favorite TV shows.

From traditional, modern, or thematic, choose the decorating option that best suits your personality, and you’ll see how much more fun and enjoyable decorating your Christmas tree can be.

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